Carragher gives his view on Maitland-Niles row with Arsenal

Jamie Carragher has given his opinion on the current row between Arsenal and Ainsley Maitland-Niles after the Englishman accused them of not allowing him to leave the club even though he isn’t being used frequently.

He spent the second half of last season on loan at West Brom and he was a regular in a campaign that saw them fail to avoid relegation from the Premier League.

He caught the attention of Everton and the Toffees made a late move to sign him on loan yesterday.

Arsenal deliberated on the offer and informed him he would not be leaving the club.

The midfielder then took to his Instagram to make a plea to the club to allow him to leave for a club where he can play regularly.

He has now been banished from first team training and Carragher, who is a boyhood Everton fan, feels sorry for him as he is now set to miss out on a move to the Toffees.

He says he just wants to play football and if Arsenal wants him to stay, then they should play him.

Former Liverpool defender Carragher told Sky Sports as quoted by Liverpool Echo: “I think Everton are trying to bring in a couple of faces late in the window” before adding on Maitland-Niles: “I do feel for him. He just wants to play football.

“It looks like there’s no future for him at Arsenal and they’ve blocked a move at the last minute.

“Arsenal were using Cedric and Chambers at right back. If they want to use him, play him.”

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  1. fortunately Carragher is someone most people dont take too serious. Mainly because he is unable to understand much outside his red tinted glasses.

    Arsenal are not going to let players just walk out for peanuts or if we are short. Its as simple as that.

    1. Arsenal were offered 20 million last summer and turned it down. Arteta’s failure to play AMN. Is the reason the best offer was peanuts. If they don’t play him next year, the offers will not improve.

      One of numerous examples of asset mismanagement.

      1. Maybe, just a thought of looking at this differently, maybe the player might also be responsible also for not playing

        Did you ever consider this?

        This isn’t a question about talent but attitude. Its obvious to see we lack a certain attitude amougst our teams for the past decade. And although the likes of AMN Nelson Willock Eddie ERS (I still have questions on him) are all clearly talented, they all lack that hunger that Saka has shown.

        Sometimes, just sometimes we have to stop making our agenda on the manager not cloud our view of others who also have an input into how good / bad we are as a club!!

        Just a thought, a different way of considering the issues at hand.
        AMN as my point below to PJ-SA needs to put himself forward.
        Arsenal have carried too many privileged players who expect to walk into our teams then do nothing.
        Bellerin was another… I look back over a decade of players just not willing to fight for it.

        So the point is ok well sell then right? But review the turn around of players in and out. It needs to happen at the right pace, we are not chelsea who can buy buy buy.

        Personally, on reflection of whats unfolded the timing of the offer wasnt ideal from wolves but considering their failed purchases recently, they would of taken an approach from us to sell AMN (if genuining AFC feel he is not got more to offer) for 20m.
        Personally I think the board missed a trick here and I worry about our lack of experience here yet some new recruits (garlick) I hope is meant to improve this.

        What is impressive though, and something no one is pointing to, is although we have spent 150m our owners are not forcing us to accept offers to accommodate the spending.

        We had offered by CP 12m for eddie I am lead to understand. 30m for ERS from Villa, 20m for Willock (accepted) 20m for AMN

        We have 200m in assets produced from our youth structure (consider Saka, Balogun Nelson too).

        I applaud this from my club, but i would be cheering if they go on and do something for the club!

        I think we are protecting our assets, not mismanaging it personally. Alot of players need to be sold, and still do and if AMN offers us something this season and sold next season then what is so wrong with this?

        What if he forces himself to be no.1 and no.2 for RB with Tomiyasu and we can go on and sell chambers and Cedric?
        Isnt this the better situation.

        It really is up to him. Hes technically better then chambers yet chambers shows more commitment and hunger imo and is why he is playing (though not good enough I accept).

    2. Lol Tom, clueless mate. We had a great offer for him but MA lied to keep him at Arsenal, now he won’t play him even though he’s better.

      His outburst has brought MA idiocy to the media’s attention on just another topic. Well done AMN, you may have just gotten yourself some playing time

      1. Please re read what I wrote. It’s not clueless, the clue is in what I wrote.

        We wont let players walk out for peanuts OR if we was short.

        Have you seen the turn around of players out (and obviously players in) so you make the right decisions at the right time

        Same reasoning why Nelson hasnt been sold.
        Arsenal know these are good players but there is such a mess to sort out we cant sort it all in one hit!

        I respect the player wants to play, but it’s his job to realise in a squad of 25 or so you need to get yourself in front of the 1 guy who is managing you. Holding made this very point about himself after coming back from injury…

        Heuristics. It’s a word you should as well as others look into.

        Do not let your hate for our manager cloud your honest view of how we are as a Club, which is trying to resolve the mess that has been eroding the club for more than a decade!

  2. About this Saga, is this how AW would have treated a player?
    Alex Song, Patrick Vieira, Denilson, Emmanuel Eboue, Kolo Toure, Abou Diaby,etc were naive, raw players with inadequate knowledge about dier positions..
    Arsene Wenger Gave dem direction and a CAREER.😊
    Arteta on the other Hand, is so Terrible in coaching!!
    Can’t manage Guendozi, AMN and even Bukayo Saka!!😒
    The most Empty-headed EPL coach I have seen since I started watching from 2002/2003 season!!
    A coward who colludes with Edu to commit serious iniquities!!😒😟

    1. AMN hasn’t been mistreated; he is under contract with Arsenal, and Everton didn’t offer Arsenal a deal they could accept.

      AMN has to decide if he wants to play where Arsenal needs him or if he still considers himself as a midfielder. From my point of view, Arsenal should try him in both positions.

      Now it seems like he will be staying; let’s hope he stays focused and grab his chances…

      1. AMN has never objected to
        Playing where he is needed. He objects to not playing.

        It isn’t like AMN has been stuck behind a bunch of world class players. Kolasinac and Cedric, among others, were handed starts. That should piss off any player with an ounce of ambition.

          1. That’s right,I guess that it is now out in the open,MA has no choice but to bring AMN back into the fold.

    1. Why is he still at arsenal?
      The earlier we sack him the better for us imagine arsenal battling relegation

  3. Brilliant, concise assessment of the situation…it certainly wasn’t revelatory in nature or overtly demeaning towards the club, as a whole, which was refreshing considering the source…worth a shot for AMN, after all what’s the worst case scenario for him anyways, not getting any playing time?!?

  4. I have never been so angry with a human being before Mikel Arteta. No doubt, when he took over Arsenal, it was not in a good shape, but this stupid, arrogant manager make Arsenal worse by at least 20 times.
    He won the FA cup with with good performer like AMN and Martinez, Aubameyang. Look what this idiot had done? Sell Martinez, sideline AMN.
    This is an old basic rules, never temper with a winning team. Playing Chambers ahead of AMN is very much an insult to AMN, as he is at least 100 times better than Chambers, who cannot defend at all.
    Arteta is behaving lie a mad scientist, clueless as to what he is doing.
    If he does not want to include AMN in his plan, just let him leave. AMN just want playing time. Why Arteta insist on destroying his career?

  5. Arteta has no right to block AMNs path from playing proper football. AMN has agreed to play RB position and how on earth Cedric and Chambers are selected ahead of AMN is a mystery. Hope AMN gets the playing time he deserves.

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