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Tottenham seen off now time to send Everton on their way

It seems that our Premier League rivals just cannot help themselves, first Tottenham failed miserably trying to hijack our transfer deals and now Everton has popped their little heads up. It is now common knowledge that Tottenham was sent away with their tail between their legs after their pathetic attempt to try and snatch William […]

Why Arsenal fans should stop booing Mustafi

Booing Mustafi Is Wrong!!!! By Dan Smith Before he left Arsene Wenger spoke about a section of the Arsenal fan base showing him disrespect he ‘Will never forget.’ The Frenchmen had long spoken about Arsenal values, our reputation for doing things the ‘right way’ and the fear that we were starting to lose those principles. […]

Why haven’t Arsenal bought Ziyech or Fekir?

We don’t want Ziyech or Fekir? Why? by Dan Smith If Arsenal can’t meet a club’s asking price that’s a different argument to have. Yet when your being offered better midfielders then you have for £30 million, it’s getting to the point where we have to ask ourselves, are we finding excuses not to do […]