Ceballos is not an Arsenal player and never will be…

Ceballos Shows He’s Not Worth It by AI


His loan had looked promising but for a player whose whole hype had been his technique with the ball and fluid progression, Dani Ceballos has had a disappointing stint.


He looked capable enough in his his first loan stint, registering two assists on his debut. But as the club went into a rut of form, so did Ceballos. His lack of physicality made it difficult for him to impress his game on Premier League opponents. His erratic use of the ball led to frequent turnovers and his general ball progression was flowery and fragile.


In the last couple of weeks, a midfield pivot of Xhaka and Partey has become first choice and the Real Madrid loanee has been given the run-in in the Europa League. The results have not been good. His football has lacked any real cutting bite and he’s struggling to show any sort of technical consistency or ball retention. In four games now, Ceballos has given the opponents a goal from absolutely nothing. These kinds of situations are impossible for a coach to prepare for and can be fatal to our sporting project.


Ceballos is not our player. We have no obligation to develop him and iron out his kinks especially at this point in the season. It is better to give those coaching opportunities to our own players or at least those that can make an immediate impact like Odegaard. We have to move on from the Spanish midfielder. We have given him as many opportunities as he could have here. It’s just not for him.


Good luck and bye, Ceballos.


  1. He made two defense-splitting passes by starting as a CAM in one game, which were unfortunately wasted by Pepe and Aubameyang. Imagine if he starts as a no 10 in several games in a row

    Odegaard’s work rate is higher than him, but he can play in DM position and we don’t know whether Odegaard can also do that or not. Some fans dislike him for his fights with Nketiah and Luiz, but Ceballos is a consistent defense-splitting passer and might be much cheaper than Odegaard in the summer

    1. “Some fans dislike him because of his fights “
      Actually mate I think it’s because he’s sh1t .

      1. He can play decently in deep midfield area, but his best position is behind the CF. We’ve seen how close he was in making two assists against Olympiakos

      2. Its both for me. I didn’t hear any disciplinary actions against him while the others (Douzi, Aubameyang) have been disciplined and it was made public.

    2. I think some the person that wrote this article did so with bias in them. Just because Ceballos isn’t our player doesn’t mean we should sing for the club to buy him when n he does well n judge him to this level when things ain’t looking great. You can’t tell me the whole of last season you couldn’t see those flaws that you apparently see now. To be honest the manager has not trusted him in the position that he likes n might be better in , the 10 position. He has been forced to be a deep lying playmaker something I remember mikel Arteta himself struggled with as a player and we understood because we knew he was being played in a position not natural to his abilities. When he actually played 10 position he was paired with people who are also struggling to get taking grip on the team n then the managers pulls him off. Yes he made mistakes recently but I bet you can count them with your hand. But can you count the number of errors that granit xhaka has with your hand, or luiz, or bellerin. Come on this lad is someone that wears his passion on the pitch n you can see see in his hunger to fight to work hard to even recover the ball but you can also see that that’s not his game. His game is flair n passes in the final third. The man is down but don’t speat on him. The manager should just show he believes in him and trusts him. The same can be said about Martinelli the manager doesn’t show he believes in him. He keeps on playing the same old players that always take us in shit n only when the pressure is on the kids come n rescue us. Then when all seems a little well he goes back to the same senior shit players. We are Mid table because of what we put out on the field n we belong there. The team mentality is weak. The team is shitt. Don’t take out your anger on Cebalos who is not being dealt a fair chance.

  2. I know many pple are not a fan Ceballos but l personally rate the player. He is good technically and he showed promising signs when he came…

    The only problem l see now is he has suffered big time because he now working with players who are not good enough…. In Spain he was better on the ball opening up defenses bcoz he had a good midfield around him… Now he has Xhaka along side him so he struggles sometimes.

    Lets have a little patience with him and l would want arteta to start him with partey in midfield which he never did….

    1. Here we go again. Like Ozil, ‘the reason he’s not doing well is because he is sounrounded with bad players’ come on, if you are good, it will show even if you are the only one on the pitch. You cant be the good player among bad players’ and the bad ones are out performing you week in week out. How come Odegaard is doing well among the bad players? If you are good, you make people around you perform better. If you always need people to make you play well then you are not good enough.

