Cazorla loves keeping the Arsenal attackers ‘Fresh’!

Good old Santi Cazorla is very happy that Arsene Wenger has dropped him into a deeper position in the Arsenal midfield, and he loves keeping the Arsenal front men ‘fresh’, which I presume means that don’t have to track back so much and tire themselves out. He does miss getting so many chances at goal but seems to have no problems at all with his new role.

He was actually quoted as saying on the Official Arsenal website: “The boss changed my position last season to play me more centrally,”

“It’s a position I really like, though of course it means I’m further away from the opposing area so I have fewer chances to score. I’m finding my best form and I’m really enjoying the new position.

“You have different responsibilities. In terms of defence, you have to defend more and you have to help the team more in terms of making sure you’re well-positioned to ensure the players in attack can stay fresh.

“We need the likes of Mesut, Alexis, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott and Giroud to be fresh – so that means myself, Coquelin, Arteta and Flamini need to be well-positioned to ensure those in attack can perform as well as possible.”

In these times of the usual Arsenal injury ‘crisis’, he certainly won’t have to keep Arteta, Walcott and Ramsey much fresher as they are resting away in the treatment room. Anyway I thought being brought up in London that my native English Language skills were pretty good, but is there anyone out there that can think of another way of interpreting the word ‘fresh’ that I don’t know about?

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  1. @ Admin

    I think Cazorla’s” Fresh” means… “no skid marks” ?
    for our attackers, caused by worrying about getting back to defend… in that way they stay fresh ?

    1. It’s the main reason Ozil has flourished, Cazorla can play deeper because of LeCoq and Ozil can do what he does best thanks to both midfielders, meanwhile Sanchez is there to give us the edge Ozil can’t provide while Walcott/Giroud focus on finishing the chances and nothing else. It’s a TEAM effort WITHOUT the bus parking !!!

  2. I love how he mentions his responsibility is making things easier for our attacking players to perform ..take note Flamini and Aaron for when you return to CM. That’s what an experienced player does with his experience ..he adapts to the teams needs. And Santi was his name-o.

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