Carrasco or Perisic? Is one of these men set to replace Mesut Ozil at Arsenal?

Arsenal are supposedly in talks with Inter Milan and Dalian Yifang over the possibility of signing stars Ivan Perisic and Yannick Carrasco, but what would either signing mean for current Gunner Ozil?

Interestingly, The German was made captain for yesterday’s 2-0 win over Cardiff City, which one would assume would spell assurances to the creative star following a spell on the sidelines.

Ozil has been a strong talking point with fans and pundits alike over the years, with many coming to criticise his lack of work rate and ability to track back and defend, and he has even been linked with the exit door multiple times.

Arsenal are now supposedly in the market for a big name to come in this month, with Carrasco and Perisic both believed to be keen on such a move, although both deals are claimed to be only temporary until the summer, when they will have an option to buy.

The Gunners have claimed not to have the money to make any major signings this month, which is backed up by the proposed deals on the table.

The latest claim is that Inter Milan were playing hardball over the deal, which led us into talks with Carrasco’s side, and we now appear closer to signing the latter.

A possible problem could be the fact that his current club insist that a replacement will need to be found before they allow their Belgian star to depart the club after only 12 months, and while our club must rush through any signings due to the transfer window closing tomorrow night, the Chinese outfit have much longer to bring in recruits.

Could Perisic or Carrasco be eyed as the replacement for Ozil? Would Ozil fit in the same team as Carrasco in the Arsenal side?

Pat J

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  1. No to both of them, because they were inconsistent in World Cup. Perisic will be 30 years old soon and his overall forms are not good in Serie A, whereas Carrasco was sold by Atletico Madrid to Chinese league

    Ozil doesn’t need to worry about them, unless Emery plans to use one of them as a CAM, which should be Denis Suarez’s position

    If Arsenal only have those players as options, they had better wait until the end of this season to get a younger and better winger

    1. Perisic had a very good world cup, and he’s a massive upgrade on what we have. Same with Carrasco. We only have Iwobi on the wings…and that is literally it!

      If they’re are just loans, it’s makes perfect sense. I understand not wanting to buy a 30yo, but then again, Perisic might give us 2/3 solid seasons, compared to Iwobi who has never really done anything! Carrasco is a lot younger, so he would make more sense.

      Beggars can’t be choosers. We are desperate for reinforcements.

        1. Nicolas Pepe is the target for RW.He was highly rated by Minslintat but Lille don’t want him to leave in January.Unless there is a change of mind, Nicolas Pepe is Arsenal’s main LW target for the summer.

      1. Beggars can’t be choosers indeed.

        And let us remember, this is a loan deal we’re looking for. We can only afford a few million loan deals with an OPTION to buy. It is highly unlikely we would be exercising that option on either wingers if they ever materialize.

        Perisic and Carrasco are a stopgap solution to our winger problem.

      2. I don’t see any of this deals going through because of the lack of money in our coffer.
        weekly wages,we don’t have enough money presently.

        1. Where d’you get your stats from mate, you recently said Kelechi Iheanacho has better stats than Sergio Aguero lol…….. Iheanacho 4 goals in 41 games for Leicester, 12 in 46 for Man City………. Aguero 154 goals in 226 games for City. check the stats before you make stupid statements.

    2. The one thing I’ve found interesting this window is how the media have framed everything to make it look like Arsenal don’t have money.Dennis Suarez and Carrasco alone would cost Arsenal £45m should we decide to sign both.Arsenal is also planning to sign Nicolas Pepe in the summer.

    3. In truth neither Carrasco nor Perisic at this point in time are exciting signings but they just help fill a void which is needed within the team.At their best their good players and that’s just about it.I don’t get how they can be Ozil replacements considering the fact that they don’t play in the same position he does.

      1. I rather that void be filled by saka rather than an aging Perisic who has been lackluster or Carrasco who has been terrible . both are deadwood from their respective clubs .

