Cazorla contract confirmed but Arsenal must work on Alexis and Ozil

Arsenal have finally confirmed that Santi Cazorla’s contract has been extended, whilst admitting they still have important negotiations to handle at present.

The Spaniard is set to miss the rest of the season, having suffered an achilles tendon injury back in October, which was previously only expected to rule him out or some weeks.

The most recent injury update has claimed that he will now miss the remainder of the season, but thankfully his record of absences has not persuaded our club to part ways with the midfield dynamo.

The AFC chairman Sir Chips Keswick confirmed the deals which had been agreed, before admitting that they are still working to sign more contracts before the end of the season.

Chips said: “We have continued to invest in the region of key players.

“Francis Coquelin, Hector Bellerin, Laurent Koscielny and Olivier Giroud have all signed new contracts, while we have taken up options to extend the contracts of Per Mertesacker and Santi Cazorla.

“Further work is required in the area of contract renewals and we will continue to invest rationally in our squad retention.

“As expected, increased Premier League broadcasting revenues have had a direct impact on player costs both in terms of transfer prices and player wage demands.

“While these are market forces that have contributed directly over time to the success of the Premier League, I would sound a note of caution in light of the very material contractual commitments to future wages that clubs are taking on.”

Cazorla has been a hugely integral first-team player when he has been fit over the past few seasons, but the problem lies in the amount of time that has been possible of late.

The Spaniard featured in eight Premier League matches this term, as well as 15 in the previous season, and with him having turned 32 in December, it would have been of little surprise to see Cazorla and Arsenal part ways this summer.

Does Cazorla’s injury record of late mean he should have left the club, and us found a replacement? Is he impossible to replace?

Pat J

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  1. Twig says:

    Sell Sanchez and Ozil
    Replace them with Mbappe and Rabiot and still have change left…
    Arsenal is bigger than any player

  2. Bigvalbowski says:

    And Arsenal fans can’t fathom why Ozil and Sanchez are reluctant to commit there footballin futures to Arsenal. Lol

    BFG and SC are injury prone thirty somethings whose best football is behind them.
    OG can’t even feature regularly for a squad that is extraordinarily low on striker options.
    Love the Boss but he is also on the wrong side of thirty and is not immune to the occasional injury bug.
    HB is a young talent but a little overrated in my mind. Watching other left backs in world futbol lends me to believe that the Spaniard still has many miles to travel before reaching his potential.

    I personally think Arsenal should sell both players in the summer and let them finish there careers with European clubs who possess legitimate CL ambition.

    As long as the Yank, Ivan the Terrible and Le Whatever are calling the shots @ the Emirates Arsenal will never provide this opportunity to WC players.

    Cant wait for this lineup later this summer


    Mid tier talent @ best

  3. N4NICOLAS says:

    Yes Arsenal is bigger than Any player n Coach… Wenger has to go to, let the new coach come in and buy players he knows and wants

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    More jokes that suggest that there won’t be any MAJOR signings coming in the summer transfer window.
    (Read between the lines )

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