Casillas wants Arsenal move, but do we want him?

Recent reports have claimed that Real Madrid are trying to force club legend Iker Casillas to leave this summer, with Arsenal and Liverpool keen on his arrival.

A Spanish journalist has now claimed that the 33 year-old WANTS to move to Arsenal, but even if the goalkeeper did want to come to the Emirates, do we really need him?

David Ospina has been in outstanding form since being installed ahead of Wojciech Szczesny this term, keeping seven clean sheets in his 13 league matches, including against Chelsea and Manchester City, paired with conceding a maximum of one goal in each of the other six.

The Colombian’s form must mean that he will be our first-choice for the remainder of this season, and next, which would mean that Szczesny would most likely be offloaded to make room for the Spaniard.

We all know how highly Arsene Wenger rates the Polish goalkeeper, which makes Casillas arrival all the more unlikely in my eyes.

I also cannot imagine the experienced international star would opt to play second-fiddle to Ospina, although Simon Mignolet’s surprise form in 2015 also merits praise, and he should not be overthrown by the Madrid captain.

The only way in which signing Casillas would help our club, would be if it prioritised Real’s pursuit of David De Gea, who was this week selected in the PFA Team of the Year. These reports coming out in the press tend to be false regardless, but with such hype I felt it needed addressing!

Would any of you fellow Gunners like to see Casillas at the Emirates? I think his career is on a downward curve, and Ospina’s is very much on the rise…..

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  1. hmm……… Leicester city have just shown Arsenal how to score against cheLski….. Are they watching?

    1. Dats ao u knw mourinho was scared of arsenal, and they ve been poor, they defended against arsenal, and now wanted to attack against leciester, they conceded….

      Let’s 4get abt dem…and abt dis season, we don’t ve to beat hm to win the league next season, if they don’t improve till next season…they re not a match for us…

      1. Wouldn’t quite say that. Chelsea are a very strong team, we aren’t quite on their level yet. I thought we had a chance of beating them, but that was because of us being in very good form. To be better than Chelsea we have to be more consistent, and for my liking we need to lose of deadweight like Flamini too. Bring in some real depth, not just in the AM position, everywhere. Now that we can afford a full squad, injuries can’t be an excuse, not unless it’s literally our best player ie Alexis.

        1. @Mick The Gooner
          Chelsea are a bunch of “scrappers”. We fold fold up under pressure to easily at times.

        1. Y’all don’t know I’m Elvis Presley’s reincarnation, so y’aLl disrespect me. Not good, you know. But now you know.

          1. In my other life, I never really liked football, just music. Well, I’ve still got my looks though.

  2. We’re weak in the GK position. But do we replace Ospina? He hasn’t really put a foot wrong for us. Do we replace Szczesny? For all the criticism he’s recieved, I’m not convinced that he isn’t good enough. He makes mistakes and has a big attitude problem, but he also makes very good saves. He certainly won us points early on in the season when we were struggling defensively with Monreal in for Kosc. Yes he conceded more goals than Ospina has done, but Mertesacker, Monreal and Flamini as your main protection? Who wouldn’t.

    As for Casillas, I think he’s a top keeper, still. Everyone criticised him for mistakes last year, but when you don’t play regularly, what do you expect? May not be in the category of ‘best in the world’ anymore, but he’s still up there. And before anyone mentions age, he’s 33, just 1 year older than Cech who all of you seem to want. I think Cech is a great keeper too but it’s a waste of time even thinking that Chelsea would sell to us, especially with Mourinho. Some of my friends that are Chelsea fans seem to think he’s overrated though. They could have a point, after all he’s had a great back four, well, back 10 really, to protect him over the years.

  3. Leichester 1 – 0 Chelsea half time. What a high tempo’d 1st half by Leichester. How I wish it could end like this although our title challenge is done and dusted. I just wanna reduce the point gap. Oh, 1 – 1 46′. Shit!

  4. If this Leichester, Chelsea match ends in a draw then 3 more draws are needed from Chelsea including a Liverpool win when they meet for us (Arsenal) to win the league provided we win all our remaining games.

    1. sorry!…… The match against Leicester doesn’t just Look like a draw thing….thanks to drogba, terry et ramirez…. Its over already…….mtchewwww

  5. Chelsea showing why they deserve to be champions. Strong team and more importantly, strong manager.

    1. Chelsea won the title with a strong start and no injuries at the beginning of the season.

      Buy a blue kit and become a Chelsea fan; real easy.

    2. Are u saying their manager is stronger than ours??? If yes, then I think you are right. No wonder he’s yet to lose to him.

  6. i’m so vexed!………….this cheLski team is killing……… I feel like buying all the world class players in the market *wishful but impossible thinking *

    1. Don’t worry Jose thinks we are nearly there 🙂 We just need 2/3 top quality players and we will give them a fight.

    2. Rooney gets 300k per week;
      Yaya 220K

      Sure let Arsenal get 4 of those players; and add 200 million to the wage bill.

      Roman does not lend us interest free money. We do not sell another tankerful of oil to finance operations. We do not get 20 million to play a friendly in Qatar.

      Get real; I have NO PROBLEMS with Arsenal existing within their financial means.

  7. If Szczesny leaves and Casillas, Cech comes in, I will Not complain.

    I’ve complained for years for not getting enough top quality. I’m happy when ever we strengthen our team. Depth is not a bad thing.

      1. Don’t the players have anything to say about their career? If Cech wants to stay in the capital who else would he join.

  8. We have seen improvement over the last two seasons. It’s about time that every Arsenal supporter got behind the team 100% and stopped moaning about things. We are on the up and up just sit back and enjoy the ride GOYG

    1. Some Gooners are short on brain cells.
      Every season for the last three Wenger had added two players to raise our quality level.
      Three season ago we had 80% pf the firepower the Chelsea and Man City had. We were losing games to the top 5 sides.

      We are nearly there; we are 95% of the those teams. We beat City, Man U, Liverpool and drew with Chelsea. That is IMPROVEMENT FROM THE 6-0 CORES.Two or three players this summer and we are there.

      FA Cup and 2nd place is another step up. One more step to the title Gooners; one more.

      Please stop DREAMING of the players that want 300K a week to play. Stop it. We cannot afford it.

      1. I think we could afford one player on 300k a week. It will not happen because it would upset the dressing room and cause friction.

      2. You can’t simply cherry pick results to base your point off. First off we lost to a Liverpool with Suarez and Sturridge at Anfield. We also beat City, Liverpool and drew with Chelsea. But we also LOST to United, drew with Liverpool away, lost to Chelsea away, lost to Spurs away and LOST to Southampton away as well as United at home. Whenever we ran into tough in form opposition we dropped points.

        Yet we are still second, why? Consistency. We put together a solid second half run where other teams dropped off BUT a second half run alone isn’t good enough to win the league. The problem isn’t that we aren’t as good as Chelsea is, we’re only a slightly worse squad than them pound for pound, it’s the fact that we aren’t consistent enough.

        Chelsea hasn’t lost to a member of the top 4 in 2 years and that is no small feat. Simple fact of the matter is if we are gokng to beat Chelsea or anyone else for that matter to the PL title we need to pick up more points than them, injuries or no injuries. It isn’t Chelsea we need to think about, it’s ourselves.

    1. Ozil played in the 2 – 0 loss to Chelsea and the 2 – 1 loss to Spurs. Flamini played in the 2 – 0 loss to Chelsea, the 3 – 2 loss to Stoke and the 2 – 1 loss to Swansea

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