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It looks like Suarez is the ‘something special’ Arsenal need – The only arrival?

So there is obviously no smoke without fire, and the Arsenal manager Unai Emery has confirmed that the Gunners are in talks about Denis Suarez coming to the Emirates, but he obviously refused to tell us the content of these discussions (as if we didn’t know lol!).

Arsenal can’t ignore spending on the defence – How about Coady?

Should Arsenal spend this January, or save it for the summer?

As we enter the second half of the season it’s very clear to many that there are problems in Arsenal’s defence. Rob Holding has been out of commission since early December with the ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee picked up against Manchester United in December and won’t be able to play until June at the earliest and the back line is looking problematic.

The Belgian Outcast Perfect for Arsenal’s European Ambitions

While the new dawn at Arsenal is taking some time to rise, there’s certainly a feeling that the post-Wenger era has gotten off to a decent start, if not an explosive one.

The great Frenchman left a reasonably strong squad behind, boosted by the signings of Lacazette and Aubameyang prior to his departure, but there’s still some way to go before they’re back on the world football scene.

Ignore the rumour-mongering – Elneny is not about to leave Arsenal

The Egyptian midfielder Mohammed Elneny arrived at Arsenal three years ago for a reported sum of just 5m GBP, and had a very good record with Basel and his international side, but it was always going to be a big ask for him to supplant some of our more successful and decorated midfielders. But he is definitely a trier and always gives his all when he gets a chance to wear the Red and White, and has been a good squad player despite his lack of opportunities. He has never played much in the League even under Wenger with an average of 13 games per year, but has played just as many in the Cup games when we wanted to rest our stars.

Could selling Mesut Ozil save Arsenal’s season?

Could a Mesut Ozil departure benefit us? By Nick

Rumors are currently swirling around that Unai Emery might want to offload Mesut Ozil this winter. If the rumors are true this will be the second midfielder we’ll be losing in 2019. Since our only option is to loan at the moment, selling Ozil could give us some extra money to buy players.

In-depth report on who James Rodriguez could replace at Arsenal


Reports emerging from multiple media outlets, including the Daily Mirror, suggest that Real Madrid have accepted Arsenal’s possible record-breaking bid for James Rodriguez. Arsenal must have felt Rodriguez would bring something special to the squad. Something worth breaking the record transfer fees for. In terms of talent and potential, Rodriguez would be up there with the likes of Ozil, Lacazette, Aubameyang, world class.

Arsenal aiming for Hector Herrera to replace Ramsey makes no sense at all – Think about it

So the Arsenal transfer rumour mill is in full swing and there have been many claims and counter claims, but most fans seem to think that we have real chances of bringing in the free agent Hector Herrera in the summer as our replacement for Aaron Ramsey. I know it is one of many possibilities, but is there any real chance of it happening?

Value options that Arsenal could get to improve the squad – Who would you choose?

Over the years Arsene Wenger would say the only reason he didn’t spend money was he was only willing to buy players who were really special. Unai Emery is taking a different approach, only buying if he finds value. Now let me make it clear I see no reason why we have to be looking for loan deals or contracts due to expire. I will never accept a fan base, who pays what we pay, while we share a TV contract worth billions, should have to tolerate such a lack of ambition. That though is a debate for another day.