Cavani SLAPS in transfer request to help Arsenal seal deal?

Arsene Wenger has just been handed a massive boost to his hopes of signing the PSG and Uruguay international star Edinson Cavani in the summer transfer window, assuming that the powerful striker is actually on the Frenchman´s transfer wish list that is.

If he wasn´t before then maybe Wenger should be adding him to it, because Cavani has just rocked his current club by handing in a transfer4 request according to a Metro report. THat does not mean that he will definitely be leaving the French champions but it makes it a whole lot more likely.

Perhaps the Parisian club´s president should spend a bit more time talking to his players before coming out with the sort of statement he produced earlier this week, as reported by the BBC. In it their mega rich owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi spoke about a few of his key players and declared that they would all be staying put.

Maybe that is what has caused Cavani to hand in this transfer request, as reports have long claimed that the talented forward was not happy with having to play second fiddle to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. So should Wenger now be making Cavani one of his major transfer targets, as Thierry Henry suggested he needs to?

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  1. He is well over rated and definitely not what Arsenal need! If you bother to watch PSG games in Champions League or in Ligue 1 you will see he isnt all that!!
    As strikers go, there is only 1 viable option for us, and that is Lacazette who has scored more goals than Cavani, is younger and more suited to Arsenal’s style of play!

    1. You ever think PSG just isn’t the club for him? Cavani was THE best number 9 at Napoli in world football and scored 35+goals for 3 seasons straight. He’s scored 25 goals last year and 24 this year at PSG and somehow he’s garbage….

      Meanwhile Giroud scored 17, 22, and 18 goals his past 3 years with us and some on here actually sit and suggest he’s head and shoulders above Cavani. I love Arsenal too, but I’m not a moron.

      I’ve read Cavani, Higuain, Sterling, Pedro, Benteke, are all “over-rated” or “mediocre” lately. Quality bunch on here I swear, no wonder our fanbase is heralded as delusional.

      1. well giroud scored 25 (i think) for montpellier and won the ligue 1
        Cavani has scored 24-25 goals for PSG!!!

        have u ever seen cavani play recently. He is OVERRATED.
        He has missed the highest number of clear cut chances in the top 5 leagues this season.
        and on top of all this he will cost A LOT and demand well over 200k (he is not worth 100k to be honest)

        We should stay clear of this cavani BS.
        Let united have him, another falcao in the making :p

        1. You just commented FOR my point.

          An unhappy, confidence-shot Cavani (who’s shunted out to the wing half the time) still scores as many goals as Giroud MAXED in his BEST season in France with the title winners that year. Do me a favour mate, this “overrated” nonsense you’re peddling about Cavani is pathetic at best. He’s one of the top 5 St’s in world football who happens to be at club fixated with Zlatan.

          Here’s my prediction. If he were to join a premier league club and be their main man, he would become the best ST in the premier league without contest. You sit and tout a kid with 70 goals in 160 games for Lyon (Lacazette), while slating Cavani who has 49 in 90 playing 2nd fiddle at PSG. Not saying we’d get him by any stretch, but to you and anyone else calling him overrated and such you might want to pick up a tennis racket cos football ain’t your game.

    2. Looked for the source, saw Metro, didn’t read the article, no point.

      Cavani is the real deal, simply out of position at PSG.

  2. LethaL benteke…what! Two goaLs at half time against everton? …..HeHeHeHeHe…. Not sure we need him tho

    1. Haven’t you heard SoOpa he isn’t Arsenal quality


      Honestly do the majority of Arsenal fans even watch Premier League futbol. He is a younger, more dynamic Giroud that dominates on a crappy, relegation battle side. Would be a perfect complement/improvenent on Giroud.

      1. Bigvalbowski…. U aren’t getting my point… I’m only saying, nobody should come up with the buy benteke talk after this match against everton

  3. Haven’t heard of DYBALA for sometime now……buahahahaha … That’s how rumor works

  4. My neopoliton friends would have Cavani back tomorrow, Napoli to the ignorant.
    Prolific scorer til his transfer
    Goals win games and championships.
    Buy him Arsene.

      1. If Cavanis going back to Italy it will be at juve. Its a wonder nobodys mentioning that Cavanis meagre mid twenty goals are largely coming from wing. And Lacazette who isnt all that far ahead of him has advantage of main role. Cavani is a proven goalscorer our club would be lucky to have him.

  5. If we get any of these players I won’t complain Lacazette, Dybala, Cavani, Higuain

    If Giroud gets injured (he was out for three months this season) we need another quality striker

    My preference is Lacazette but I hope Wenger will get the right guys.

