Carlo Ancelotti comments on Mikel Arteta’s lack of senior managerial experience

Carlo Ancelotti has dismissed suggestions that Mikel Arteta’s lack of managerial experience at the top level counts against him.

At 37, Arteta is the youngest manager in the Premier League and his current stint as Arsenal’s boss is his first managerial appointment.

Most fans and football observers believed that Arsenal was taking a huge risk when they made Arteta their new manager, especially because Ancelotti was available at the time.

But Arteta has done a good job at the Emirates and he has made Arsenal more competitive this season.

The Gunners are unbeaten this year and have earned three consecutive clean sheets for the first time this season.

They take on Everton today and Ancelotti believes that Arteta’s experience as Pep Guardiola’s Assistant manager counts for him in his current stint.

Arteta was assistant manager at Manchester City from 2016 until December 2019 when he left the Citizens to become the manager of Arsenal.

Ancelotti said as quoted in the Daily Mail: ‘The only thing that you miss is experience. I think that he has a lot of respect from the players for what he did as a player. When you start you don’t have experience but everyone in the world that starts has no experience. Experience is not so important. Every one of us has experience of what we are doing. Experience is natural.’

‘I prefer to have knowledge instead of [just] experience. It is more important to have knowledge and the fact that Arteta did his study with a fantastic manager like Guardiola, I think he has a lot of knowledge.’

Well, if anyone has the experience to be able to comment on experience it is Ancelotti and I am not going to argue with him on this, he knows what he is talking about and I am in full agreement.


    1. As both have been playing well under Arteta why bench them. Why would he be scared. Obviously you refuse to see the improvement they have both made.

      1. Improvement = How Arteta uses Ozil.

        4-2-3-1 is built around Ozil. Forces other teams to mind Ozil.

        Having Ozil in the middle has opened space on the wings for Saka and Bellerin. Lovely to watch what in attack becomes something like 2-3-3-2.

        With Everton, Arteta has to be careful, as the high line is risky. Leno has saved so many games–luck can run out. Can Everton exploit the high line of Arsenal? If not, we will win.

        We will likely play Bellerin more conservatively. He might shadow their fastest player. Torreira will be tasked with protection too.

        I think the subs will be out for those running hard in the defensive middle.

        Will be an amazing game of old fox vs. young hound.

    2. Besides the 1-2 loss away to chelsea (where ozil was subbed when we were still winning 1-0) arsenal are unbeaten when those two have started since Arteta took over. I don’t think we were doing as well when they were on the bench.
      If Arteta benches them and we lose, you’ll be the first to say that he’s out of his depth. And how is it clear that he’s afraid to bench them? If some fans complained that messi wasn’t running enough would you trust the fans more than the man himself about his work?
      It doesn’t even need to be that complicated. If a few people wanted the thumbs up back on this site but it had compatibility issues with the new layout, would you call the admin scared of change?
      If Ozil and xhaka works then they play. We are too late in the season to be giving guendouzi and ceballos chances that they didn’t take under the manager that bought them.

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