Carragher blasts Arsenal’s summer transfer dealings

Arsenal was busy in the last transfer window, but a look at their position on the Premier League table points to them making the wrong signings.

After winning the FA Cup and the Community Shield, the Gunners wanted to continue that winning feeling, so they signed the likes of Willian, Thomas Partey and Gabriel Magalhaes.

Those names were sought after in the last transfer window and Arsenal was considered to have scored some great deals by landing those players.

The likes of Partey and Gabriel have proven to be inspired signings for the club, but Willian has yet to prove why he deserves to be playing for the club.

The Gunners also landed Cedric Soares after his contract at Southampton expired, he has also looked like a mistaken signing.

After Arsenal’s 2-0 loss to Tottenham at the weekend, they have been blasted by Jamie Carragher for some of their summer arrivals.

He wondered why the Gunners allow Kia Joorabchian to recommend most of his players to them.

The Sky Sports pundit said: “There might be talk of him being under pressure now with the situation he’s in, but I wouldn’t even think about Mikel Areta’s position.

“I really like Mikel Areta. There’s a lot of nonsense around the club.

“I think some of the signings are a joke, in terms of bringing Willian in, [David] Luiz in, Cedric [Soares] in. Is Kia Joorabchian making signings at the club?

“Mikel Arteta brought in [Thomas] Partey and Gabriel. They look like Arsenal’s two best players at this moment.

“I think they’ve had four managers and three CEOs since 2018.

“Just stick with Arteta, but there’s going to be a lot of pain for Arsenal.”

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  1. What exactly has Cedric done wrong since being signed?

    May not be the best player in the EPL but solid squad player….and can actually throw-in legally cough cough

  2. Now this is the definition of a clueless pundit.

    Those three players are full internationals who were starting for both their previous clubs and national teams.

    How come they became bad when they came to us????

    Me, I don’t blindly jump onto hate trains….

    These are the same guys that keep bigging up average players like Kevin De Bruyne and others because they give occasionally good passes here and there. That guy cannot even get close to our Invincibles team.

    Take Willian to Liverpool and see how he’ll outperform those Manes and Firminos of yours.

    What people forget that these Man Citys and Liverpools also have average players who are masked by their team’s pressing tactics. Simple and straightforward.

  3. Since the departure of Mr Wenger, we have made 18 signings of which only 5 can be regarded as “good buys” in my opinion, namely Leno, Tierney, Gabriel, Partey and Martinelli.On others like Runnerson,Saliba and Mari, the jury is still out while Soares is a decent back up RB.What I would like to know, is how many of those responsible for the 10 bad investments are still employed by our Club.This is a question which I assume has been raised by our absentee Owner but perhaps he is unaware of the incompetence that has existed within our hierarchy for years.A clear out is needed, both off and on the pitch.

  4. Grandad, I think you answered your own question, indirectly at least.

    When gazidis took over the role of buying/selling/contracts he also introduced, amongst others, the “three musketeers “, two of whom remains.

    Paying off AW and his backroom staff, plus the 55 redundancies and the scouting system being overhauled has seen so many of the old staff already gone.

    When UE arrived, he brought his own backroom staff as did MA.
    The only man left with any influence, for some unfathomable reason, is Steve Bould.

    As MA and Edu have now taken back that role, it is their responsibility and, as far as I can make out, Huss Fahmy just rubber stamps their decisions.

    What this must have cost kronkie in redundancy and pay offs is anybodies guess, but it certainly won’t be peanuts.

  5. Finally, we are beginning to see how structural changes at the top of the club can snowball all the way down to each individual player and even team performance. After Wegner’s departure, we experimented with a new structure: Head of Football Operations, Sporting Director and new Head Coach. For various reasons, this did not work. We have since fired Raul Sanllehi, severed our links with Joorabchian and promoted the Head Coach to Team manager.
    We are now left with a Sporting Director and Head Coach vying to exercise influence over the team under the the watchful eye of Vinai. This in not good enough. Successful clubs recognize that this delicate relation needs to be managed effectively and carefully to shield the players from internal politics. It’s no surprise the team is flailing in the league and the players are pissed off.
    They still tell fans we are following the self-sustaining model, but yet continue to spend heavily on older players with no resale value. At the same time, young prospects are being forced our on loans or demoted to sit on the bench. All these signs are telling us one thing – there is no roadmap or clearly defined strategy for the future. In this environment it is easy to blame the manager or wave banners to the Kroenke’s, but this will not solve the problem.
    I would welcome the return of Wegner or someone else with his stature in the game for the post of Head of Football and Board member.

  6. And one man continues to preside over this utter mess, who somehow seems exempt for criticism, unless of course you are one one the many thousands who don’t frequent this site praying for the day our current “owner” sells up.

    Kroenke SPORTING ENTERPRISES can then move on to invisible Stans next venture, a new column for him on his spreadsheet.

    Due to years of negligence, and not an overnight fix, a complete “drains up” is required from TOP to bottom to stop this completely embarrassing mismanagement of the great institution that is Arsenal Football Club.

    Personally, I have started reading up on a certain Mr Dangote.

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