Carvalho transfer OFF as Arsenal fans start to fume

If you ask most Arsenal fans whether the club could do with a defensive midfielder, be ready for a verbal hairdryer, because we have needed one for at least the last three years, But once again during the summer transfer window, the Gunners have been linked with every central midfielder out there but once again look like going into a campaign with Mikel Arteta as the main man.

I was really hoping that Wenger would make a last minute move for the Sporting Lisbon star William Carvalho, especially after the media reported that the Portuguese club had lowered their asking price in the last few days. But Wenger has either refused to match that valuation or the player’s personal terms, or simply not even tried to sign him, because Carvalho has issued a statement, reported by Sky Sports, that he is not going anywhere.

He said, “I have a deal with Sporting and I am a player of Sporting. I am feeling good and it has not entered my head to leave on the last day.”

So it looks like our last hope, at least according to the media rumours, is to get the PSG youngster Adrien Rabiot. But the rumours are that Italy’s Serie A club Roma are close to sealing a deal for the French midfielder. So has Wenger got anything but a snotty hankie up his sleeve? I am beginning to dread that the answer is no!

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  1. Some fellow Gooners might say we are over reacting, but I don’t think we are, we have been poor for seasons. Since 2010 we have been p*ss poor, we have lost our possession type of football, no pace, we are scoring less and less goals, we get dominated by any half decent team that can rough us up and keep possession..

    Our team looks so weak mentally, physically and emotionally. Is it just me or our new look since 2010 seems so slow in possession, slow in closing down the ball, slow in pressing, our players don’t seem to know why to read the game, we get bullied off the ball, when we come up against a quick pacey team we concede for fun..

    I just don’t like this new Arsenal look, we find it hard to create clear cut chances, we score the least out of the other Top 4 teams season in season out..

    I want the old Arsenal back… This one is too slow, not invention in the team, no pace, disjointed etc…

    1. At the beginning of the season, Wenger’s twin kidnapped wenger and spent threw about money and got transfers done fast. It now seems the real wenger came back and thats why we have been loosing out on players. So if you want the old arsenal, hope Wenger’s twin next time kidnappes the real Wenger for good. Maybe he has better tactics 😉

    2. i find it hilarious people on here were convinced we were getting cavani reus khedira and hummels…
      think thats why everyones going apesh*t.

      high expectations

      1. Deluded and unrealistic. Arsenal have 1 squad space. I was optimistic about Falcao but we would have had to have sold Podolski plus stupid wages. A holding midfield player is a must and 3 league games doesn’t. make Alexis not a striker. It’s a miracle that we have signed 4 players. Name 1 perfect squad in the world?

      2. Deluded and unrealistic. Arsenal have 1 squad space. I was optimistic about Falcao but we would have had to have sold Podolski plus stupid wages. A holding midfield player is a must and 3 league games doesn’t. make Alexis not a striker. It’s a miracle that we have signed 4 players. Name 1 perfect squad in the world?

      3. I’ve nearly given up on Wenger now, it’s the same thing every season.
        Where is this warchest he says we have, wheres the puma players he promised (rues) it’s all lies.
        We still have about 50 + million to spend or more. Cl qualification, sales of deadwood, wages.

        We ahve hardly broke the bank as of yet ahve we ?

        1. Wenger never promised Puma money or a kitty. It’s a ploy by the media to get us all excited. No one said that we had a war chest plus ffp means that we can’t spend 50 million till next season. Name a quote when Wenger promised Reus. Arsenal have a 45 million net spend. Because players that left want loyalty bonuses plus agent fees. Most sponsorship deals don’t take effect till next season so I say to Wenger and Gazidis great business to bring 4 quality players and Joel Campbell. Im so glad that Arsene Wenger doesn’t panic buy. People say sign this player because he is available at this price when the end I has probably made it up or they think that they are available at the price. How do people know if Bony costs 25 million? He doesn’t have a release clause and Swansea don’t want to sell.