      1. Yes l agree he is doing well,, but this doesn’t last long if we don’t add quality in our squad.. Watch the first games of Ceballos at Arsenal n we were all praising him ,he was good. Helped us in the FA cup tie, this went on to an extent that Arteta wanted him for another loan deal and it was done… Now he is having a poor run. Becoz we have poor plays… We need quality in tht team.

  3. True.
    We would rather bring back J.Willock to compete with ESR than waste more money on another average player.
    I may be biased but I rate Willock,he will be a better player in the near soon and we should keep him.Although his comments lately indicates that he has given up on his arsenal career.

    1. Cliff, Unlike you, who rates Wilshere. I USED to rate him . Way back when he still had the pace he has long since lost and which is all important in our Prem. He has given up thought of ever wearing our shirt again becaus he has at last grown up and realism has FINALLY dawned on him. Too late but welcome all the same. All players pass their peak eventually, some when still physically not old. That is the realism that has dawned on him and on MOST Gooners, Cliff.

  4. For me the biggest problem with Ceballos is that it seems like when ever he take the field he try too much to draw attention for his owners(real Madrid)but in Arsenal shirt and that when he looses it

  5. I love this article. Ceballos is not just good enough. He cant defend, he can’t shoot, he can’t pass. Arsenal will never make any meaningful progress with such an inconsistent and slugish player. The earlier we ship him back to madrid the better. The only madrid player we should try and retain is odergaard.

      1. Too bad, Odegaard may not want to play for Real Madrid and their manager may not want to select him.
        The Norwegian captain may not want to watch games from the bench.

  6. He’s ok and has his merits, but overall is nowhere near consistently good enough. Odegaard on the other hand – Pay whatever it takes to keep him at Arsenal! Pleeeeeease

    1. Guyz lets wait.. l still remember when he Came on his debut under emery l think it was against Burnley.. he was good.
      Some how along the way he became poor just like the rest…not good enough…
      MARTIN ORDIGAARD is in the same criteria… he is bringing that hunger that he developed at Real madrid just like what Ceballos did during his first games at Arsenal…
      My point is l hope Ordigaard wont be diluted by our players who are not good enough to be players for Arsenal football club

  7. It’s a shame. I had high hopes for Dani, especially after his goal against the Blades…
    I wish him well wherever he ends up!

  8. The myth of Ceballos. In 43 Premier League games for Arsenal, he has ZERO goals, just 4 assists and an equal number of errors that have led to goals for the opposition. His “passing skills” are grossly exaggerated and he contributes next to nothing. It’s hard to imagine that the club would waste more than £20 million signing him long term.

  9. why blame ceballos ,,,maybe because he is a loanee,
    what has xhaka done for us over the years,i still prefer ceb to xhaka who is currently playing every minute of the game still nothing to show,he is just an average player truth be told…

  10. I remember the games against Burnley last season where he was in a beast mood that day…. FA cup final against Chelsea, he was good that day too… this season he hasn’t been consistent.. I wonder where His favourable or best position lies..

    1. Yes thats a good insight… l would like Arteta to play him in tht number 8 role and have Partey do the dirty work, with Ordigaard as the number 10..

      I guarantee with this midfield they will be less saide ways passing and backwards… becoz they all technicall gifted players complimenting each other

  11. The problem is at this level xhaka ceballos Luiz Bellerin Lacazette Pepe and evening Aubameyang are not good enough and if we persist with these players we will never ever compete with the top teams. Not sure why some fans are advocating for these players. Thought we would be aiming higher! These players have been given chance after chance we’ve seen it week in and week out. I for one am not happy with our league position and the way we play sometimes is shameful. Let’s hope the fight we saw against west ham is the fight we see for the whole 90 mins of every game going forward.

  12. Yes true some players are not good enough… l think the way Arteta wants to play doesn’t suit some of our players we have. The likes of Xhaka, bellerin, Luiz, we nee to upgrade in these positions..

    I personally think Aubamayung is still a world class player.. despite recent poor performances… the reason why l say so is this is his first season he encountered some challenges..

