Cavani to be sold but Arsenal will NOT attempt transfer

The Gunners have long been linked in numerous Arsenal transfer rumours with the Uruguay international striker Edinson Cavani. With all the money in the English Premier League and with Arsenal being one of the biggest and most financially solid clubs in it, we are bound to be linked with any top name transfers, but I don’t think there is any chance of this one happening.

Even though, according to a report in The Mirror, there is a good chance that Cavani will be leaving his current club PSG sooner rather than later. The striker has never really settle with the French champions since his £55 million move from Napoli last summer.

And not only is he unhappy at having to play on the flanks or wait for Ibrahimovich to sit out a game for him to play his favoured central role, but PSG are not that happy with his attitude and performances. So because Arsene Wenger has previously praised the 27-year old, some parts of the media feel that Arsenal are the favourites to sign him but it is not going to happen Gooners.

What would be the point of signing Cavani only to use him in the same way as PSG? And if Wenger was looking for another centre forward, he would not have offered Olivier Giroud a two year contract extension. The Frenchman has not got the pace to play out wide. Danny Welbeck has but I can only see him doing so on occasion, as he is taking to the central role like a duck to water.

So I reckon we can forget about Cavani or any other big name striker for that matter. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. nobody cares about striker right now when we have no CB’s and two average CDM’s. And Cavani hasn’t been the same player since he left Napoli

  2. Cavani?
    who needs a cavani when we have the greatest striker in giroud ,after the legendary greatest striker in the whole wide world ; lord Bendthner.
    you are having a laugh. giroud has already gotten a new bumper contract extension.
    Our 14 goal a season striker will win us the league .

    Food for thought.
    Did you notice that for the fear of Welbecks pace, chelsea’s back four were not pushing up .Giroud and we we would havwe been at the end of another 6 nil

    1. food for thought didd u notice how we totaly ignored running in the channels until we were 2 -0 down. giroud has his negatives but if he was playing we would ave been more tempted to cross because chelseas bus was parked centrally.

      the second goal was caused by wilshire long balling it to sanchez wouldnt that pass make more sense with og.the shot were sczezney saved it accidentaly was caused by chambers making the overlap and then getting cmpletley ignored only for ox to dribble infield and loose the ball on the counter

      1. For me, I was ok while we were 1-0 down because it took a moment of individual brilliance and Arsenal still looked like they had a goal in them. This was until Wenger decided to take off our best distributor of balls, Santi Cazorla. The whole game changed from that moment on. Cazorla’s ability to retain the ball even under pressure is underrated. If you don’t loose the ball, then you can’t be scored on. Keeping the ball is so essential that Wenger sacrificed the guy making us tick when he could have removed Ozil. I’m not slating Ozil but what he brought to the game would not have been missed if he was substituted. Chamberlain for Ozil would have made us more powerful going forward and better defensively with Cazorla coordinating that midfield. Wenger is not maximizing our talents and it’s so annoying. We have what it takes to match up these teams.

        1. Totally agree, Cazorla was definitely our best man on the pitch, Wenger always makes the strangest subs when we have chance to win a game and logical ones when we’re 2-0 down (extra striker and Ox on).

      2. Giroud is ways the first person to wave the flag of surrender in this kind of match.
        He moans ,falls all over himself,flips the ball persistently to the opponent and is completely marked out of the game by only one defender.
        The opponents push high up the field ( high line) with attacking fullbacks becoming force multipliers ,in the foreknowledge that giroud is as fast as a tortoise and with the accuracy of a pub team striker.

  3. I just don’t understand why we don’t adopt a high paced pressing game.
    All of the top teams in recent years have pressed the opposition like mad when they do not have the ball, but Arsenal always allow the opposition to have acres of space with the ball whilst still managing to leave wide open gaps.
    Think about it; Bayern, Real, Barcelona, Chelsea(this year) all press the ball really hard when not in possession. We also have perfect players for this system in Sanchez, Welbeck, Ox, Wilshere and Ramsey. I genuinely think this is what costs us so dearly

    1. welbeck , sanchez,gibbs,kolcieny,chambers , ox can press.
      ozil can’t
      wilshere is slow,
      poldolski is lazy
      cazorla lacks the stamina,
      arteta ,flamini and rosicky are old.