    4. for loan deals with no obligation to buy, getting either would be good business and is easily a chance worth taking. if it doesnt work out it’s not much money down the drain, we don’t have to buy. Peresic had a great WC. Carrasco… very worrying he was happy to go to China at such a young age. We’ll see how determined he is to get his career back on track if he comes. Definitely need a wide man so they are welcomed

  2. And what about Ozil, is he not 30yr of age? so y are u periodizing Ozil over Perisic? And I think he more physical and dribbling than your so call ozil

  3. Getting Carrasco will be a coup;he is a real quality and exactly a type of a winger Arsenal needs at the moment

  4. Arsenal will go for Nilcolas Pepe in the summer.
    Dennis Suarez will be having his medical today and as such his signing may be announced today.
    As reported everywhere Carrasco’s club is looking for a replacement before allowing him to go on loan with an option to buy.Nkunku is still in our sights but Carrasco is the priority now.

    Ivan Perisic to Arsenal is also officially off as reported.

  5. Carrasco any time of the day and is a massive upgrade on any options we have a.t.m; and he is not a stop-gap solution as most here think. Actually i rate him with the likes of hazard, he steps in well when playing for portugal.

  6. Carrasco is such kind of players i love to be linked to us not these mediocre tielemans etc. I hope we are damn serious about him.

  7. Suarez!!!, no not that Suarez, the other one that you might never have seen, welcome to AFC.

  8. Suarez, looked up his youtube clips. He actually reminds me a little if Iwobi. When Iwobi comes back to midfield, drags some players towards him as he’s maneuvering a little before laying it off to someone now in space. Suarez looks good at that. Control looks slightly better than Iwobi but they aren’t too dissimilar. He doesn’t look esp quick, but he looks just as quick with the ball as he is without it. Tricky player, but can he make it count towards the final third, that will be the test.

  9. am confused about suarez is he a winger or a replacement for santi as the link up man from defence to attack? i hope the latter with a midfield of torreira gundhouzi and suarez … i think the good thing about him is that emery knows him so integration time should be minimal … so it seems to make a lot of sense … doesnt however deal with our defensive woes and it seems emery will make do on that front with whatever we have … playing this guy in the middle should mean kolasinac doesnt have to bomb forward so much and can stick to a clearer defensive role … assuming koz socrates are fit it should be a step up from recent months … if carassco comes as an out and out winger we should be able to put together a better starting 11

    1. Suarez because of his style of play imo is not a two man midfield player.He will leave us exposed so I can see him being played in a three man midfield.But guess is that Emery will utilize his versatility and play him at the wings when we are playing a two man midfield and then play him in the centre when we are using a three man midfield.Take note that Ramsey is still here so all in all imo he’s coming in as winger.

      1. Hmm … I just hope he plays his best position thought the era of players out of position were over … but if they r genuinely going after perisiv or carassco u’d have thought he had other ideas … anyway he’s on board so will see

  10. I looked Suarez up on YouTube and I’m not too impressed. He’s definitely not a winger and he just does the basics albeit well. No trickery as such and will be easily pushed off the ball in EPL. This isn’t an exciting time as it is. Let’s just hope for the best.

  11. All this talk of replacing this player and that player, doesn’t really make any sense.
    The problem is, we have a very unbalanced squad.

    We lack at least one really good CB, and too few of our midfielders and attackers can press and defend, so we are very vulnerable defensively.

    We have no real wingers, but we have 2 great forwards (no. 9’s).

    If we get one or two wingers, we will have problems accommodating both Lacazette and Aubameyang and the wingers, as we again will be too open in the middle.
    If you add to that, that the player who should be our creative link (Ôzil) doesn’t perform and is taking up a huge chunk of our salary bill, the challenges are piling up.

    So new players really aren’t “replacements”, but rather steps to put together a more balanced and competitive team.

  12. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Ozil isn’t with us after Thursday… just thought it was weird when he was subbed… you don’t normally wave to the crowd do you??
    Imo not only has Gazidis screwed Arsenal by giving Ozil that bumper contract, he screwed Ozil himself!! Ozil is public enemy number one.. everything is on his shoulders when we don’t perform or win.. and for Gazidis to then turn round & say I don’t want Ozil at Milan, he’s not worth that kinda money.. just sums that snake up!!
    I think something has gone on between him & UE… and to be totally honest I don’t think he wants to play for him… now I’m not saying he isn’t trying or performing… at the end of the day I’m a huge fan & I’ll always defend him (Just like Th14 & Iwobi)
    Just something isn’t right…. ?

