Carlo Ancelotti sacked – Arsenal reported to be interested in hiring him

Reports in Italy linking Carlo Ancelotti with the Arsenal job following his sacking by Napoli.

It is always going to happen when any high profile manager loses his job. They will immediately be linked with the vacant Arsenal manager position and that is exactly what has happened with Carlo Ancelotti.

SkySports is reporting that the former Chelsea boss is now wanted by both Everton and Arsenal. Though we need to break that down a little.

Sky Sports UK claims that Everton will begin talks with the 60-year-old, whereas Sky Italy are reporting that Arsenal is considering the Italian.

The sacking of Ancelotti was always on the cards despite him guiding Napoli to the next phase of the Champions League. The main reason for his firing was going winless with Napoli for nine games solid, something Arsenal fans know all about.

Ancelotti is regarded as an elite manager, he has won the Champions League three times, Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.

However, some will point to his failure with Napoli and inability to man manage the Blues players as a reason to be concerned. But strangely enough, in Serie A he has generally struggled, his win record at Juventus was 55.26% at AC Milan it was slightly better at 56.26% and at Napoli, it was 52.05%.

Now, compare that to a winning record of 61.47% at Chelsea, 63.64% with Paris St Germain, 70.00% with Bayern Munich and 74.79% at Real Madrid. Seems he does far better outside of Italy for some reason, domestically that is.

Personally, I would welcome Ancelotti to the Emirates, he is world-class and I do not feel that his reputation is damaged by what happened at Napoli.


  1. Only a good short-term option — caretaker — for 6 months.

    Bayern players rebelled against him for too basic coaching – basically just playing 11 vs 11 most of the time. That’s old school and doesn’t cut it anymore. A stupid option for the long-term, and winning the CL with amazing squads in the past is not what Arsenal need right now.

    He is not a coach famous for improving mediocre or young players and that’s the qualities Arsenal need ATM.

    Of course, no one is more famous for that in England right now than Arteta who has been lauded by basically half the City squad more than Pep. Yes, MORE THAN PEP – for improving player performances.

    But there are also options in Europe in the summer – perhaps Marco Rose who is doing wonders with Moenchengladbach, currently leading the table with a 5th or 6th best squad.
    Or Ten Hag of Ajax, perhaps.

      1. Transfers I would make for the summer
        -If the rumours of Real Madrid wanting Auba for Jovic & cash we must take it. Or try to get Jovic and Cellabos (no cash)
        -Sell Laca for $50+m to fund a Zaha transfer.
        -Sell Xhaka (& Torreira if he wants to leave) to anyone to fund a Partey transfer.
        -Buy Upamencano.

        Bellerin Upamencano Salilba Tierney
        Partey Guendozi
        Zaha Cellabos Pepe

  2. If one of these frequently mentioned superstar managers is offered the job and accepts it, they are probably not the right man for the job. They will have either seriously underestimated the task or will be looking for a cushey couple of years where they can earn £20m plus. A younger manager with a huge desire to win is what we need. Arteta may be that man, but I suspect the compliments from Guardiola and his team are overstated. If we could somehow manage to find a new Brian Clough, he would be perfect. He would wake the club up if nothing else.

    1. Europa League rivals:

      Ajax, Inter, Benfica, and Salzburg from the CL for now, the other 4 will not be as strong.
      Already in Europa: Sevilla, Getafe, Sporting, Celtic, Porto, Espanyol, Wolfsburg, and probably Roma and Moenchengladbach.

      Looking at how Ancelotti lost against Emery’s Arsenal last year, he would not increase our chances of winning it. Though with the defence we have, even a lucky draw can only get us to the semifinal.

  3. I think its about 6 or 7 years too late for us. He was still good a few years ago but he is a dinosaur now in football.

  4. The fact we are deciding between Ancelotti or Arteta, two VASTLY different approaches in terms of longevity and direction, shows the club has NO direction!