    1. Cavani? Branded by PSG, his wages are just too high to be a sensible Wenger-transfer. I dont think we will buy him, even though his qualities are most welcome. Same thing goes with Higuain – big earner (not too much though), but old for Wenger and to be frank, he’s not the best out there we could buy. His development has halted a bit since his real days, and he should have gone to us earlier if he ever was to join Arsenal.

      If (there’s a big if here too) Wenger buys a striker this summer, i too hope it will be either Dybala or Lacazette.

      PS, looked at Serie A top scorers, and Luca Toni is still going strong at second with 18 goals, three behind Carlos Tevez. Who would’ve thought that! In comparison, Totti (while being older than Toni) is only at 7 goals. Then again, Totti plays with lots of goalscoring players around himself, whereas Tonis Hellas Verona has no other goalscorer above 5 goals 🙂

      1. 69 goals in 184 appearances, am I missing something on lacazette?

        Giroud has 57 in just 125 appearances for us and everyone on here thinks he is shit

        Cavani 49 goals in 90 for psg (mainly from the wing) and 104 in 138 for napoli i’m sorry anyone who thinks he is “not all that” is not worth listening too

        1. Lacazette is young. Even Ronaldo had “shitty” stats for the total of his career at the age of 23.

          Is Cavani worth 350k per week?

  6. Bigvalbowski…. U aren’t getting my point… I’m only saying, nobody should come up with the buy benteke talk after this match against everton

  7. There should be a rule against stories based on Metro reports, which are always BS.

    PS Cavani is highly overrated.

  8. We don’t need another
    striker. Arsenal 2nd in
    the table. If we get
    all our players fit we have 9 goal scorers.
    Giorud Wellbeck Sanchez Ramsey Wallcot
    Chamberlain Gnabry Cazorla Akpom
    11 if you include Podolski and Sanogo.
    I’d rather another dynamic CAM to replace
    Cazorla in due course.

    1. Akpom a goalscorer? Have u seen his stats? Gnabry? He has 1 senior goal I think. Chamberlain and welbeck are not exactly prolific, Ramsey and cazorla are midfielders whilst Walcott has only ever produced a good return in one season.

      So if giroud breaks his leg at the beginning of the season, you will be happy to go through another season like this?

      Well I spend £3k us on season tickets and probably double that on away tickets and travel and I certainly won’t be happy. It might be ok for you tv fans but for us that go regularly we demand more.

      1. Agreed, except on Walcott. He has been getting decent assists and goals for a number of years so long as hes fit.

        Also agreed with your take on Cavani v Lacazette v Giroud.

  9. Cavani would improve our starting 11, therefore I think he’s worth getting. But given that he’s 28 now, I wouldn’t put too much money on him. If PSG are forced to sell by transfer request, that should lower his price though. If he wants to come and play for us, he’ll have to accept a sizeable wage cut. But if he wants to leave a club like PSG, then that would indicate playing as ST is a higher priority for him than wages at this point – good! I think United will be after him too though, hopefully the Falcao story will put him off of them.

  10. Arsene has a hidden plan of adjusting some of flank players to central role. However one of the player that fit this role is Alex, we all know that he has better ball control, skill, pace and energy and don’t get surprise if he buy Pedro. We have to have at back of our head how Henry and van p

  11. Arsene has a hidden plan of adjusting some of flank players to central role. However one of the player that fit this role is Alex, we all know that he has better ball control, skill, pace and energy and don’t get surprise if he buy Pedro. We have to have at back of our head the job he done on Henry and van p

  12. To be realistic, I don’t see Wenger buying any one if a senior team player doesn’t leave. He’ll probably get a teen.

  13. Wenger will get whoever agrees to play for us for 100K per week. Whatever we offer Chelsea or Man City can offer 75K per week MORE.

    We cannot win a bidding war. Then the girly Goonettes will start crying “Wenger didn’t sign him”

  14. Cavani is a Falcao (to United) waiting to happen I’ve watched Edison play so many games from Uruguay 2014 WC right through to Champions League for PSG and the man is probably the most overrated player i’ve ever watched play

    not good enoug hfor gunners

    we’ve got welbeck lol….but true!

  15. AS much as I’d like to see a big name like Cavani to Arsenal, and no doubt he will improve the squad, I feel he is too much like Giroud, maybe a bit more nimble but that’s about it. If he is willing to take a huge pay cut, then I’d say yes, but right now for his age he ain’t worth it. Lacazette sounds like a really good option, young and a very different type of striker to Giroud – pretty much a Welbeck with more skill and scoring ability. I’d rather have two pacy skillful strikers to rotate with Giroud.

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