    1. @Sue
      Now lets blame Gazidis for being taken advantage of by Ozil, his Dad (agent) and you the Ozil fanbase.

      Weren’t you the people (loyal ozil fans) that kept pressuring the Arsenal board to keept Ozil last season? All we kept hearing from you guys was “Give Ozil whatever he wants”. People were planning to riot or cause mayhem (abandon contributing to arsenal financially) if the board did not do everything to keep ozil. “Give Ozil whatever he is asking for. Do whatever it takes to keep Ozil” was the constant crying call from most of you guys. Ozil and his people then took full advantage of the situation by asking for the maximum wages they could drain from Arsenal. And now you here blaming everyone and making Ozil the harmless kitten in all this as always.

      1. Right so first of all… I did not want to lose both Sanchez & Ozil….I did not pressurise the board… I wrote on here a few times (maybe more) that I wanted him to stay! I was not planning a riot or to cause mayhem if I didn’t get my own way regarding Ozil & I’m pretty sure that Gazidis & co didn’t sanction his contract because they thought they might upset little ole me here on Just Arsenal!! I am an Arsenal supporter (not just an Ozil supporter) there are 10 other men playing in the team, not one guy makes the team..whether he stays or goes i will always be an Arsenal supporter! And if you ever bothered to read my posts (although I seriously doubt it as you’re too busy shaking that head of yours!) You would have seen that I always say no one is worth that sort of money! Yes not even Ozil! Just out of interest… if you were offered a life changing amount of money in your job, would you turn it down? I didn’t think so

      2. Could not agree more. I am constantly puzzled why diehard and otherwise bright fans wish to EVER keep ANY lazy player, no matter whom. Walcotts slothfulness did immense harm to us for a decade. Ozil is paid about three times WALCOTTS WAGE AND IS JUST AS LAZY, DESPITE HIS SUBLIME BUT WASTED TALENT.

    2. Sue, Are you aware that Ken 1945 and I had a bet about two weeks ago, when I stated, forcefully, that Ozil would not still be here by next August, at latest? Ken differed. The loser gives £100 to the Willow Foundation. I pray it is Ken, though I care little about the money, if I lose. Either way Bobs charity benefits.

      I concluded a while back that no manager wishes to keep the highest paid player (by far) but chooses not to play him. Seems clear to me. I do accept , to unload Ozil , that we may have to cover a portion of his wages though. Hope not ! I detest ALL lazy players as they harm our club. Remember Walcott?. QED!

        1. HRH Sue, let me ask you a question…why did UE make Ozil captain?
          Select him yes, but surely there were players better suited to wear the captain’s armband if Unai sees him as a lazy, mentally ill looking (remember the accusations?) unfit player?

          It also puzzles me why, when UE says he is injured, no one accepts his word and yet the other players injuries are described as a tsunami stopping him from being judged about his selections and tactics.

          I also have to laugh at Goonsters recollection of the situation when Sanchez left and Ozil signed a new contract.
          Not one person on here said they didn’t want him to be given a new contract.
          Quite the opposite actually, because if he hadn’t re-signed it was stated that “it would show we weren’t a big club anymore”.

          No Sue, I believe my money is safe, but if UE does let him go, are we allowed to question the man’s mental stability in making him captain and then selling him?

          I believe UE has got more about him than that and by the way, paying part of his salary if he does go, still means he’s part of the club.
          Besides which, the man himself has said he’s no intention of leaving…. just wait and see Sue, just wait and see ☺️

            1. Bummer Watford couldn’t have held on Ken, but very happy with Bournemouth & Leicester!!
              So we’re 4th ?
              I have to say Ken that UE baffles me!! Can’t work him out!! Still seems very frosty between them both as I couldn’t see any acknowledgement between them when Ozil came off… I honestly hope you win your bet btw… I can’t help but think the odds are stacked against it though. But like you say we shall see!