  4. i actually am gonna stop my vitriol towards rvp, nasri and cesc- they know wenger was never gonna compete with the elite again- so they left.

    rvp won the league
    nasri- won the league
    cesc- la ligas, and odds on for this year and plenty more

    why wouldnt they abandon ship?

  5. January is still far away and besides every arsenal fan knows that the specialist in failure won’t buy cavani

    1. and will probably not get a CDM either. It took him over two seasons to get another striker besides Giroud.

      1. Be assured that if Giroud had not been crocked we would not have bought any striking reinforcements.

  6. Good showing by the lads today. I still think we would been better off playing Chambers in the DM role. I hope Wegner plays him there going forward because he’d solve our DM issues.

    Rumor has it Arsenal agreed personal terms with Kheidra for a transfer in January. Just need to negotiate a fee.

    1. Khedira will just be injured all the time anyways, just like he is for Real Madrid. Khedira would just be the new Diaby…

      1. knowing wenger he has probably agreed personal terms to sign him in the summer not january. we have ramsey arteta diaby still to come back #wengerlogic

        khedira will be an excellent upgrade for diaby or flamini once there released this summer

  7. cavani is definatley needed look at manu rooney was suspended rvp has been poor and up step falqao who was involved in everything attacking wise and end up with a goal.

    with poldi going we only have welbeck and giroud as senior cf why not, he has a point to prove and is on a similar level to diego costa

  8. Don’t really want Cavani. We don’t have a top class forward, but that doesn’t mean we should spend huge amounts on one that has been under performing for a while.

    I think our real problem is that we aren’t creating enough chances. I can’t understand why either.. We have Özil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere and Alexis that are very creative players, but we don’t seem to be getting enough clear-cut chances. Galatasaray aside, their defence was just shocking, it’s really been a problem for us this season. We pass it around the box waiting for a little space to get the shot away, but the space never seems to be there – or we haven’t been able to find it. Of the chances that we do get, it’s fair to say we don’t have the most clinical finishers around to take them either..

    1. We do have enough chances. That is, when Ozil and especially when Cazorla plays on his preferred position. Wilshere though? He’s been underperforming for 2 years+ now. I haven’t seen a glimpse of what he was for a long time. Just messing up our attack and possession, he needs to be dropped. I believe these are our problems regarding our attack/creativity at the moment.

      1. Stop this crap about Wilshere being poor. He was good against chelsea. Ozil is not being asked to hug the touchline. He is allowed to drift. Lets just all admit he’s shit. He hasn’t shown us anything to justify his place in the squad. Also…wenger out.

    2. The reason is obvious, we don’t attack with the ball, we make a run then because of Wenger’s ping pong playing philosophy we stop and wait for other players to ping pong off.
      every attack fizzeles out.
      look at Chelsea last night, when they ran with the ball it was direct and attacking, their runners weren’t waiting for shit they were going for goal.
      That is our problem, oh and of course Wenger.

    3. Could not agree more..most of our goals have been due to individual brilliance. We seem to have lost those through balls and passing around the box! Not really sure why

  9. “It was an even game, but at the end of the day they have financial power and used it in a effective way with players like Diego Costa and Eden Hazard making the difference.”

    Ozil + Sanchez = £77M
    Costa + Hazard = £64M …

    1. we should have sign Di Maria instead of Ozil…..

      we dont even need him….

      Di Maria Carzola Sanchez

      thats already very formidable

    2. I don’t agree with what he said there but it is about wages as well. Sometimes wages have a say which team the player goes to.

  10. Welbeck played quite well today. It’s long since we had a centre forward that can link up play with the midfielders. Sadly, he didn’t get too much support from the midfield.

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  11. What excuse do Ozil fans need??

    Sanchez and Welbeck….occassionally theres Oxie

    not enough pace still?