    3. Over reacting, no, we pay the highest ticket prices for Silent (mugging us off stan) to buy ranches, it’s just not on!

      1. Is anyone going to the Emirates tonight cox I am gonna be screaming my head of with Wenger out when the reporters are at the emirates

        1. Wish i could, what will you be wearing, i’ll look out for ya ha. deadline day all day today.
          I don’t agree with wenger out just yet, but making a banner might get you’re point across better.
          BOARD OUT BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. French/English language translation…..

    French: ‘We are very active’….
    English: ‘We going round in circles because we aren’t really sure what we want’

    French: ‘We need to find top top quality’….
    English: ”When quality hits us in the face, our indecision and dithering means we will lose out’

    French: ‘Someone show me the players who are available’…
    English: ‘When they’re there (the list has been extensive!) we continue to be indecisive, penny pinching and/or simply can’t negotiate effectively’!

    Cavani and Carvalho today…..S’il vous plait!!!

  3. Oh dear… I still believe we need 1 of 2 positions to be solved:

    A striker OR a CB/CDM so we can either out-score the oppositions and sack off the clean sheets, OR stop conceding soft goals and go back to good old 1-0 Arsenal tactics.

    We are severely running out of options now though…

    Cavani anyone…!? (He says fingers crossed, weeping into his new Puma kit, thinking ‘where did the sponsorship money go!?’)

    1. we need both ,
      we cost more to watch than real, barca, bayern,chelsea, city.
      we have no debts, and sign huge sponsorship deals.
      yet we have to accept less than mediocrity in several positions. no

      its just the reality of wenger, i will still support my team to the death.
      gooner forever

  4. If we don’t sign players then fine. What I find unacceptable is the club, manager, board lying to the loyal fans who pay top coin for everything, lying that we have the financial power to compete and get deals done. As a loyal fan I’m disgusted that it has to be a one in one out basis for us to sign someone. Disgrace that we haven’t bought in a top striker. Tick tock tick tock.

    1. Well said, it’s the numerous lies they spawn on us, oh a new puma deal, massive warchest where?!? Stop lying, we might get on better.

    2. they really can’t say that we can’t compete. Then Ozil, Sanchez would not come. As per experience, in today’s finance, Arsenal can buy up to 50mil per year, not more. I don’t say i’m OK with it. I’m really panicked now after Giroud injury. Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man u…and Eveerton, spuds…i’m concerned about 4th now.

  5. the vitriol wenger is taking on here is gonna be endless today.
    an ur posts isnt helping matters.

    falcao gone, is title lost?

    carvalho off

    your gonna rile up the fans even more!!!
    something positive is my advice – forget the window

      1. im disappointed david but all this wenger out talk and namecalling.
        i catch out his contradictions, an like many am frustrated but its escalating now.
        i still stand by him and the club…

        1. Yes its a crazy time
          but fun 🙂 .
          I am going to miss
          transfer madness.
          I mean there will be some
          slow weeks during the season.
          Visits to Hull WBA Sunderland Swansea
          Westham OPR Stoke Burnley Palace
          don’t exactly get the pulses racing
          while the interlulls are dead boring.

        2. Well said, I’m a little despondent, on a personal note I can’t get too angry but respect those that want to let off steam. The bottom line is clear though; It ALL now boils down to how we go in the coming months; get some decent results and “hey look Wenger was right all along not to spunk money up the wall”, but humiliating losses and continuing poor form will see him probably set for the biggest fan, public and media bashing sh*tstorm and humiliation he has probably yet experienced in all his 18 years. I am clear on one thing though, if we ever get in to a situation similar to Man Utd’s, and whilst some are calling it ambitious blah, blah – I call it sad and pathetic, then that will test my Gooner faith far more than anything Wenger can ever do to us.

        3. i only stand by my club not an egoistic manager…..
          would you now blame ozil or sanchez if they want to move to some other team next year???
          manu might be going through bad times but they are atleast showing their ambition to come back

      2. He’s only human, as am i, i was “in wneger we trust”, now i’m going to the dark side with the numerous lies and bullshite.
        And davidnz you’re the biggest arsehole on here so don’t give it the big un.