              1. Sue, if everyone was honest and realistic, the whole fanbase is baffled by his selections, tactics and man-managment skills, but the table doesn’t lie.

                So here we are fourth in the table and with Ozil leading the team with his grit and determination to cover every blade of grass and non stop running, no wonder UE gave him the captain’s armband.

                That’s why Ozil turned down the opportunity to go out on loan to PSG, he KNOWS that Unai has faith in him, let’s hope he’s fully recovered from the serious back injury that has plagued him all season.

                Stats don’t lie and just imagine what Ozils would be if fully fit?
                UE must be congratulated for the way he has slowly nursed Ozil back into the first team squad and I’m looking forward to them working together for the next two years at least.

      1. Ozil will be gone very soon. He is not wanted by Emery. I said as early as September that Ozil’s future will only be on the bench. No other manager in Europe besides for Wenger would’ve put up with his performances. Thank goodness we got Walcott out finally. This disease permeates throughout our defense as well and hopefully we’ll offload Mustafi soon too. Arsenal fans need to wake up and realize the staggering amount of non-performers that get away with 1 good performance every 10 matches.

        1. I wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep if Arsenal
          decided to cut some of there losses and
          showed Miki, Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi and El
          Neny the door this summer. Each one of
          these players imho is grossly overpaid as
          well as criminally overrated and shouldn’t
          be integral pieces of the Arsenal puzzle
          going forward. The money recouped from
          there sales and weekly wages, in addition
          to a similar transfer kitty to last summer
          could allow Emery to significantlyupgrade
          the CB, winger, and CAM positions, as well
          as add quality cover for Bellerin and Leno.
          As I mentioned above Arsenal could easily
          afford the following players, spend far less
          on there collective wages and still have
          some change to spare. ?

          Jonathen Tah
          Hirving Lozano
          Pablo Fornals or Suarez
          Djibril Sidibe
          Kelyor Navas

          It’s time for Raul, Emery and the new technical director to put on there big boys pants and
          start making some difficult but necessary
          decisions on those players that need to be
          sacrificed for the short term success of the

  13. The good thing about this Suarez deal, is that it will eventually mean the end of Xhaka as a first team player at Arsenal, if it works out.

    Xhaka will finally become a squad member, which is basically what he should be for any serious top club, and not be relied upon as a first team player.

    Additionally, if Suarez works out fine, he will hopefull make a good midfied trident with Torreira and Guendouzi.

    I also don’t fancy any of Carrassco and Perisic, I don’t really think they will improve us, but of course, I could be wrong. But I would rather we spent on younger and more dynamic options like Pepe, Thorgan Hazard, Malcom (yes, I know he’s flopping at Barca, but Coutinho isn’t setting nou camp ablaze either), and any other younger winger options out there.

    And oh, it will great to sell off El neny and replace him with Nkunku, this summer. With Cech going, bringing Navas from Madrid wouldn’t be bad.

    1. Xhaka isn’t going anywhere, lmao. He played virtually every game under AW and he plays probably even more under Emery. I’m not saying this as a Xhaka fan either because I’m not a Xhaka fan, but it’s just reality that Emery rates him.

  14. I feel compelled to point out that having seen him in action in the flesh last year at Hampden Park, Tielemans is far from mediocre.He is a tremendous box to box midfielder with power and pace.He is a first pick for Belgium so how on earth can be be “mediocre”?Carrasco is not a permanent fixture in the Belgium side whilst Tielemans is.In my mind he would be a better acquisition than Sanchez or Carrasco.

    1. Nah Sue, this great news, the deeper United go into cup competitions the more their form may waver in the premier league

  15. IMHO Xhaka, Mustafi, El Neny, Ozil, Miki and
    should be moved on this summer and there
    collective sales could fetch around £85M to
    be added to the summer transfer budget.
    These possible sales would also free up over
    €700K( another £300+K with Cech, Ramsey,
    Welbeck and Lichsteiner of the books) in
    weekly wages that are currently crippling
    the club. If the club sanctions a financial expenditure of £75M yet again this summer
    than AFC couldconceivably have over £150M
    its coffers to heavily reinvest in the squad.