  12. After today do you think a striker is our biggest concern? It’s defensively we need to strengthen. Observations after watching motd are that we didnt play badly but were too slow and not enough pass and move. Chelsea worked hard as a complete team to press us and continually produce cynical but subtle fouls. What really annoyed me is that again when we were chasing a goal we pushed both chambers and gibbs up the pitch and left kos and per to mark costa. If we must do this I’d rather per got himself well out of harms way up rhe pitch and we had chambers or gibbs line up next to kos. Per and kos against any striker = one on one. I feel for per but he is getting older and slower and needs to be replaced by a younger, faster, stronger and mobile cb. Flamini did well today I thought but we still need at least one preferably two dm players to add some grit and physicality. Look at Chelsea they have matic, mikel, ramires. If we buy two cbs I have no issue wirh chambers playing dm in front of the back four. If we do get another striker I’d be delighted with a 10 to 20m player, Bony, benteke, ullou, (Leicester), jelavic, etc. Loan sanogo out.

  13. Not enough chances created due to a lack of off the ball movement. Look at Costa moving today to take per out and make a hole for hazard, yesterday aguero made a run so a hole opened up for toure. Our players seem to kind of stand and wait for the pass whilst we used to move, overlap andI interchange like red arrows.

  14. Politicians often use the word `transparency`, which for the uninitiated , means you can see through it. Wenger is a man of secrets for obvious reasons but he needs to learn to balance what he lets out and what he keeps to himself. The fans need explanations not frustrations.

  15. One win in our last 20 against top 5 opposition in the premier league, dear oh dear Wenger. What is happening to this football club?

  16. Nothing will change until Wenger has the guts to replace Mertesacker and rebuild his defense. The mid field and the attack will click once they have faith in their defense.

  17. As long as Wilshere is on the pitch, the flow of passing will be disturb as he is the less skilled and, in fact, one of the worse creative midfielder we have in the group (Rosicky, Cazorla, Ozil and the rest are just better).

    Why is he insisting on playing him? Only the deluded “fake” manager knows.

    As a matter of fact, every time he lost the ball we were automatically in danger.

    An ambitious manager would have ship the ” puffer” on loan or even sold him (he is useless and prone to injury) and get Fabregas into the fold.

    I mean, Wenger earns a ridiculous amount of money and he cannot deliver trophies on a regular basis… That is just unacceptable…!!

    Arsenal fans have been taking it on the chin for years and years and it is unfair, unjustifiable, illogical and a farce.

    A top club could be measured on their bank accounts (which the case with Arsenal, otherwise I cannot anything else…), but it is mostly based on their “trophies” record on the domestic, but especially on the European and world stage… So far we are less than an average outfit.

    Wenger a top manager?
    Well, may be here, in the UK or England, since the good British managers are the rare pearl…
    In France, I have not heard his laurels since 2006… As a matter of fact, he is less and less seen on the football and program platforms because he cannot talk modern football with the new vague of managers.

    Wenger has understood the system and realised that here, you are usually rewarded for your past achievements (like the players as a matter of fact)…

    Modern football has passed us with a whisper… As a matter of fact, the next manager will have such a hard job to transfer his knowledge as the entire sports structure of the club is back dated (coaching, fitness, preparation and even the kit man is a joke…).

    2 more years of that… Thankfully Arsenal fans have a strong heart and the fan base is solid.

    1. Wenger has to be the worst manager in the EPL when it comes to making substitutions. Not only does he wait too long, he routinely takes the wrong player off. Not only was Carzola playing better than the other midfielders, he is one of the few players we have who can (and will) shoot from distance. If a goal was coming at all yesterday (at it sure didn’t look that way), it was going to take a great shot from the edge of the box as there was no way through the Chelsea defense.

  18. even Man utd can win against Everton and we struggled……

    based on this game performances…

    we are guaranatee to lose against City, Utd and Fool Away

  19. Cavani is overrated and Wenger does not rotate players. Wenger will struggle to figure out how to use both Welbeck and Giroud, when Giroud comes back. No need to rehash what we need since (1) everyone already knows and (2) Wenger will use the “difficult to buy in January” excuse to buy nobody while our rivals go out and strengthen their squads (see Chelsea last January).

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