          1. Don’t tell me you don’t troll on here mate, everyone has seen you’re posts before.
            p.s my name is kool as fook

              1. Yeah they do call me that, as that was my dj name, and i dropped mother f7cking kool in the gang bombs!
                So “leave it yeah”

  6. Wenger has flown from Heathrow airport today to ref a charity game on Rome. Apparently he is also trying to hijack Chelsea’s move for Destro

  7. Wenger slowly destroying our club! Cant find the right players! Well how about instead of reffering a match in rome get back and sign the players we need! It cant be that hard to find players we aint exactly real madrid

        1. Millions of Arsenal fans
          desperate for transfer news
          and wenger is fluffing round
          in Rome. Totally off the wall.
          Man utd spending a trillion dollars
          Wenger reffing a game between
          the priests and the nuns
          Wenger singing
          ” I’m too sexy for the window”
          Wenger the new Nero 🙂

          1. Very yakie.
            I suggest you to have it with soda or some cold drinks for the very first time.
            Also munch something oily to get your cerebellum working well the next morning.

  8. I thought wenger has already agreed with the players he wanted at arsenal and wanted to wait for today to announce them and to surprise us but it seems we all be disappointed 2 day.

  9. AW will say we have Diaby and he is like a new player. Except once again just where the hell is Diaby? Oh yeah….injured.

  10. whenever i call ArsNe Wenger INEPT some scrulled dirty mediocre fans thumbed down. See now. I MISS ADAM KEMP

  11. Imagine if we haven’t signed Sanchez, Debuchy, Chambers and Ospina right now. There’d be collective suicide among Arsenal supporters already. lol

    The brain says we should sign one or two world class defenders but the heart says f*ck it, let’s go all out for Reus.

  12. dont bother yourself with arsenal anymore, i didnt know that wenger is gonna be like this 15 years ago when i start to cheer for arsenal.. i am now 24 years ago and fu++ this transfer window, fu++ deadline days, fu++ wenger and deluded fans who stll belive him, fu++ justarsenal, fu++ arsenal, fu++ football… i am going out to get some puss+, and have a time for myself!!!

  13. Guess wenger must be in rome to kidnapp rabiot.
    Carvalho X
    Falcao. X
    Manolas. X
    Rabiot. X
    Remy. X

    So i guess we’ll be signing kallstrom, a french foetus and zigic

  14. Arsene Wenger refererring a charity match in Italy with all his money, well that’s nice!
    Cheers Wenger.

  15. How many of our players would make Chelsea’s starting 11 seriously??
    Koscielny would push Cahill close but apart from that not a single player.
    And don’t tell me Ramsey could get on ahead of cesc or matic

    1. Sanchez RW and Ramsey CM with Cesc 10, koscielny ahead of cahil (debatable) but thats it.
      3 players lol the gulf in class is alarming.

      1. So are we agreed that Wenger has assembled a decent squad and we didn’t actually need anymore players – just a different manager?

  16. I wish we finish 5th so that this clown parasite manager can finally leave us. There are several managers out there who if given 100 mil to spend and such creative MF already as disposal will win us the PL even if it means no UCL for one year. Fu*k you Wenger. Just F*ck you !!!

    1. I get the feeling he will leave now that he has won his trophy, he can live off his 8 million a year intrest

  17. Wengers the king of banter were all here glued to skysports and twitter, going into melt down.
    And hes refereeing a match in rome loool.
    What a legend.

  18. so just got back from work switched on sky sports to see some good news
    and then FALCAO TO UNITED
    for 6 MILLION loan fee
    im in shock
    how can we not be competing for this
    from 20 – 6 really
    what the hell is happening

  19. Most players want to be wanted, not an afterthought. Wenger sometimes does not understand normal human character, whether the players, like today, or the supporters. He is not a good manager and not the wonderful human being he kids everybody he is. Carvalho wants like everybody to feel wanted not a last minute afterthought.