    I personally dont envision Suarez or Carrasco
    being part of that summer financial allocation
    but if they both shine during there loan spells
    and are willing to accept reasonable weekly
    wages than Arsenal might consider £40-45M
    for two quality players a good piece of business

    If I had a dog in this fight and was able to lend
    my opinions to a receptive AFC ear this is how
    AFC should spend this summer.

    Jonathen Tah…£35M (£100K)
    Hirving Lozano–£40M (£100K)
    Pablo Fornals…£35M (£75K)
    Djibril Sidibe—£15M (£75K)
    Navas…£10M (£55K)

    Apprx. £135M spent on the following squad




    The average age of the midfieldwould be 21
    yrs old and each player possesses that tenacity
    and industry to effectively Emerys system and press the opposition ALL FIXTURE LONG!

    Flame away my friends! ??

    1. Fornal has 25m euro as his buyout clause. I’m so much glad you don’t come close to Arsenal administration because you will run the club down to the ground with how much you think our players worth. Do you know we asked for 20m from Leicester Elneny. That is 20 out of your 85m. It be interesting to know your value for each of the remaining 4 players that amount to the remaining 65m.???

      1. Nice try mate but in what futboling world do
        you or any of the Arsenal brass think El Neny is
        worth £20M? ? The following are pretty
        realistic numbers, regardless what u, the club
        or transfermarket says.

        El Neny…£10M

        £90M to add to the summer budget and more
        critically eradicating the ridicolous collective
        wages that these players are responsible for.

        1. In the same footballing world that thinks Odoi is Worth 35m pound, Kaita worth 40m pound, Morata worth 70m euro do I need to go on.

    2. The group you posted above could not finish in top 8 let alone top 4
      Although some may be promising over the long term playing at the level the top 4-6 teams play
      in the league requires not only talented footballers but experienced/world class players
      pulling the strings. Look at every top 4 team and you will find 2-3 or more world class
      players. Who in the above group is in that category? This is second tier at best.
      we signed Ozil becausetrully he is world class but instead of continuing the trend dand then
      put a manager in that could manage the players and get the best out of them we settled for
      Emery because he told the board he could more likely be ok to work within budget guidelines.
      Lets hope we get the best out of what we have and also get a massive dose of luck so we can get back to Champions league. Maybe the funds then can be used to upgrade the team.

      1. arsenal#7 please enlighten us; as you don’t think Unai Emery is good enough as coach, who did you want?

  16. Major concern – we’re being linked with a loan move for Gary Cahill! He makes Mustafi look good :\

  17. carrasco all the way for me, he’s quick, good dribbling skills and has played for simeone so he must be accustomed to track back. It was quick a shocker when he left for china since at the time he was performing at a good level and sought after.

  18. The new guy just like his pals is a big ball huger. Him adabting in the new leuge is going to take some serious time

  19. Nketiah and Emile Smith-Rowe going out on loan for the rest of the season. ESR could be going to Leipzig.

  20. I think it must be said that neither player will be coming to Arsenal…and Saurez is yet to be official, but this is only my opinion. Not based on ‘my sources’ as I have none. Just based on my good sense…but even that is

    Talking of good sense, and we have to consider why we are where we are.

    Wenger didn’t negotiate contracts but his once powerful relationship with players (many before even joining) was key to everything good AFC tried to do.
    But its changed, maybe since Ox and then when we were looking down the barrel of losing Ozil and Sanchez too meant the handicap situation of our exe’s (maybe partly to the grey area between doing their job and reporting to Wenger) ended with signing ozil for way too must.

    If ozil was on £200k a week player we wouldn’t be too bothered by the situation so much. But its a discussion because we cannot sign the players we want; not because we don’t have money imo but because our wages are so high. £25m over in fact of our budget (with turnover down).

    I have already mentioned the obvious but it is worth mentioning again – Welbeck/Ramsay definitely off. Monreal/Litcht yet to be offered a new contract. Questions over Mkhit and Ozil.

    So if Carrasco replaces Ramsay and Perisic replaces Welbeck then is that not an upgrade?

    Though, as I say, I doubt it will happen. Carrasco to Milan and Perisic to remain at Inter.

