Cazorla to inspire Arsenal to strong EPL finish?

Arsene Wenger revealed yesterday that, although Santi Cazorla and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are not exactly 100 percent match fit after coming back off the injury list, he does have the full squad of Arsenal players to choose from. The fact that this is the first game this season when he has been able to say that does highlight the massive problems the boss has been faced with again this season and we can only wonder what might have been had he been able to call on his strongest XI every week as Leicester and the Spuds have.

These are just ifs and buts though, and what Wenger needs to do now is focus on getting the best from his squad for the rest of the season and I wonder if that means bringing the quality of Cazorla back into the middle. To be fair to Mohamed Eleney, the January signing has been pretty impressive in the box to box role but Santi is something special and having the Spaniard fit and in form would improve just about any side.

He is also a more creative player and that is what we need to break down what is likely to be a stubborn and spirited Norwich side. Cazorla and Coquelin together were brilliant for us last season and at the start of this one and I would put the pair back together, but he could also use Elneny in the deep lying role and give us even more thrust going forward.

Aaron Ramsey has been in pretty average form of late and has certainly not nailed down his place in my opinion. Do you think Wenger is going to bring Santi straight back and what impact do you expect the little magician to have?

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  1. It will be nice to have him back in the lineup, let’s hope he does and gets a goal which will be great!

  2. Cazorla is only just returned from Injury………. Then there’s the question of how long it’ll take for him to regain form and how many Arsenal matches are remaining for the rest of the season

    As far as i’m concerned, this season is already a “waste” …No point trying to resurrect another dead Lazarus so late in the season when we could have done all of that in the start



  3. I’m not sure, might be a bit early, I see him coming off the bench around the last fifteen mark. Don’t ask me how I know the minute mark, I always just know these things, I have a sixth sense so the woman with the black cat tells me.

    I don’t want to see Ramsey start, but my sixth sense tells me there is a very good chance that he will, the jury’s out.

    Norwich is going to be difficult, especially considering the atmosphere, is going up in tempo, but versus the wrong team. Still, it shouldn’t be too long more for our players to begin getting used to it, and Arsene tells me, that that’s when we’ll win our title.

    1. 75th minute subs………Love child “Ramsey” ……..Relegation threatened Norwich….. Quest for 4th…. All connected

      Don’t tell us bout a “sixth sense”… We all know wenger is a Textbook

      1. We were wrong and I was only pissing about but it’s not the first time you’ve had trouble with something like this.

  4. Start Wilshere instead and see what he can do, then bring santi ON at wenger time to replace him.
    Please and please no more Girouds, Ramseys.
    #TimeForChange #WengerOut

  5. Wilshere and
    Cazorla are back from
    very serious surgery but
    I fear the worst for them both.
    I believe both are just a knock away from a recurrence of these severe injuries.
    I can’t see either starting tomorrow but hope they stay injury free.
    I’m just hoping they survive the last 3 games so we can sell them in the summer.

  6. Oops sorry Davidnz , I pressed the wrong button.
    It will be good to have Cazorla back , whether starting or finishing , but I disagree that even if he was fully fit all year it would have made much of a difference.
    I think there are some fine players in Arsenal but they lack a leader.
    As someone who has played for many years , when the chips are down you need someone who will galvanise the team , make them believe in themselves and lift their game. And this player doesn’t have to be a superstar just strong in character.
    I really believe that Arsenal simply does not have a single player like this , possibly Cech , and it is certainly not Wenger.
    I really believe that this is one of the first things our new manager will need to fix.

  7. I don’t think it matters who AW has at his disposal…I just don’t think he ever plays the best 11 so I’m often left frustrated before the match even begins.

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