  20. wenger says we need cl to attract players look at manure ……………di maria/Herrera/falcao

    please just get bony + jackson Martinez & send that kid sanogo on loan

    1. not happening but some fans here are asking us how we know as season hasn’t finished yet.

      wake up people this isn’t rocket science look at the performance of chelski/city & ours spot the difference unless something dramatic happens in next few hrs………..

    2. I am beginning to agree with you guys that Wenger is a wench.
      Can you believe that Hafiz Rahman never had 10 Thumbs up for a whole month is having that in JUST ONE ARTICLE ????

      Lol !!!!!

  21. 2 years ago…

    after signing Poldi, Carzola and Giroud…he claims we are still active..but in fact he closes shop…

    no more signing

  22. I hope not to see you bunch of sissys cheering when we beat ManCs next week.
    Manics all of you.
    Atleast Hafiz is constant in complaining.
    When we start winning and are back to the nice days.
    Just say Sorry Wenger for calling you names and jump board.
    Dogs are more faithful.

    1. Dude this is 11th year and now our faith is dwindling. I do not think this makes us worse then dogs. How long do dogs live on an average by the way ?

    2. Times have to change m8 how long do you want to be 4th, were not going to 4th this season, i’m not headhunting wenger, i’m against the board, and the over priced tickets, we see nothing in return.

  23. David ornistien
    ”Arsenal very unlikely to sign anyone before deadline. Barring late surprise & a couple of squad exits, #AFC business is done #bbcdeadlineday”
    Wengers going for 4th place again. Hes so stubborn its unreal.

  24. I think we should go for Diame from West Ham, he will be fairly cheap, has premier league experience and could be an absolute boss in midfield. Yes he’s not a true DM but he could play a more defensive role as he has all the attributes but also has attacking capabilities. It’s not a long term fix by any means but he could do a great job for a couple of seasons.

  25. panic day!!
    After Giroud injury, i’m panicked too. Before it’s a question of cups, but now its existence.
    In Liester match, i think players are too. i don’t understand, it seemed that they are running without their legs in the match. Injury, injury, injury everywhere. CB, CDM, CF….big holes…what to do??…
    Sanchez is over used…as per schedule, he will be overused in future too, with Per and Kos. When Giroud will be back, Sanchez will be injured if not before. If we can’t find easy win, Ramsey will be overused also. It’s an endless cycle. World Cup didn’t help this year also.

  26. Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell > RVP, ROONEY, FALCAO
    Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell > Aguero, dzeko, Negredo
    Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell > Costa, Remy, Drogba
    Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell > Sturridge, Ballotelli

    Don’t worry, be happy

  27. It may seem like we have spent around GBP 65 Mio, but our net spend is actually around GBP 30-35 Mio since we have recovered around GBP 30-35 Mio from Verm, Release Clause of Vela and some from Fab’s move to Chelsea. This is peanuts for a club like Arsenal. The only improvement is actually Sancez coz the rest are just like-for-like replacement. Wenger knew the areas that needs improvement (CB, CDM and ST). He had 3 months to strenghten those areas but is waiting for the last 3 hours to do anything (even that is a doubt now). Why????????? What is wrong if you address your weakness early and strengthen those areas before the PL starts. Maybe 1 position can be addressed on the last day but never all 3. The weakness has been know by everyone for the last 2 years but Arsene doesn’t feel like addressing those. I just can’t understand his logic. If we have no new quality arrivals in this window, we are definitely going to fight for the 4th place again. Even that maybe difficult considering how others have strengthen. I will always be a gunner but not sure I will have faith in Arsene anymore.

  28. Poldi and Ryo should have been sold.
    Striker and DM, (who can play CB) brought in, not that hard Arsene!

    Us fans are right to have high expectations as we have a great history of being a top, top team and ticket prices are very high.