  21. Witsel came back from his China spell and is currently on fire for Dortmund.
    Those saying Carassco isn’t worth a loan gamble because they doubt his passion for the game because he went to China to make money, need to have a rethink.

    I really dont want Carassco no because of him playing in China, but because, he doesn’t look like he is that very prolific in front of goal, I don’t have his goal stats, but that’s just my hunch.
    I would prefer a winger with goals scoring prowess to provide more fire power upfront for our attack.

    @ACE, your post on possible transfers to make a difference for us, even though quite wishful, because we know those who run this club are not that passionate, is very reasonable. Good one, and I concur.

  22. Carrasco off according to Ornstein. Sky Itlalia says he’s going to Milan. Still we are interested in a loan for Nkunku. I don’t know much about Nkunku, but surely there is a young English midfielder that is just as talented. Arsenal look for answers abroad far too often. There are no English players in our squad essentially and all the future talent is going to be English…

    1. Perfect example is David brooks lol. Just got a goal and assist against Chelsea. That guy was a beast against us too.

    1. Yesterday:
      Arsenal…picked all 3 points
      Man U….dropped 2 points
      Man City…dropped 3 points

      And now:
      Liverpool…dropping 2 points
      The Spuds…dropping 3 points
      The Chavs….dropping 3 points

      Oh Lord!… answer my prayer!!!

    1. Moved up to 4th without playing ? Gonzalo is looking like a Torres clone ? Liverpool slipped up almost a great night damn Watford ?

      1. Get in there John! 4 bloody nil…. Ooh I may have to brag (just a little) at work tomorrow ? haha they’ll be sending him back to Italy before the window shuts tomorrow! He was subbed for Giroud ?
        Yes I wasn’t expecting them to draw with Leicester…so that was alright! Just a bummer about Watford but there’ll be other chances!!

        1. Shocking isn’t it Sue I was kinda expecting a 2-1 Chelsea win ? I can see Sarri leaving before the seasons out ? you got Chelsea fans at work Sue ? Haha yes and irony is Higuains replacement scored 2 on his debut lol. They have another 2 home games in a row we can’t afford to lose at Man city can’t really afford not to win ?

          1. Ooh so something has got to give on Sunday…that game is of huge importance now!!
            Yes just the one Chav at work… I read they were on about extending Luiz’s contract! Carry on hey, 5 years will do!! I reckon you’re right about Sarri… Chelsea get through a hell of a lot of managers!!
            Did you watch A quiet place? What did you think?

            1. It certainly is ? maybe we will have 2 new faces in the lineup? Well you gotta brag now Sue that’s 2 PL defeats in a row and they have Man city after us ? haha yes please 6 year contract ? I know Sue, Roman throws his toys out of his pram and in a blink of an eye you’re out of a job ? I haven’t watched it yet Sue the only film I watched recently was the Juror but I’ll watch it this weekend ?

              1. We may well have! You know I can’t believe Almiron is going to Newcastle! We can’t have been in for him surely as why would you pick Newcastle over Arsenal ? well it’s all going to happen tomorrow…. you’ll have to remember to keep an eye on Arsenal news, not just Inter Milan’s ??

                1. Carrasco please ? haha I doubt it Sue, we can’t afford Peter crouch ? he could flop in the PL it’s ok looking like Messi in the MLS but we’ve seen many talents coming to the PL and can’t get to grips with it, ask Gonzalo ? oh definitely I think the window is open until 11 tomorrow night so still time for us to get Leon Bailey, Maguire and Doucoure ?

                    1. Sheva and Crespo too ? haha yeah how could the selling club resist that ? I watched the Liverpool game, I haven’t seen the other goals and you know I don’t watch MOTD so I’ll have to wait to see the highlights elsewhere ? just think if we beat City on Sunday we’re only 6 points behind haha can we catch them ?

                    2. I couldn’t bring myself to watch that! I value my eyesight… Klopp & Firmino’s teeth might have damaged it!! Too bright ?
                      Oh you know you like Shearer really ? Jenas is on too ?

