Carragher highlights a significant weakness in Ben White’s defending

Jamie Carragher has criticised Ben White for being too short for the role he is to play at Arsenal.

The Gunners recently secured the signing of the Englishman as they look for a new defensive stalwart having lost David Luiz last summer.

White was with England at Euro 2020 and was one of the best defenders in the Premier League last season.

The Englishman also impressed for Leeds United in their promotion-winning 2019/2020 season.

Mikel Arteta was convinced that White is the man to solve his defensive problems and the Gunners have secured his signature.

He didn’t make the best of starts as Brentford beat Arsenal 2-0 on his Premier League debut last Friday, and he was at fault for the second goal.

Carragher believes he is simply not tall enough and had been praying that his former club, Liverpool didn’t sign him when the Reds were linked with a move for him.

Carragher said, as quoted by Sun Sports: “I spoke to Ben White before the game and I mentioned about how many opportunities he’ll get to step in with the ball.

“Ben White isn’t going to get as many opportunities to step in with the ball, to actually show the quality that we all associate with him.

“You want to see him do well, it’s a big price tag, but I must say that as soon as Arsenal bought him – and he was linked with Liverpool for 12-18 months – my fear was I wouldn’t want him to come to Liverpool because he’s not tall enough, not good enough in the air.

“When he played in a back three at Brighton, the two next to him were giants.

“So you can step in with the ball, it’s not so much of a problem at set-pieces or long throws.

“But your two centre-backs in a back four have got to be good in the air.

“That’s coming from me, I’m possibly the same size as Ben White.

“I couldn’t dominate anyone in the air – that was Sami Hyypia’s job – and I’d hopefully win 60-70 per cent of headers.

“I said it in commentary, it’s about being clever, using your body as the ball comes in, easing someone out the way, using your experience.

“He is a young player but he’s not going to get any taller so he’s going to have this problem.

“People are going to watch tonight and think: just play long balls on Ben White’s head and you’re going to get joy.

“So he’s got to get someone in front of him or he’s got to get a lot stronger, cleverer in his body movements.”

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  1. Cmon Admart you have just recycled the same story from the gary Neville one.
    We all knew he was bought to replace Luiz for his playing out from the back .
    You know me I never have a pop at article writers but this one is just pushing the negativity towards a player who as been here 5 mins .
    Much as I get called negative ,even for me this one is pretty premature.

    1. Exactly u r on point same issue Neville pointed out, give ben sometimes when he play beside gabby dis same pundit will come back to say he has turned arsenal defence around with d way he marshaled out his duty. I don’t et carragher is trying to say does that mean he caragher was not a better defender in his playing day bcos of his height. Lol

  2. Carragher talks too much. He did not do so well as a player. He should stop with his criticism.

  3. I wouldn’t want him to come to Liverpool – he is supposed to be giving a neutral appraisal for gods sake

  4. Maybe White would be a solid DM to play with Partey?

    Maybe he could be a decent RB?

    Can’t imagine changing entire formation to fit one player; shifting to a 3-4-3.

    It’s only 1 game, but he was caught ball watching a couple times is a concern. Maybe Gabriel would be a better CB partner than Mari?

    1. I completely agree. White can play RB or DM with Partey/Lokonga and we can have Holding and Gabriel as CBs. I personally think Holding is pretty solid with nothing spectacular but that’s fine for a CB. Gabriel has great pace so should be a relatively good partnership.

      Worth a go, we can’t get worse.

    2. Arteta as a coach as made d players play better with 3:4:3 formation so if he resolved to use it again it won’t be bcos of ben white, moreover like u said with gabby as his CB pairing their won’t be issue with aerial ball.

  5. I think there are 2 factors here:
    1. White can play as rB or DM and his ball distribution attributes will help a lot if he plays as DM alongside Partey/Lokonga.
    2. Arteta has played 3-4-3 system to good effect and White can play alongside Gabriel and Holding on either side. I have a feeling for the next 2 games against Chelsea and City, Arteta will go with the 3-4-3 system.

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