Carragher sends a message to Arsenal fans over Neville

Jamie Carragher has urged Arsenal fans to continue going at Gary Neville on Social media.

The former Manchester United defender has become an enemy of Gooners on social media as he repeatedly writes their team off.

Despite being in scintillating form and earning some important wins in the last few weeks, Arsenal has still not convinced Neville of their potential to win the EPL.

Not every Arsenal fan agrees with the pundit and they regularly have a go at him.

Carragher has urged them to keep the energy because it is certainly getting to his fellow pundit.

He said via Mirror Football:

“Keep going at him, Arsenal fans!

“You’re really getting to him on social media. Keep going at him.”

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Arsenal has been on an excellent run and it is a level of consistency that has even the hardest critics of the team believing they could have a go at the Premier League title.

However, Neville has still not believed, which is a good thing because if we win the league, we will have the last laugh and the pundit will have to find where somewhere to hide or bring up a new excuse for how we won.

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  1. I hope and pray Arsenal win the league. I do not know how i could cope with the smirk on Gary Nevile’s face if he has to say ‘i told you so’.

    1. That’s nevile problem, he is not judging arsenal based on the present form, he is allowing his hate to be cloud his judgement. He is stubbornly holding on waiting for the ‘I told u so’ moment. Whether that’s gonna happen or not no one can know that for sure, what u can do as a pundit is judge based on the present form and consistency. He has refused to do that. No-one is asking him to say arsenal will win the league but he might as well acknowledge that we have a chance if we continue in this form, since we have been top of the league since the beginning of the season. Saying arsenal will come 3rd behind man u is an insult to the beautiful game of football

  2. Neville is a total waste of space, everyone sees him for what he is we should demand his sacking for enticing hatred on Arsenal during the Spurs game, where he educated fans why to hate ARSENAL indicating that they should not be where they are, failing to mention the would not have existed if Arsenal did not help to finance football it would have been a dream that would never have happened to where football is today. This great club is too big for Nelille’s peanut brain.

  3. Nevile will never believe it until when it will be a slap at his face because it is not Manchester United that is topping the league now if it was Manchester United now he will be singing them praise arsenal is real deal now whether he likes it or not let him join the winning moving train up gunners for life

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