Cazorla hands Arsenal HUGE fitness boost for Liverpool clash

With Arsene Wenger already having a depleted squad of players available for the first Arsenal game of the Premier League season, the Frenchman needs all the help he can get from the players that he has. So the news reported this week after the game against Chivas De Guadalajara that Santi Cazorla would not be fully match fit until the end of the month was a huge blow.

I am not sure what has happened in the days since that game in America, but after our little creative genius played against the Norwegian side Viking FK last night, running the game from the number 10 position, it appears that he will be able to face the scousers of Jurgen Klopp after all.

I kept expecting the manager to bring Cazorla off as I assumed his inclusion was merely to help him gain fitness but halftime came and went and as the likes of Elneny, Campbell, Walcott and Coquelin were all replaced while the Spaniard remained on the pitch, our chances of winning that game looked stronger and stronger.

With no Mesut Ozil to unlock the defence the fitness of Cazorla is a huge boost for the Gunners, as is his ability to find and his understanding with Walcott, Campbell and Iwobi. So is Santi the key to us getting a good start in the Premier League?



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  2. Absolutely massive boost. With no Ozil this is great news. Last season Cazorla played more of CM role but last night showed he still has it playing in that no.10 role. I just hope our defence can cope.

  3. Having Cazorla in the team as well as Iwobi/campbell…..surely means Limited game time for Ramsey and walcott

    would be interesting to see how wenger intends to handle the situation

    1. I reckon Campbell will miss out. Ramsey play on right, Iwobi on left, and Alexis through the middle.

  4. Even if Cazorla can be available for
    every second match that would be great.
    If Wilshere could be available for every
    second match that also would be great.
    But recent history says that is unlikely.
    Keep Zelalem as cover is one answer.

  5. Limited game for Ramsey? I hope Wenger doesn’t start Ramsey on the flank or ahead of Santi and Xhaka when all players are fit. You know Wenger and favouritism…Ramsey can be good. We saw him at the euros when he kept things simple and ticking. He can be so frustrating when he tries to overdo things. He can contribute this season but Wenger shouldn’t pick players based on favouritism.

    1. this is just the opinion of the fans… EVERY manager has players he favours because he likes their intelligence/playing style/character/leadership etc., thats just normal.. if you let choose every person on JA the best starting 11 i’m sure that there will be differences. and why do you think that is? everybody favours other players and for one its absolutely logical that my first 11 is the best, but thats contradictory, its favouritism even thought he knows they are worse.. its the 11 he thinks is the best and thats not based solely on favouritism and isnt even a bad thing

      1. Yep!… You have one thing in common with Mr Wenger!
        And that’s “RIDDLES” ?

        It’s more like bias rather than favouritism, a bit like thumbing down someone on here, no matter what they say in their comments! ? As Frank Bruno used to say “You know what i mean Harry” ” He was a very cagey customer”

    2. I don’t know how many Wales games you watched?? He was disciplined in defense but he had a massive creative license when going forward… He had the freedom to try different things and lose the ball if it didn’t pay off which is why he was so effective.
      The issue I have with Ramsey when he plays in the deeper position is he pushes waaaaaay too far forward in nearly every attack. He shouldn’t be in the box unless it’s a very late run or there’s a very obvious pocket of space to be in. If he can learn to pick his moments more and be a little more patient he could be devastating.

  6. So glad Cazorla played the whole game, because we’ll need him against Liverpool, and Leicester.
    Going forward, I feel Arsenal should start using more of a solid base in midfield. I would start with Xhaki, and Eleney behind Santi. Eleney has really impressed since joining, so has to start, and Xhaki looked good at the Euro’s, and will start given his price tag. Hopefully Coquelin features a lot as well, because he’s been excellent. Have players like Santi, and Wilshere playing in the CAM position instead of CM, so we’re not so reliant on them to defend, it’s not their strong point.

  7. Call it what you like…. Whinging! Moaning? ?But I like to call it Facts! ?
    When was the last time that Wenger got anything right? Let alone injury or fitness updates! The man’s a joke, he tells the media that Cazorla won’t be ready until the end of the month,
    As if to suggest that he will ease Cazorla back slowly, so what does Wenger do, days later, he goes and plays him for the full 90 minutes ?? lets hope that tomorrow’s news isn’t anything to do with Cazorla having a Danny! (Setbeck)
    Maybe some of you have already forgotten how and why Cazorla was out for soooo long with his knee injury, last season?

    Does playing the whole of the second half on one leg ring any Bells? ???

    Oh and according to mr Ebenezer, Money isn’t a problem for Arsenal … the problem is finding the right player!

    Yeah…. He probably isn’t born yet! ? that’s why!

    1. Breaking news!
      Arsenal take dramatic steps in their search for the Right Player [Striker] as Wenger sends 1000’s of scouts out, in a door to door salesman like fashion, to scan all males testicles! ? Which brings a whole new meaning to the term, Mr Golden Balls! ?

  8. still cant understand why all our transfers have to be done late, every season its the same scam from wenger

  9. Carzola such a big loss last season- great to see him on top again, and that’s prob even more impressive after his penalty was saved

    Iwobi continues to look great –

    and for me another stand out performance from Campbell – scored 2 – made 1 – hope see more of him this season

    1. His finish was excellent, everything else he did was really poor. I find it quite strange how he never takes on the last defender despite pace being his best asset.

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