    1. This new regime is one big fraud. I’m not carried away by the amount they spent on Pepe.
      Too many silly and wrong decisions.
      I’m really tired of Raul Sanhelli pulling names out of his little black book of contacts. I was saying that all summer, what we needed was some real studying and real intent towards the next big thing. His decision to let go of Sven only made things easier for him as Sven was the only voice always standing up against how he’s always doing things by contacts.
      Too many things will be overlooked by contacts. Somehow, it reeks of Nepotism.
      Right now the boar have no clue, they don’t even have a proper shortlist. They just have names of people they want, Raul, Vinai, and Edu will only make their assessment. The final decision will be taken by Josh Kroenke

      1. With Kroenke as the owner and Raul working based on his contacts we’re doomed. Prognosis is actually worse than the final years of Wenger’s monopoly.

      2. Eddie, Could not agree more and your point about Rauls Spanish contacts is , sadly, all too true. Thi sort of thing is common with managers too and so limits the pool from which to fish. This mere one country or one agent contacts nonsense is damaging and proves we NEED at the regime, real FOOTBALL people,not admins with limited contacts. At Arsenal right now, I see only Edu who is a football person and I have come to realise that Sanllehi is not the right fit for us. Losing Mislintat was a huge error.

  5. Let Freddie keep the job for the long term, let’s support ours. Pep was in a similar scenario when he took over the first team From the B team at Barca, the so-called big coaches won’t do a better job, not all that glitters is gold.

  6. Sky are saying he’s set for talks with Everton.
    It also said that was Napoli’s first win, after a winless run of 9 games… sound familiar?!!

  7. This guys cv is as good as you can get, he has won titles here and abroad and knows the prem well,It would be fool hardy to ignore him or Poch,Sousa would not be here long,if they pick sousa they may as well have stuck with Emery.

  8. Hire him.
    How bad could he be?
    Tons of experience and tons of trophies

    I’d certainly prefer him over inexperienced Arteta

  9. for sure people let us reason. We need fresh ideas, lets stop going for those people who have been sacked because the teams which have sacked them have seen them wanting thus not able to take their team forwad,that happened to Emery from psg.lets not look at the coach legacy but let look at their present ability because a mzee cannot chew meat as he did in his early years. I prefer Arteta, he know what he is doing

  10. Don’t like the big interview approach that goes on at Arsenal. Surely there’s a manager out there that you’d love to rip away from a club and has a chance of success, the interview is not going to tell them more than how their football spoke, and how players and staff felt about him.

    The media make it sound like they all want a different guy, that Raul wanted a Spaniard, that Edu wanted an Invincible. They’ve probably asked the players who do they want, and are reading/listening to what the fans are saying. We should’ve had a clear idea of who to go after ..soon as things looked worse than when he started, and how his English was still a struggle. Even when Emery signed we should have been, right, there’s a chance that things don’t work out, what can we do now to prepare for this eventuality.

    Personally, I’d like to see Freddie in charge until the end of season ..unless we’re forced to act. He should be a candidate if Arteta is one, and he’s here now, and his job is to steady the ship rather than excelling, it has a decent chance of surprise. He has the love of the players, probably everyone likes our Freddie, let them try and play for him and to try and bring a feel good factor back to the club.

  11. Wht we see is how tuff it is to replace Wenger! 15 month after he left we have lost our footbal, values spirit and image; our idenity and shine!

    We fighting to not be in relegation zone! We are 9th with 22 points as 11th Newcastle,can be 12th with a lost and Brighton win next. Then 15th.. Point, we are in a very sahky and dangerous zone.

    It will take Wenger to advise one of his invisibles to get this right, justas Sir Alex at MU, these guys are living legend, histroy makers! Can’t replace him but build next legacy with him around!

    1. Here we go once again from Wengrs hero worshipper. Your hero was sacked over 18 months ago so why on earth would any rational fan want him back again, even as advisor?

  12. His recent record at Bayern, and now Napoli suggests that the game has passed him by. Therefore a no for me.

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