Carragher maintains that David Raya is “100%” a better keeper than Aaron Ramsdale

David Raya has started Arsenal’s last two games, a 1-0 win over Everton and a 4-0 Champions League victory over PSV. When he started against Everton, many assumed he was handed the opportunity because Arteta intended to give Aaron Ramsdale his Champions League debut.

Yet he retained his starting spot against PSV, while Ramsdale was once again on the bench. Starting the Spaniard over the Englishman has yielded positive results: 2 cleansheets in 2, but Gooners are left asking why the abrupt shift in our goalkeeping department.

Many of us will be wondering who is better between Raya and Ramsdale.

Jamie Carragher believes Mikel Arteta may have recognised we can’t win silverware with Ramsdale in goal, and suggests our manager was correct to bring in another great keeper in Raya, who the he feels is 100 percent better than Ramsdale.

“I understand having two goalkeepers of a similar ability; I understand mentally it might be a problem for the goalkeeper,” Carragher told CBS Sports as transcribed by the Metro.

“But surely if Mikel Arteta thinks he can get a better goalkeeper in the building, he has to make that signing to make Arsenal a better team.”

Asked if he thinks Raya is a better goalkeeper than Ramsdale, Carragher added, “100 percent.

“Arsenal will never win the league with Ramsdale in goal, no chance.

“Ramsdale is playing for Arsenal, and he can’t even get in the England team.”

Now all eyes will be on who starts in the North London derby. If Raya starts once again, then I think Ramsdale could have easily lost his guaranteed spot between the sticks.

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  1. We haven’t seen Raya and Arsenal play against big EPL teams yet. Ramsdale wasn’t good at stopping shots from tight angles, so I’d like to see how Raya handles it

    Having said that, Raya’s handling and passing skills were top-notch in the last two games

    1. @GAI
      I agree, we haven’t seen Raya properly tested but he is so calm and confident with the ball, with his movements… rarely hoofs the ball forwards in a panic.. Ramsdale should chill out on the bench and learn some composure from Raya.

  2. Must admit, I feel a bit sorry for Ramsdale.
    Overall, last season he was a superb keeper for us, possibly the best in the league?
    On the other hand, I must admit, he does sometimes look like he is creating insecurity, and maybe I will prefer Raya agains Spurs.
    Tough call, I think.

    1. A good assessment, Anders.
      Ramsdale is young and will get better, and he has potential to be our #1 for many years.

  3. For me it’s Raya in goal versus Tottenham. A big test for him and if he has weaknesses in his game then we shall see them exposed. I can’t believe we have two amazing keepers, Raya and Ramsdale while ManU have Oh-no-na!

    1. 🤣. Feel sorry for man utd. Yes, Raya for nld. The backline is more assured with him. Much better with the ball compared to Ramsdale.

  4. Thank God people can now reason with me, I’ve said it before that we can not win major trophies with Ramsdale. A so called top class keeper that concedes goals from his near post. A top class keeper that panics anytime he faces tough opponent. Though we have seen Raya in just two games , but from those games I believe he is far better than Ramsdale.

    1. Time will tell, but I think MA believes Raya is the better keeper, and he will be our number one. The rotation conversation is just a smoke screen.
      Judging Raya at this point is difficult as he has not really been tested, but his handling and distribution has been on a good level so far. It was a shock when Pep pushed out Joe Hart, but who can argue he wasn’t right?

  5. Raya has not been tested in 2 games, but he has shown 2 qualities superior to Ramsdale.

    1. Composure in goal
    2. Distribution with accuracy

    Ramsdale is a good GK, still young for the position and will improve. Currently though, I believe Raya will show why he is the better GK, and it will fall to Ramsdale to play his way back in.

    He grew far too complacent last year, conceded some soft goals, and was sloppy with his Distribution too often.

    1. Spot on Durand.
      Ramsdale is young and he will learn from the competition, and get better. Ramsdale can be our goalkeeper for more than 10 years, and his age is a big advantage.

  6. We have competition all over the pitch, and we have competition between the sticks. We have two top class goalkeepers, what a privilege. Welcome to 2023 🔴⚪️

  7. Ramsdale is a good keeper, but he intends to lose focus where it is needed most. Keep Raya between the sticks in the North London derby.

  8. Arteta has said, he isnt/ wasn’t making Raya the no1. Ramsdale has been told the situation, supposedly. Raya is our loan keeper. I dont think we have heard the last of this. As long as it turns out hunky dory for Arsenal, i suppose we should not car.

  9. I find the gushing comments on Raya’s distribution strange as he hoofed several long balls out for throw ins or didn’t find a team mate. It is similar to the accolades for Zinchenko relating to the accuracy of his passing when he frequently passes the ball to the opposition. It seems to be a case if something is repeated enough it becomes the truth.

  10. Lets see how Raya performs in the NLD before we cast Ramsdale aside. I am not convinced Raya should be the No 1 at Arsenal.

  11. I QUITE LIKE Carragher, but I regard him in no way as a mentally sharp pundit. A pundit who insists on mispronouncing KDB s name, despite almost everyone else saying it accurately ,is not a man I would regard as mentally sharp at all.
    I also point out that claiming any keeper is 100% better than another, is actually mathematically impossible and means nothing at all.

    I prefer sober analysis without hyped and incorrect language from the pundits I respect.
    And there are some , though very FEW, who I do respect
    I expect them to have at least a basic education too, which seemingly CARRA lacks, bigtime.

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