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Kroenke makes it clear Arsenal is NOT for sale

Arsenal fans were left “galvanised”, to quote legend Ian Wright there, at the fact that rumours suggested Alisher Usmanov had made a bid to buy out Stan Kroenke’s shares at Arsenal. Kroenke is a disliked figure around the Emirates, often criticised for his lack of commitment and investment into Arsenal Football Club. He currently owns […]

Arsenal fans should be excited about Usmanov bid!

It’s no secret that the club is in desperate need of change. The Gunners have had the same manager and most of the same coaching staff and managerial support for the last twenty years and to no surprise it’s starting to go stale. One factor of management that does change quite regularly is the ownership […]

Arsenal increase ties with Indonesian fans

Arsenal are continuing their commercial agreements with companies in the Asian sector by announcing a partnership with the Bank Muamalat, whereby they can offer Arsenal-related goods to Indonesian fans and even run some coaching courses on the islands in partnership with the Muslim Bank. Arsenal’s Chief Commercial Officer Vinai Venkatesham said on “We are […]

Arsenal accounts will show a new £3m payment to Stan Kroenke

Arsenal are expected to publish their yearly accounts today and (other than the 200m cash reserves) they are expected to show another £3m payment to Kroenke Sports and Entertainment (KSE), the company that owns Kroenke’s sporting interests, purportedly for ‘advisory services’, the same terms used for the £3m payment to the same company last year. […]