Cazorla calls for Arsenal to pick him over Ozil as CAM

The Arsenal and Spain international Santi Cazorla is having a much better time of it this season than in the last one. He was not exactly poor last year but it was a bit disappointing for him and the Arsenal fans that he could not reproduce the brilliant performances from his debut season that earned him the Arsenal Player of the Year award.

It obviously affected his confidence as well, because last season the little Spaniard declared himself happy to play wherever Arsene Wenger wanted him to and he made no attempt to claim the central attacking midfield role that he had been so good in during that debut season.

Not anymore though, as Cazorla has been speaking to Arsenal Player about his preferred position and he has made no secret of the fact that he wants to play in the middle. I am sure that the return to fitness of our German international Mesut Ozil was firmly in Santi’s mind when he gave this interview. And he has every reason to feel that he deserves the number 10 role after a great month saw him voted as our best player by the fans.

Cazorla said, ““I always try to make goals. It’s important for me because I am a midfielder and I always want to help the team score, and I will try to make more before the end of the season.

“I have more space [in the middle], more possibilities to score and assist, and I like this position very much. I always can help the team and I love when I play in the middle.

“I can only give thanks to the fans for voting for me. I’m very happy when I play at home, so thanks for the support.

“I want to continue to play at this level for the rest of the season. I always want to help the team with goals. I hope to score more until the end of the season. It’s very important for me and the team.”

The message to Wenger is clear and I have to say that I agree with Cazorla on this one. It is now up to Ozil to prove that he is the better option and maybe that is just what our under achieving German needs, but the way Santi is playing will not make it easy. For now though, it looks like Ozil will be starting on the flanks against Man City, if at all, and will have to wait for his chance to shine in the middle.

Are you ready for a real battle between our creative midfielders? Who will win?

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  1. There are 3 games a week from
    February. Having two quality CAM’s
    to rotate is ideal. No worries.
    What we really need is 2 more Cb’s
    to rotate especially with Koz
    nursing an Archilles and Mertz battling.

    1. Xavi & Iniesta, Fabregas & Oscar. Then why not Ozil and Cazorla??? OMG the formers have sergio & Matic respectively. If we can sign someone like schneiderlin Then its perfect.


  2. After Sanchez, he is our best player. he is the player of the month for last month,
    have you guys seen his defense splitting pass to Ozil i guess against stoke. He is really playing well at CM and must start games. Ozil needs to earn his place form his substitute appearance.
    I would be very disappointed if wenger does not give him no 10 position. He seems to have made good understanding with Sanchez.
    Ozil could be slowly integrated into this team but as of now Cazorla deserved no 10.

    1. That pass was so Cesc like. Wish it got a goal. If it was Ozil that made that pass, maybe we’ll have had 10 Ozil articles by now 😀

  3. Leave the wings alone, we don’t need Ozil there as he is ineffective in this position at the best of times. We have sanchez, and then the ox/Walcott on the wings.

    Putting Ozil there will only unbalance the team and reduce our chance of winning.

    Bring him on off the bench to see if he can have an impact on the game should things not be going well (or extremely well).

    1. Agree, Cazorla wud have been MOTM in last few games if not for outstanding Sanchez.
      Playing well with Rosicky and Ox + Le Coq.
      Ozil, Walcott and Ramsey all need to be fed back in slowly from bench following injury – though could start in games such as Villa, Leicester at home and Palace and QPR away to increase rotation.

  4. Time for Ozil to earn his place in the starting line up. Cazorla should be kept where he plays until Ozil can do a sensible contribution as super sub.

  5. ospina
    chambers kos mert monreal
    coq rosicky
    ox cazorla sanchez

    then the bench……..very simple……ozil doesnt look match fit yet (even wenger admitted to it) walcott is rusty……..dey can only start a game (for me) if they handle 90mins against brighton and show their stuffs..period

  6. wilshere, sanchez, ramsay ozil, carzola, arteta and rosicky all can play ACM…..

    y not spend some money and sign 2 CB, 2 DM, 1 RB, 1 LB, 1 GK and 1 striker

    and we are ready to challenge for titles and injuries

  7. We’re only having this conversation, because of Ozil’s past reputation at Madrid and not performances he has delivered since coming to Arsenal. Based strictly on performances this season, and with everyone fit, our midfield should be

    Arteta Ramsey

    1. and why you and the othe fans give ramsey the slot? just for the past season. This season ramsey has been very bad and now he have to start for zero again (for his injury) in my opinion rosicky did awesome in CM the last game, he is incisive, run his a$$ and go to the battle.

      Ozil is not the only one who have to win his position on the team, so they are the likes of ramsey, walcott (Ox is playing pretty well), wilshere, flamini, etc.

  8. @Twig, why not? Its a matter of choosing between him (ramsey) and Santi, and I will happy go with the latter. Keep in mind there’s something called ROTATION though!

  9. @rotimi, Bellerin is a better R.B than chambers in my opinion. Chambers is a CB material, tall, ariel ability… While Bellerin is so fast, good in the attack too. R.B material.

    1. @muda agreed with Bellerin with TW14 right wing we have so much pace its unreal, i like Cazorla but i think a fit and wiling Ozil will be the perfect No10 to feed those speeding bullets, just hope OG and DW will keep up, i have no worries about Sanchez.

    2. Totally agree Mud Bellerin is a better player than Chambers I really don’t see what chambers Qualities are you might say he can play anywhere but that to me is a jack of all trade and a master of none. Ok before you all disagree let’s compare Bellerin with chambers.
      1. Speed accross the ground-Bellerin is faster by far
      2. Crossing of the ball-Bellerin again is better
      3. Helping in attack-Bellerin is a lot better
      4. Ability to get a card-Chambers is a winner there and that’s because of his slow recovery pace.
      I think us loosing debuchy only affects us in numbers and it might be a blessing in disguise now wenger must go out a buy a defender. However, in terms of quality Bellerin is the real deal and we have to play him over chambers against city with the pace of Navas, augero etc.

  10. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Ozil’s injury has nothing to do with Carzola’s form. Wilshere kept both Ozil and Cazorla out if the middle. So the simple truth is that this is all irrelevant once Wilshere is fit.

    BTW, on Podolski leaving, Wenger stated Ozil as a player that plays in Podolski’s position. Cazorla is the actual player that has played there. So it means nothing once Wilshere is fit again.

  11. And why not? He’s acquitted himself brilliantly in that position since Ozil was injured which cannot be said of the latter when he played in that position before his injury. Santi in that position still for me!

    I hope Mr Wenger doesn’t try changing a strong formula just to accommodate his most expensive asset Ozil.

    I can actually see us beating City on Sunday by 2 goals margin at least! About time too!!

  12. ozil or santi ….both will b feeding d through balls to d right side with Theo and bellerin overlaping

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