Now even Jamie Carragher is praising Kai Havertz after “he has been mocked”

Arsenal have done very well this season, considering the fact that only three seasons ago we were looking like more of a mid-table team, the way we’ve been able to progress and grow has been outstanding. The club and the manager have got it right and if we are being honest, the only reason we’re not winning the league is because we are competing with Manchester City, who have been unstoppable for years and are probably the best team in the world.

The Gunners have brought in the right players and staff and have managed to piece together what was some what of a broken club. Recruitment is a massive thing in football and Arsenal look to have done business perfectly, bringing in exactly what was needed and although we’ve had a few injury concerns, the players we have brought in have been great and settled in perfectly.

Ex Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher had nothing but praise to say about Arsenal’s Kai Havertz and his impact on Arsenal’s season, saying this: “One of the reasons that has helped this is the role of Kai Havertz. He has been mocked a little at the start of the season. You are not quite sure where he fits in. To be honest, I have never been quite sure where his best position is.”

“He is a centre-forward and he is helping Arsenal do what they are doing right now which is being so strong defensively and that’s what is giving them a great chance to win the Premier League.

“They have a great song for him, haven’t they Arsenal fans? Love it. It’s a catchy tune. I sing it now and again myself. He is having a real impact on the team and I don’t think anyone envisaged that at the start of the season.”

And personally, I agree. I had my doubts with Havertz, but he just continues to impress me every game. I think working under Arteta, in an environment like Arsenal’s, he’s been able to thrive and because we were able to sign plyer like him and Rice, it’s made the squad look and play in a more fluid way.

For me, Havertz is one of our best players this season and without him, I think there would be a missing piece to the puzzle. Usually at this time of the season, Arsenal fans are playing games like online pokies but right now we are still firmly in the title race and every game is like a Cup Final. All eras come to an end, and sooner or later City are going to drop off and I think if it’s not this season, next season, Arsenal pick up the pieces and start dominating.

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  1. Havertz has really found his form since moving to CF. Many were skeptical about him as a midfielder, and his performances were average to poor.

    Credit to Arteta and Havertz since moving him to CF. Jesus has rightfully been benched and replaced, and now can be more effective on the wings, as he was never a striker.

    I’ve said before that I believe Havertz will remain 1st choice CF, and any striker brought in will be a backup, NOT competition.

  2. AdminPat, as I see no other name attributed to this article, I assume you wrote it?

    I wonder when you think we were a “broken club” and how you describe that sentiment?

    I personally think that we would have to go back to the last year of Arsene Wenger’s tenure, right through to the start of last season when using such evocative might seem appropriate – but really?

    A broken club, to me, would be the current united shambles, or the chelsea debacle since they lost Abramovitch and, maybe, even liverpool since Klopp announced his retirement.
    I don’t believe we’ve ever been in the state those three clubs have been in, do you?

    1. well Arsenal was doing a very good Man U impersonation of club going backward in 2019 when Emery was sacked, Llungberg was caretaker, Ozil and Auba taking the pee, following Sanchez running down his contract debacle

      yep, felt very much like a ‘broken club’, which makes Edu/Arteta turnaround of Arsenal as a genuine European powerhouse even more remarkable

      except for the ‘Arteta Out’ brigade that do us so proud

      1. You mean the powerhouse that managed from 2019 to finish 8th 8th and 5th, missed european football for the first time in two decades and allowed (in your words) Ozil and Aubemeyang to take the pee after giving the latter a new contract reportedly worth £300k plus a week?

        That remarkable european powerhouse, or the one
        I remember that saw Emery taking us to a European Cup final?

        Perhaps THAT’S the European powerhouse your referring to?

        Despite all the other references you make, The Arsenal were never out of the top six and played in europe – something that has finally returned these last two seasons… Long may it continue, as we all now know just how difficult it is to achieve and how much it has cost.

        However, I’m still of the opinion that The Arsenal were not a “broken club” , even in those 8th 8th and 5th seasons but each to their own…. maybe in the 1960’s and the latter 70’s the club would come under that umbrella?
        These last two seasons have been brilliant, so, if there ever was a MA out “brigade”, they’ve got a hard task convincing the rest of us that it’s a good idea.

        1. Arteta inherited a club in free-fall

          first he had to stop the downward spiral, then step by step put in place a plan which he has done admirably

          when Arteta took over Arsenal were 11th in the table, he took us to 8th beating Liverpool, Man C and Man U (the top 3 in that season) and won the FA Cup

          blaming Arteta for missing out an Europe place seems a little err…

          in his first full season Arteta started by winning the Comm Shield, then in PL we won 4 more games, conceded 9 fewer goals and gained 5 more points – clear positive trajectory

          the following season got us back in to Europe, then finished 2nd to Man C in PL, this season CL quarter-finals in the running to win the PL

          i refer to Arsenal returning to the top table as European Powerhouse this year, next and for the foreseeable through Arteta

          you can call the mess he inherited what you like but ‘broken’ is how it felt to me, and we look at the wreckage of ‘broken’ Man U, Chelsea etc that could be us but for Arteta and Edu et al

          why pointlessly argue absolutely everything Ken, it gets kinda dull

          1. Actually, I was asking Pat about a quote and it was YOU who decided to argue the point old son.
            It was MA finishing 8th in his first full season that saw us drop out of europe, so who do we blame?
            Put in as many stats as you want, but the fact is that the only trophy he’s won was with the “mess” he inherited.
            Like you, of course, I’m certain that will change and fingers crossed at the end of this season.

            Thanks for the reply Pat – young Daisy obviously DIDN’T live through the 60s and late 70’s!!

            1. Pat put out ‘broken club’ and I merely supported that statement with facts, may be you should try it some time

              to your pointless points

              1) i blame the broken structure Arteta inherited at 11th in the PL, Arteta improved on what he got in 5 months

              2) ‘mess he inherited’ for FA Cup, you can’t have it both ways KEN (did you like that, the stupid capitals)

              3) thankful to not live through your 60’s and 70’s either

              4) “like you, of course” no we’re not

              dull has progressed to irritating

        2. Oh there WAS an MA out brigade, as we all know! Those who still want him out and they DO exist, even now incredibly, are in hiding thankfully.
          And trying desperately to wipe the egg off their foolish faces.

          1. yep, the second after the Aston Villa game they appeared

            if we even draw either of our last two they will be out again

            “don’t win the PL it is failure and Arteta must go” will be out in force if Man C win their remaining 3 games (as if that has anything to do with Arteta – every club has embarrassing fans, regrettably Arsenal is no different)

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