Cazorla comeback just in time for Arsenal title chase?

The Arsenal injury curse struck once more last night as Arsene Wenger saw no fewer than four Gunners join the already damaging injury list. Losing the three defenders Gabriel, Mertesacker and Monreal in one game just about sums up our luck and gives the boss a real problem for the FA cup quarter final against Watford on Sunday.

But as the Frenchman said himself, the most serious injury was the thigh problem picked up by Aaron Ramsey and not just because he is likely to be out of action the longest. Losing Ramsey gives the Gunners a big problem in the centre of the pitch and it is just as well that Wenger used the January transfer window to sign some cover in the shape of Mohamed Elneny.

But the Egyptian is new to the club and to English football so I don’t think we can rely on him to adequately replace Ramsey. There is some good news, however, as The Mirror is reporting that Arsenal are set to welcome back Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere at the beginning of April.

And because the win over Hull means we now face a cup quarter-final with Watford this weekend instead of the Premier League clash with West Brom, as well as there being an international break around the corner, Wenger only has one Premier League game to get through before Cazorla can come back into the centre of midfield.

So if Arsenal can win away to Everton next weekend with Elneny and Coquelin, we should have our best midfield pairing back for the Premier League run in and that might just help us to put a strong run of results together and put the pressure on Leicester and Tottenham.

So will Santi’s return be just in time or will it be too late?

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    1. I HAVE MASSIVE RESPECT FOR WNEGER. i cannot deny the fact he has achieved a lot in his time at Arsenal
      OUR PROBLEMS ARE MUCH DEEPER THAN CAZORLA OR WILSHERE COMING BACK. Lets not lie to ourselves. The board and ESPECIALLY WENGERS WAY OF DOING THINGS HAS TO CHANGE!! And since he won’t change, the only gentlemans option is to LEAVE!!
      Just watching Chelsea vs PSG. Did anyone see Diego Costa’s equalising goal. THIS IS WHAT A WORLD CLASS STRIKER DOES. – CREATES SPACE WHERE THERE IS NONE AND SCORES A BEAUTIFUL GOOAL.
      With Wenger in charge the following will keep happening
      – We will never get the right players we need or will play them out of position
      – There are probably players who might not come to Arsenal because Wenger is now known on the continent for not strengthening his teams to help players achieve laurels
      – Tactically we will continue to be found out by opponents
      – We will never truly aspire to win the UCL OR PL. He keeps pointing to his record (Top 4 finish), which is good but ARSENAL NEED HIGHER GOALS. Arsenal are the 7th biggest club in Europe for revenue and 2nd in the UK.

    1. He has been carrying a knock, which kept him out of the spud game!

      He was even seen limping afew times against Hull,
      Try Opening your eye’s before you open your twigg trap!
      ?? ?

      1. And you got thumbed up for your nonsense! ?
        That just about sums up them Lemmings on here ?
        Absolutely Clueless!

    2. Hahaha @fatboy……. Looks like its coming to u massively

      u are seeing alot of red tonight!

      1. Hahaha ???
        Bring it on Lemmings! ???
        I will get you all, whilst you’re all snuggled up in your cave!

        Monreal has a slight calf injury,
        Which is why he didn’t play against the Spuds,
        and the same reason for not starting against Hull.

        He was brought on because Wenger had no other choice and of course WE all know (bar Lemmings) that wenger is a bit parcel to using slightly injured player’s!

        Anyways!… Now Ramsey’s injury is being blamed on Wenger for not letting him warm up before coming on.

        * I don’t make comments on here ,Looking for stardom lol
        I turned that opportunity down, many moons ago! ??
        I’m too shy for that ? ??

  1. I miss Ramsey as a squad player………but i do not miss him in our starting Line-up!

    He’s part of the reason wenger never cares bout Campbell sometimes and he’s average

  2. Nothing seems certain at Arsenal these days………. Not even cazorla’s return date

    Not if “Mr setback” is Lurking in the shadows

  3. It would be great to get Cazorla back, if he is in form. However, in the larger picture it seems we still have a problem with getting to many injuries, and it has happened in so many seasons, that we no longer can put it down to bad luck.

  4. Damage was unfortunately done on most of our British players before new medical team joined.

    I personally di not think the injury situation will improve until these players leave.

  5. Obviously welcome but most likely too late to help decide who the title League Champions ends up being given to.

    That is unless Leicester do an Arsenal and capitulate.

  6. Wenger is more worried about his golden boy Ramsey than the other injured player’s ?
    It must be the way that he says “Good morning” to the Boss!
    That gets him a regular start in the team!
    Going from what I’ve seen… Campbell is twice the player that Ramsey is. … And even Elneny is twice the team player than him.

    Just like the Ox.. I’m not too bothered about Ramsey missing a few games…. the more the merrier, Just watch the difference in our results, without him… Move out of the way Leicester. . Arsenal are about to run you ass over!

    1. once EL-neny develops strength and body stability, i may demand Ramsey gone…… God!…. Have u seen his (EL’s) passing?

  7. i would no longer count arsenal still in the title race sadly.we have messed it all up again , another familar storyline , but hey , we got next season to look forward to . it is a gunners lot to look forward to the following season for the past ten years or so .

  8. Va va voom

    I bid you all good evening
    Treat me well I am new!

    Cazorla will be rusty rarely do Arsenal players come back and hit the ground running albeit Welbeck and Wilshere last season

    Wait and see…

  9. Won’t make any difference because if he’s fit AW will say we need to ease him in slowly? Did the same with A S
    SC will be fit for Spain and that’s what the kid wants. We just need a new manager new ideas that the players like a manager that plays players where they should be played other tben I just paid 3 million for a kid we have never heard of he is a CD but I think he is best in gole??? Needs to stop now right now. We won’t win the cup again this season because AW will put shi- out this weekend and they are a good team that can play football and remember this is a cup game. He will drop TW and play that prat OG because he’s the best in the world. Fed up with this. AW out the yank out tbe back room staff out at least 11 players to go and at least 5 top players in

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