    People forget he has been exceptional for the past three seasons winning the golden boot and also carrying Arsenal in difficult times.
    Now our fans are saying he is not good enough… he is just having a poor season it happens to players sometimes…

  13. He is a CAM but not a box to box CM or a DM, as he plays most games.
    It will be difficult for him to displace Odegard or ESR, MA should have tried him morevin that position because he has the technique. He had some games, excelled sometimes, failed others due to form or team status.
    Since he is a loan player, we won’t have a chance to know. I won’t pay much for him to be honest.

    1. You are right, Ceballos is a CAM and a quality one at that. Anyone who watched the Olympiacos loss would have noticed how good he is in that position but had to be substituted because of Pepe and Aubameyangs wastefulness

  14. Ad Pat I believe many will agree with your brief Ceballos statement, as indeed I do too. But this was the briefest of statements, scarcely worthy of being called an article. I’d have appreciated more flesh on the bones, so to speak.
    Mercifully though, unlike so many posts on here that say absolutely NOTHING OF ANY SUBSTANCE, you did at least(and at most too, tbh)give your opinion.

  15. Said it before and will say it again. A club like ours should never be in this position. We should not be loaning in players from any club, our ambition should be far higher.

    We have guendozi, Torreira, Willock and maitland-niles all of whom I would take over ceballos. I would sell xhaka and do what we can to buy odegaard even if it means offering Aubameyang. Through in William as a sweetner.

    I would sell Bellerin, giving chambers, Cedric the chance to make it their own.

    I would release Luiz, bringing back mavropanos and Saliba.

    If we cannot find a decent understudy to Tierney, then we should recall kolasinac.

    We should also send back Ryan, sell runarrsson and release iliev.

    Give okonkwo, hillson and hein the opportunity to fight for 2nd and 3rd choice keeper with one eventually going out on loan.

    Oh and offer Balogun the money and guarantees to stay.

    Revised squad with only one purchase

    GK – Leno, Hillson, Okonkwo Hein
    RB – Chambers, Cedric
    CB’s – Holding, Mavropanos, Saliba, Gabriel, Mari
    LB’s – Tierney, Kolasinac
    CM’s – Partey, Torreira, Maitland-Niles, Guendozi, Elneny
    AM’s – Odegaard, Smith-Rowe, Saka, Martinelli, Nelson, Pepe, Willock
    CF’s – Lacazette, Nketiah, Balogun

    Obviously we still need new signings but in losing Ryan, Runarrsson, Iliev, Bellerin, Luiz, xhaka, Ceballos, Willian and Aubameyang we would remove £1m a week off the wage bill and add around £100m to the kitty. Hopefully that’s £40m for odegaard and more for the other positions we could improve on.

      1. @Marshal, I will definitely laugh with you. Imagine the negativity here if we sold Aubamenyang last summer. Yes, he is having a below par season by his standard but some of us make it feel like he has been useless since he joined us or he has nothing to offer. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Yes, I m not glad he has been poor but suggesting we sell him just like that isn’t the right thing to say…

  16. He’s average good as backup or rotational unfortunately Arsenal need better impact or key players and do not have much funds to spare for.

    Funds are needed for key players to really make a difference before considering backup players etc.

    So to me, its not worth it to purchase now unless he’s available for 10m or less.

  17. Not worth the transfer fee nor the expectant wages…every once in a blue moon he surprises, but certainly not consistent enough to ever justify a permanent move to North London

  18. The question I would ask is, why did we extend his loan for another year? His stats are appalling, 43 EPL apps. zero goals, 4 assists (2 of them in his debut game). He is physically unsuited to the EPL and neither has the pace that is required to succeed in the modern game. Let’s not waste another £10m, send him back to RM in the summer.

  19. if we could have him for less than 25 i would love got him.for me not number 10 but definitely has role on our squad.made some mistakes but not afraid to ask the ball or play the pass.i would like him to shoot more though

  20. Ceballos must go back to Madrid, along with Arteta. Wrong team selection, wrong players, getting rid of our own players and elevating average players like Ceballos. Why was Lucas loaned out?

    Auba, Laca, Pepe are a fearsome front three, and used correctly, they can destroy any team on their day. I totally disagree that Auba is finished.


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