Jamie Carragher on ‘confusion’ that Unai Emery’s created at Arsenal

According to Mirror Football, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher slammed Unai Emery for creating ‘confusion’ at Arsenal whilst covering Aston Villa’s Monday Night Football clash with Newcastle.

The pressure is mounting on the Spaniard after Arsenal’s disappointing draw with Southampton last weekend.

The relegation candidates managed to have 21 shots – which seems unacceptable against a club that have such high ambitions.

Carragher also explained that Emery manages in a way that would be expected by a ‘lower team’. The Scouser also hinted that the former PSG boss isn’t a ‘great coach’ because of his failure to stabilise Arsenal’s defence.


Are we going backwards under Emery?

Here’s what the former England international had to say on Emery’s key failings since taking over:

“Unai Emery hasn’t adapted, he’s created confusion, confusion in the crowd and confusion for himself.”

“The Southampton game summed up the 18 months of Emery, really. How many times have we seen them messing around at the back and almost conceding goals?”

“If I think of Emery and Arsenal, and how they play, they score goals and concede goals. They play out from the back and almost concede goals.”

“He’s used more players than anyone. He’s made more changes at half-time or before half-time than anyone. That’s something you’d expect a lower team to be doing.”

“I’m not quite sure what is really going on there, and that’s why the confusion is being created.”


Should Emery be given his marching orders by Arsenal?

Carragher also hinted that Emery wasn’t a ‘great coach’:: “Arsenal fans don’t care about what he’s done, I don’t think a great coach allows his team to concede 20-25 shots a game consistently.”

“The easiest thing to coach, and we both know that, is to set up a team. And that’s a worrying thing for me, that he can’t stop that.”

It’s hard not to agree with Carragher’s point on the current state of our defence. Our inability to deal with pressure seems to always allow respectable weaker teams the chance to pull off a result against us.

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Finally Carragher hinted that the Gunners could seek a new manager because ‘they’re worried about missing out’ on top candidates following Mauricio Pochettino’s recent dismissal and the apparent pressure around Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Manchester United.

Should Arsenal part ways with Emery sooner rather than later?

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  1. Gbengress says:

    Though I dont like Carragher, but he hit the nail on the head.

  2. Sean Williams says:

    I’ve listened to Unai Emery’s press conferences and updates for a year and a half. He speaks pure gobbledigook and talks in ways I believe the team, supporters or anybody else, have no idea what he is talking about. He cannot express himself. He has to go after one and a half years of going backwards.

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Yea, really who cares what Emery has won or done in the past? When all he’s doing is ruining whatever Wenger left of this club.
    Emery is one of this club’s all time biggest mistake.
    After the previous regime, every blind man could see what needed solving was the defense.
    Emery had just one frigging job!! Just one frigging job!! Fix the defense and then we can compete. Rather the man came in, turned tinkerman, tinkered with everything from the goalkeepers up to the strikers on the pitch, twists and shuffles formations, ruined the stability the club had attacking-wise.
    Now even after he’s gone, he will be leaving a bigger mess for his replacement who needs to come in and stabilize our midfield, attack and defense.
    The man is a bad joker, so bad at being a joker he’s even worse than Jared Leto’s joker.
    Transylvania’s spanich point sucker

    1. Pat says:

      Eddie just a quick one, and this is to everyone who feels Ozil was too lazy to play for Emery, I know they won’t talk now but the confusion Emery brought to the team is worse than anyone of us thought.

  4. Andrew Elder says:

    Robin Van Persie, who speaks perfect English, said that he could not under stand the orders Emery was giving during a match he watched. Worrying isn’t it!!

  5. Pat says:

    The end of the end. Soon the light will come!!!!

    1. Pat says:

      And I will be able to enjoy my football with or without trophies. But with hope, aspirations, excitement, expectations and a new era. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  6. JJ Pawn says:

    From the very beginning we were going to miss Wenger, who did a great deal on a lower budget that than his competition, except for Porch.

    Wenger with this team would now be third in the League, with Captain Koz still with us to organize the back line.

    Porch will take the team towards top four.

    Where are all the silly fans still thinking playing from the back and conceding shots on goal at a world record rate is suitable for the EPL?

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