                  1. I heard their going a shade brighter apparently the dentist wears sunglasses during the whitening procedure ? haha of course what’s not to like his dry Geordie humour ? Jenas is ok but he played for the enemy ? I flicked over that Chelsea kit is horrendous worse than our mint one ?

                    1. God help us ?? Jenas isn’t ok ?? I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist watching it ?
                      This season has seen some really shocking kits ?

                    2. I think they’re catered for kids nowadays Sue the fashion today is truly awful bright colours and jeans so tight they cut off the blood supply ? yeah Shearer sold it for me Sue how could anyone resist that ? Jenas is keowns mate ??

  23. Spurs have gone ahead ???

    We need to defend with 10 men on Sunday, play the most negative football, I don’t care, we need to f**king with that game man!

  24. F**king Spuds!
    Those Scum should have dropped all 3 at Craven Cottage and dropped at least 2 today!


  25. Back in the top 4 for now. City up next though! It seems like United/Arsenal/Chelsea are going to keep fumbling for that spot the rest of the season. Spurs know how to get the results lately and look certain for a top 4 spot. Unfortunately. Massive boost for us having United and Chelsea both drop points though.

  26. Well , whatever happens now we will have been in top four going into February. With all those long term injuries,further wrecking an already way sub par defence, inherited, and no real money to spend, I think Emery deserves huge praise for getting us where he has. Some on here, mostly from Africa -why am I not surprised, as most of the Gooner loonies seem to live in Africa, which is quite different from saying most Africans are loonies, which is obviously nonsense. Before any on those loonies throw the racecard at me, which is preposterous if you really knew me, you might care to read the regular nonsense posted by JAH SON and others of his silly ilk, who call for Emerys head. I thank God for Emery and think him our saviour. When he has the chance to get all his own men in and get rid of the junk left behind and given a further summer pittance by Scrooge Kroenke, we will see what he can really achieve. I have NO doubts about him at all. But then I am a realist , thank God! And being one, my expectations are always realistic.This is not to say that Emery has not made mistakes as he clearly has, BUT the good he has done far outweighs any negatives.

    1. Emery is substantially better than Arsene. This side definitely have waaaayyyyy more backbone than anything arsene had put out in the last 10 years. His tinkering although not loved by many, has won us numerous points And the way he has turned the career around of some players who we thought were surely finished at arsenal is commendable. Just hope we can finish the job by finishing top 4 or winning the Europa league, hopefully both!

  27. Nah Eddie is far to intelligent and ambitious to
    be hamstrung with the BS “self sustaining”
    model that pathetically defines a FREAKING BILLION DOLLAR club like AFC. Bournemouth
    have already spent £19M in January on
    Dominick Solanke while the mighty Arsenal
    are penniless and trying to convince old man
    Cahill to solve all of the clubs defensive issues.
    SMMFH!! Watching the Cherries today was
    equally intriguing and sobering for it was more
    than evident that quite a few of Eddie Howes
    men, specifically Nathen Ake(would be Arsenals
    best CB), David Brooks, Josh King and
    Nathaniel Clyne would feature prominently in
    North London. Collin Wilson who’s out with
    injury would be another.

      1. All three are fantastic players and AKE was
        absolutely brilliant at the back today, easily
        MOTM even though Brooks and King were
        quite easy on the offensive eye.

        Fraser plays like a man possessed, wish a few
        more Arsenal players left it all out on the
        pitch like the diminutive Scottsman.

        1. Fraser caught my eye in that game against Liverpool when they were 3-1 down, he came on boom they won 4-3! Brilliant!
          Ake’s price will rocket then! He’s done really well Eddie Howe… got to give credit where it’s due!

  28. Reuters
    LONDON: Barcelona midfielder Denis Suarez is joining Arsenal on loan to the end of the Premier League season with an option to buy, the Spanish club said on Wednesday. Arsenal manager Unai Emery worked with the 25-year-old Spaniard, who has made few appearances for Barcelona this season, during a previous loan spell at Sevilla. Barcelona said they had also extended Suarez’s contract bv one year and until June 30, 2021. Arsenal are fifth in the Premier League, level on points with Chelsea who have a game in hand and two clear of Manchester United in a tight battle for a Champions League slot.

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