    If we don’t sign a DM and STR today I really despair, I love my club but Arsene is like a awkward partner who is doing their best to push ones patience towards a separation/divorce.

    #riot at the Emirates.

  29. Looking forward to January window rumours starting tomorrow!
    Wonder which big names will be linked to us….all very very exciting!

  30. Wenger never stops running his mouth about how we can compete with the best financially, for f*ck sake! we are even apparently the fourth richest club in the world (forever fourth) but when it comes down to Falcao, we don’t sign him because of wages? Hmmm…

  31. Jamie Redknapp: “Arsenal have been blessed with some of the best forwards in PL history. Is Sanogo going to take them into the top 4?”

    we pay expensive season tickets 2 see the likes of sanogo
    Arsene Wenger has travelled to Rome ahead of a charity match later tonight

  32. Ok Ornstein has tweeted that bar a last minute surprise, our business is done. Just got to hope that the Arsenal PR are giving him false info to hide our transfer plans. If not, then I can’t see us making top 4.

  33. I have been waiting to the end of the window before buying my new Puma shirt.
    My thinking was I’d like one with Alexis on it but we may buy Cavanni, Falcao, Reus etc.
    How fuc*ing stupid do I feel today.
    Bollo*ks to buying any shirt I’ll keep my £65!

    #don’t buy a shirt unless Puma/Arsenal buy a player

    1. 0 spent on tickets or merchandise from me, I can see that trend going on until next year as I have blown the budget anyway.

      The penny dropped when Cesc went to Chelsea.

    2. @Ronny331
      Please be specific of type of players that you want. Should we buy shirts if Asenal/Puma buys us a Zigic or buy Ksllstrom permanently this time around ????

  34. Wenger did he’d be active on deadline day but I don’t think anyone thought this meant him refereeing a game.

  35. If Wenger signs no one, he better at least try Walcott down the middle with Alexis and Ox/Campbell flanking him.

  36. Watching Sky Sports and they say now that Falcao has gone to Man u our search for a striker has ended! We were never going to meet his wage demands with our business model, so wtf!
    Wenger will only buy if we get players that are top quality that will improve our squad, that is not difficult at striker and DM positions, scratching my head!!

  37. All I’m saying is if we get trashed again by Man city, Chelsea, Liverpool and now also Man utd and Everton joining in, Than Wenger has to really reconsider his position. At the beginning of last season i said at least one major trophy, he delivered. This season he must give us the league. he has no excuse cause he had money to reinforce and do some intelligent business. Instead our team is still unbalanced. Good he signed GK and LB but he neglected to reinforce CB, CDM, LW, ST. Sanchez looks more comfortable on RW( an area we don not lack) as St he lacks that quality as LW not very impressive. Ozil is moved to make way for Wilshire, leaving us with a big problem for a play maker. He(wenger) doesn’t know what to do with Campbell, because he doesn’t have the right balance in the team, forcing him to play players out of position. So he spent 66mil pounds but also sold some players. Has he really done some clever business???

  38. From BBC

    “David Ornstein

    BBC Sport
    Latest from the Emirates

    Posted at

    “Barring a late surprise, Arsenal are highly unlikely to make any signings before the transfer window closes. They remain in a number of conversations as they search for a back-up central defender and a holding midfielder, but currently it looks like nobody will be arriving at Emirates Stadium. So that also means no new striker despite the absence of Olivier Giroud until the new year through injury.

    “The Gunners have singed Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy, Calum Chambers and David Ospina this summer. There could be a couple of squad players leaving the club before the 11pm deadline.”

    Not looking good.

  39. There is no excuse for this-
    The only way Wenger can possible justify not buying a striker (lets be honest we need 2!) is if we win the premiership-

    And honestly we have no chance now

  40. So we have one place available to fill. Most top teams have two player for one position but we seem to have acquired way too many in the RW and AM positions. This, i feel, is the reason why we only have one place available. Campbell should be sold if we aren’t ever going to give the lad a chance. Podolski should be sold too. Sanogo obviously needs sending out on loan.

