Carragher questions Arsenal’s ability to sustain a winning run

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher does not trust Arsenal’s ability to maintain a winning run after they lost their first league game of the season.

Mikel Arteta’s side won their first five league matches of the campaign before visiting Manchester United at the weekend.

The resurgent Red Devils beat them 3-1 after a hard-fought 90 minutes, which Arteta’s men dominated.

However, that loss shows Arsenal is beatable, and now they have to pick themselves up and go for another win at the weekend.

Could that defeat be a one-time thing or a constant occurrence throughout the campaign? Carragher believes they probably will struggle more than their other top four challengers.

“I’ve been impressed with them, I just don’t know if they’ve got the squad,” he said of Arsenal on The Overlap

“When I watch Tottenham, Manchester United, they’re almost getting results the same sort of way, big, powerful, tough to beat.

“When I watch Arsenal, it’s fast, energetic, I’m excited watching it, but could what happened [against Manchester United] happen too often? But the more impressive team, when we talk about how the game is played right now, the technical game and what Liverpool and Man City have done over the last four or five years, I think Arsenal are closer to that than say Tottenham or Man United are.”

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We have lost just one game all season, and it is against the same United team that beat Liverpool. Why does it seem like the end of the world?

This team is certainly stronger than any we have seen over the last few seasons and we should be confident in their ability to bounce back soon enough.

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  1. I think the growing injury list is more concerning to me than what Carragher is implying. I think Partey would have made a difference in that game, especially in terms of defending or even disrupting their counter attacks.

    Lokogna lacked the experience, and Xhaka lacks the pace. Though in his defense he was trying to pull “double duty” in midfield for parts of the game handling multiple responsibilities.

  2. If Partey had started would’ve been a different game… we got robbed in a sense with Martinellis goal which would’ve changed the outcome as we were bossing proceedings.

    Mikel made a huge mistake at 2-1 down by the triple subs.. lesson’s will be learned from this and that counter attack against us was good from Utd esp Rashford & Erikson.

    We won our 1st 5games, lost the 6th and still top so I don’t know what Jamie is on about in terms of runs as we can and will go on another once eveyone is fit for the Spurs game on Oct1st after the international break but before that 2 Europa League fixtures in between 2 league games to focus on.

    Away to Zurich
    Home to Everton
    Home to PSV
    Away to Brentford 18th Sep

    That’s 2 weeks to get all the boys back and ready for the build up to the World Cup in Qatar to which everyone will want to play well to make those finals.

    If we can come away unscathed from these next 4 fixtures, especially the league games then we will be in the mix for Top4 this season no doubt.

    Cmon you Gunners, start with a win in Zurich please.

    1. Perhaps Carracher would care to extend the sentiments expressed to Liverpool FC who look a shadow of the side they were last season.They are missing Mane, big time.

  3. Ajax signed Florian Grillitstch on a free transfer a few days ago.He would have been a very good upgrade on Elneny, but we missed the boat.Perhaps our recruitment team hung their hat on getting Douglas Luis, but is he any better than Grillitch?

    1. @Grandad,

      What about Xeka? Still free. Played over 150 times for Lille. Started roughly 20-25 games last season.

      At 186 cm tall, averages 2 tackles per game. Fouls very often but never sent off. Decent passer.

      I think Everton, Wolfsburg etc. were after him at some point. I don’t think he’s any worse than Elneny.

      1. Why not.Fits the bill physically and is more than a “water carrier”Let’s hope we are alive to such opportunities.

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