Ceballos reveals why he chose a return to Arsenal over staying at Real Madrid

Dani Ceballos has revealed that he was very clear that he wanted to return to Arsenal this summer and he made that known to Real Madrid.

The Spaniard enjoyed a fruitful loan spell at the Emirates last season as he helped the Gunners win the FA Cup.

He returned to his parent club, Real Madrid in the summer and it seemed that the Spaniards wanted him to stay with them.

He has struggled for much of the time that he has spent in Madrid and he faced another campaign that he would most likely spend on the sidelines again if he had stayed.

However, he told the Spanish champions that he wanted to return to Arsenal after Mikel Arteta told him that he is needed back at the Emirates.

He told Marca that Madrid asked him to wait, but he was sure about what he wanted and he was granted a loan return to the Emirates.

He said: “I spoke with Madrid to say that Artera wanted me to come back. They asked me to wait, but I was clear that I wanted to return to my club, where I had found myself very well. You sit down to appreciate that Euro and Games are coming and you know that you have to play an important role in my team. With Mikel I found happiness as a player and as a person. And that is key for a player.”

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  1. I like this young guy.
    You can see the improvement he made throughout the season ( last ).
    His energy and willing to do the hard off the ball work is commendable.
    With big Thomas Partey now a gunner i can see in my minds eye how important he may become for the rest of the season.
    I expect him ( if we go back to 4-3-3 ) to play just ahead of TP and Xaka in midfield as he works hard off the ball and has a keen eye to make things happen in the attacking third.

      1. All he has to do is consistently contribute goals, like the pearler against Sheffield United in the FA Cup and make assists for his team mates.

  2. He calls Arsenal “his” club ! if he keeps performing I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to buy him next summer,I don’t know how true but apparently RM were looking for around 25M for him,I think that’s cheap!

  3. I love watching this guy play he has so much energy,he is the one player that even if he is subbed can honestly say he has given his all,if he starts on the bench and comes on he makes an immediate impact and seems to give the rest a lift,so glad he wanted to come back and I hope we buy him permanently.

  4. Ceballos plays like a younger me not as good of course but that’s another story 😂 trying to find a stream for the Ghana game – Thomas Partey 😆

      1. Oh Sue I was a touch of class above, the old onion bag was my friend 😂😂 haha I’m guessing your watching it too ? 🇬🇭😀 Yes 6pm I don’t normally watch international football but I make exceptions for new signings 😉 flu shot done a few hours ago, nurse said I deserve a lolly 😂😂

        1. I can imagine 😜 Yes will have a butchers… can’t wait to see him in the famous red and white, so this’ll have to do for now!
          Oh what a good boy hahaha!!

          1. If only I was let loose on the Highbury pitch the havoc to defenders I would have caused 😂😂 yeah me too Sue I really wanted to see an unveiling but he’s not been unveiled yet lol you’d think Soks would give him the 5 shirt it’s not like he’ll play another game for us we have a mountain of CB’s 😆 haha but no lolly or ice cream 😂

            1. Has another game on Monday… then back for his photoshoot… so much better in the flesh than on PES!!
              Saw pictures online of his shirts in the Armoury – looked lush!!

              1. Monday is ages away 😆 yes I saw also Sue, Thomas 18 but 5 looks so much better, 4 even more so 😉 well Kieran Tierney is out I think next week, unfortunate because he’s tested negative and has covid antibodies… I hope we don’t throw Kolasinac in at the Etihad 😩

  5. I watched him play in the first half of Spain’s friendly match against Portugal earlier this week.In their 4-3-3 system he was basically used as a right sided b to b midfielder.He had a very decent game and is entirely comfortable in the midst of seasoned internationals.With Partey on board, I hope Arteta used him in a similar role.He is a very accomplished footballer who gives his all for Arsenal.

  6. OT. It seems that our club has sold every ones of their £49 tickets to watch the City game at The Emirates in a few hours.
    I tried to buy two today and was informed that there are only a few of the £160 tickets left.

    As for the topic of Ceballos, I’ve changed my mind that he was treating our club as a training team to get back to RM first team squad.

    If the quotes are true and he continues to play with the commitment and skill already shown, he will be the natural choice to be our creator.

    1. Wow, that was quick, Ken!! Everyone wants to be back at the home of football!! Tickets – whether for these screenings or when eventually back in the stadium – will be like gold dust!!

      1. Can’t believe I missed out Sue, but the club did say that they were very surprised how quickly they went!!
        About time they realised just how much us fans want to support the club… maybe more next time?

        1. They shouldn’t have been surprised!
          So that most fans get a chance, they may do it where you can purchase for every other game…?
          You’ll get there, Ken 👍

  7. So far the best player at Arsenal this season. Some of the crosses he cuts out from the 18 yard box beats me like what’s he doing there? This guy gets more interceptions than even our defensive midfielders and also offer alot going forward. I love this guy!

    I think he is the reason MA can comfortably leave out Ozil from the team.

  8. I still remain a bit skeptical and hope he can pull off a great season overall. He’s looked great since the Restart. Still, we know if Zidane ever said he was in his plans, he would stay at Madrid and not come back.

  9. He wants honours on his table and he feels like he can get that here.

    I dont know his aims, goals and assist but with cover now, surely we will see more.

    He can push right up with partey just behind stopping the break. Than behind them is Xhaka. On other occasions partey goes b2b and Xhaka drops in and cellabos hovers. So many options but strangle Xhaka appears the most important player of the 3 now. Because he will do the Henderson role and organise and drop in and cover. Thing is he is better then Henderson.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how our 3 will play in a 4 3 3 .
    This time last year, 1st international back we lost to Sheff United. Our 3 (in what was 4 2 3 1) was Willock Gendouzi Xhaka

    How much things have changed at arsenal in 1 year!

  10. Looking forward to the partnership of Ceballos and Partey in central midfield.

    Xhaka will also up his game with two good midfielders in Ceballos and Partey playing around him.

  11. We lack players who can keep the ball and dribble past players in the middle of the ground. Ceballos is does it with ease.
    We might not need a Aouar if he fits into no 10 role.
    Only thing i hope is he gets mature with season and comes to Arsenal permanently next season.

  12. Thank you Dani for your great words regarding Arsenal. Hope you sign for us permanently soon. A joy to watch you playing.

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