  41. Wenger is not deluded nor is he stupid. People have been only pushing the problem and ignoring the signals. Last year when we had a decent shoot for the title, we lost key players in Ramsey and Walcott, and the manager has bought horse shet to fix the problems. The end result was a struggle against Everton for the 4th place. And a lucky win against a poor opponent in the final.

    We have been missing strikers, not one but many from the time we lost Van Persie. Have you mother fackers thought about why our most successful players decide to leave the club out of the water? Players do know the inside job more then the fans do. Fans are nothing more then a bunch of puppets who sing,, we are by far the best team in the word,, and pay highest ticket prizes in the end for nothing.

    Flamini when he was in his prime was nothing more then a bench player at Arsenal, and had also only a shoot as a Rb from time to time. Nowdays he is a starter. Are you faking kidding me?

    Giroud has no much top football experience as he has been playing till late only in the Second devision french league. Are you facking kidding me? He Van Persies Successor.

    We have no Facking LW. Wenger is destroying a world class player in Ozil, he is facking up Wilsher progress as a player. He is sheting on Podolski. I could go one and one, Wenger ouu !!!

  42. Kind of related, and a little quiz:
    List the teams in the PL that:
    1. have a worse strike force than us, (out and out strikers).
    2. Have a worse defensive Midfield set up than ours?

  43. Playing the 4-1-4-1 system would work if Wenger played everyone in place. Carvalho as DM, Ozil and Ramsey ahead in the middle. Walcott and Ox on wings, Sanchez up top. Players like Cazorla and Jack should not be in the same 11 as Ozil and Ramsey.

  44. There’s only Wenger who could buy a striker like Giroud, get us to hate him for all his misses and then force us to want him back so badly when he’s injured as we have no other players anywhere near as good in that main striker role. You couldn’t make this shit up.

  45. @mike1977. Arsenal sponsored by Prozac?
    An opportunity to get more sponsorship money that we don’t spend.

  46. AW always thinks he is far more clever than what he is. Getting the French unknowns and making them spectacular etc. Its not happening anymore AW, your luck has either run out or you have gotten old and lost your keen eye.

    We will struggle this season, everyone knows how to beat us and hold no fear of us.

    Things won’t change until the boys in the boardroom go or change their ways.

  47. If its just 1 player we are getting today then let it be a DMF or CB more than a striker. We have only 3 CB and no real physical holding midfider in the squad. This will help us to control games better ( by getting a DMF). We can’t even dominate possesion against small teams these days.

    Some where in every attack some of our players decide to do a short skillful pass when a normal pass would suffice, and that results in losing th eball. SO that’s why a DMF is paramount. then What happens when koscielny is injured and then another CB chamber or Mertesacker, you will put Monreal at CB?

    Even Martin Kewn has btter tactics, did you see his diamond formation in MOTD yesterday? with Sanchez and Podolski upfront with Ozil behind. Not only that, Dixon in commentary also has better tactics. Wengers tactics are make first sub at 70 minutes and continue playing same formation.

  48. Everyone defending Wenger saying we needed CL before signing big players, correct.
    So what has happened between Thursday and now, nadda!
    If we’d made a signing before Sunday the lift may have even led to a win against Leicester.

  49. I know that I’ll get thumbed down, and I most probably will end up being very disappointed…
    But I’m going to put my cock-on-a-block here and say we are in for a big signing this evening….

    I HOPE I’m not wrong!!

  50. There is no doubting what Wenger has done for this club and how much he means to Arsenal fans. But you can’t teach and old dog new tricks and I think Wengers time is up. Every performance so far this season has been below par.

    Wenger is so inadequate within the modern game. Even if we sign a worldie today I still think Wenger shouldn’t be in charge anymore.

  51. Attempting to be a success in the premiership with Giroud and Sanogo upfront is disrespectful to the whole league. Enuff said!

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