Carragher writes off Liverpool and believes Man City will beat Arsenal to the title “comfortably”

10 games into the 2023–24 league campaign, Arsenal has made a strong start to the season. They are unbeaten, having won seven games and drawn three.

Gooners believe this may be their year, that Mikel Arteta and the boys will right the wrongs of last season, when they came so close to winning the league, and eventually win the league this season.

While the Gunners continue to chase the Premier League crown, Jamie Carragher believes they will fall short. He gave his thoughts on the 2023–24 Premier League title race on Sky Sports. He believes City will successfully defend their league crown. He stated that his former club, Liverpool, is not yet ready to mount a genuine title challenge, while Arsenal, on the other hand, “aren’t still there yet.”

“I’ve got the feeling with City when I was coming up against Gary [Neville] and Roy [Keane], where even if Manchester United in years go by weren’t top at this stage, it’s almost if they are getting ready for the second half of the season,” he told Sky Sports.

“That today, a big game, put on a show to let people know how good they are, they are still the team to beat. I think they’ll win the league comfortably this season. I do! I don’t think Liverpool are quite ready to mount a serious challenge.

“Arsenal, of course, did that last season, and even though they’ve made a good start, I don’t think they are playing as well as this time last season, so I don’t think everything is 100 percent there.”

In the end, predictions are just that: predictions. It is understandable that most people expect City to retain the league crown, but the Citizens’ losses to Wolves and even Arsenal demonstrated that they are beatable and they can drop points. Arteta and his side simply need to keep producing results, and who knows, maybe next May they will be the team that prevents Manchester City from winning their fourth league title in a row.


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  1. The trouble with the regularJA articles saying so and so thinks we will not win thtitle, which may well be true, though we surely DO have a realistic chance this year, is that they are simply the opinion of a generallly not widely respected pundit. Like CARRA, in this case .

    So who cares? I dont, as it changes nothing.

    Yes, it gives those among us who want to say so and so is a ‘/&%£! the opportunity to do so and get our name on JA.


    Is there any actual value in such articles? You decide for yourselves, but I THINK NOT

    1. In fact, Jon, why do we even discuss ANY opinion, even yours or mine?

      Perfects we should just not bother discussing anything and just close the site down, if it’s such a waste of time?

      Or, looking on the other side, is there any intrinsic value in your comment at all or are you just giving another worthless opinion, like Carragher?

      So many philosophical ways of looking at life aren’t there?

      1. Pat, leaving aside any personal defensiveness on your part, as you appear to think I am trying to diss your site rather than giving positive feedback ,which would if implemented , improve it, I doubt that the way YOU think and the way I think- which I ADMIT “does not follow the herd”, I am glad to say – will ever find true accord. You see me as an irritant, whereas I see myself as a potential problem solver. I am simply tryhing to suggest, albeit forcefully, since I care about JA and its future, that by keep repeating essentially the same old article about “so and so thinks this or that, usually that we will will not win the title”, with only the name of said pundit or ex-player changed as appropriate, you are boring the pants of your users. Though I only claim to speak for those who have something ORIGINAL of our own, either to say or think!

        But until you are able to see there IS an ongoing problem with dull, samey posts, time after time and unless you wish to encourage more forward and far reaching thinkers, then JA will simply go on and on in the same way.

        All things in life, in order to get better, need to progress and never stay the same.

        If Arsenal STILL HAD AW, EVEN NOW, where do you think our club would be in the title race? Not right up with the other top teams for sure.



        1. Jon
          Your biggest problem is that you want everyone else to think like you and only enjoy what you enjoy.
          You need to learn that it’s a big world and some people have other preferences…. and other opinions too.
          Try and accept other point of views mate

    2. I think the beauty of this sites is to report everything that’s being said about Arsenal (JUST ARSENAL) why filter information when it can be revealed and keep us updated…. Come next year May we will be able to call out Carragher for such claims…

      You can’t say the writer glorified Carragher’s claim… Read the last paragraph

      1. You obviously missed the point I made. I never said that THIS article was wrong or its conclusion not sensible. I was making the far wider point about the constant similar articles where JA ” reports” the so called “thinking” of mostly eithr little known or, if well known, then not widely respected intellectual capacity of pundits and ex players , very few of who have any previous Arsenal connection at all .
        I recognise boring, sameyness articles and want to help phase them out, so that we can get instead, different articles that actually say something of value, or glory be, of ORIGINALITY AND FRESH THINKING.

        You seem to be saying you LIKE boring sameyness! Well so be it then!

  2. In my life time have seen many a favorite falls short when it matters most, but their comes a time when the law of average dictates

  3. Writing Liverpool off the PL title race is a joke that has no basis. I think they will be right there to the very end. They are playing well and they seem to be improving with every game.

  4. Of course Jamie will try and put the pressure on The Arsenal by saying they will finish second, while he does the opposite with his club, Liverpool, by stating that their not yet ready…. so if they don’t win, he will say he told you so.

    There is no reason why The Arsenal or pool cannot win the league…city are NOT Invincible.

    1. KEN DO YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE Carragher is capable of such MACHIAVELLIAN thinking? About Neville, I could believe that would be so.

      Plainly City, having already lost twice in the league and at Newcastle, are not invincible.

    2. My thoughts exactly! He’s trying to place the pressure on us and city, i hope he’s right regarding their chances though.

  5. If we could keep Rice Partey Saliba Gabriel Martinelli Saka Odegaard fit for the entirety I would say we’ll come close we’ll be there or thereabouts. I also believe Liv is on a similar page and is a team to keep an eye on but they too will need luck with injuries. City the fav’s, nothing new there

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