Ceballos shows where his heart is yet again

Dani Ceballos has shown once again that his loyalty lies with Real Madrid and he is only using Arsenal as a springboard to a career at the Spanish side.

Ceballos has been on loan at Arsenal for the last two seasons and his fine form for them in the 2019/20 season almost made them sign him permanently.

He hasn’t quite hit the heights of the last campaign, but he remains a talented boy that provides great value to the Arsenal team.

He might get into top gear before this campaign ends and that could see the Gunners consider making his transfer permanent again, but he seems to be keen on a Madrid career.

Speaking about his career recently, he said that in as much as he wants to be a success at Arsenal, he wants to eventually wear the Madrid shirt.

He then reiterated that he has two-and-half years left on his Madrid deal and he hopes to return there and make a name for himself.

Speaking to Cadena SER via the Evening Standard, he said: “I signed a long contract with Madrid. I have two-and-a-half-years left.

“My goal is to succeed at Arsenal. My wish is to wear the Madrid shirt.

“For those of us from Madrid, the arrival of Zinedine Zidane been good for everyone.

“Each coach has his tastes of players. He told me that he needed me to play and get minutes. He was clear with me.”

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  1. Dunno why we waste our time with this guy. He isn’t good enough IMO. I really hope we get a player who is good enough and wants to be at arsenal. Nothing special about cebellos

  2. Return him to Madrid, he’s been more a less a squad player anyway. Bring back Torreira, tell him “buddy, play well for just these 6 months so we can get sell you to a big club of your choice” since he doesn’t want to stay anyway. Come summer, we get 30mil for Torreira and use the money towards whatever plans Edu and co. have. Ceballos has no sale value coz he’s not ours. Win win.

    1. GS2004, I concur with your strategy. Arsenal doesn’t need players who don’t want to be at the Club. Goodbye Danny Cellabos back to RM and maximise return on Lucas Torreira.

      1. Ozzie you seem to forget the point of a loan only a minority of the players on loan at a club wants to stay be signed by that club and it is usually old players at the end of their contract soon to be without a club the rest are there to put themselves in the shop window play well enough or gain valuable experience to be called back by their parent club or be signed by a different club also the reason that he is with us is because we couldn’t afford to buy a play outright some fans need to stop behaving as if the club were doing Ceballos some kind of favour to be fair to him he never hid his intentions to go back to RM unless I’m missing something I don’t see anything wrong with his comments!

  3. Waste of a squad place when we had Ozil on our payroll and eager to play and wouldnt have done any worse .
    Why did the club waste funds on a player who was never going to play a good amount of games for the season ,he did nothing last season and it was pretty obvious he wasnt going to do any better this time round .

    1. I do not understand these craze about Ozil, he managed one assist and a goal for all the football he played under Atete when he first came and that is what we play 350,000 quid for every weeks. He is leaving in six months anyway and I am sure even if he was playing week in week out with the kind of stats he chunks out every week, you won’t renew his contract a single day so we need to really move on from Ozil and focus on who is here for the long hull

  4. Danni gives 110% every time he plays for Afc and he is a great player but he is being honest and Real Madrid is his team so when he leaves he should be thanked for his efforts at Afc and wished well in the future.

    1. God bless you for honesty. You indeed watch Arsenal games! That guy plays with more passion than any other players we have bar Tierney and Saka! 110% indeed. He should be thanked.
      God bless bro!

  5. Can we return him and also sell some below par midfielders and get Yves Bissouma to partner partey and Buendia

  6. Imagine if you were going through an incredibly difficult period in your life so you decided to reach out to an ex for some much-needed support and comfort…you had recently dated and it had been an amicable split, in fact you even joked about the possibility of a “friends with benefits” arrangement should neither of you find something more substantial over the summer…of course, there’s nothing wrong with this under normal circumstances, but these weren’t normal circumstances…you had never experienced such a overwhelming period in your life and as such it was imperative that you surrounded yourself with incredibly positive and fiercely loyal individuals…unfortunately this person was anything but that…they constantly spoke of their ex in glowing terms, they were unnecessarily confrontational with some of your closest friends, to the point of actually inciting physical altercations and they constantly reminded you that no matter how things went they would ultimately dessert you in the end…now one might logically suggest, if asked, that things would be infinitely better if they simply disassociated themselves from this divisive character…I would go so far as to suggest that this in fact has very little to do with the ex and everything to do with any individual who would willingly allow such a potentially disruptive force to remain within their life…as such, this likely wasn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last time this individual made such an obviously problematic decision

  7. Zidane lied to him. He’s too unstable on the ball to play for Real Madrid. He’ll probably end up at a getafe or something.

  8. God bless you for honesty. You indeed watch Arsenal games! That guy plays with more passion than any other players we have bar Tierney and Saka! 110% indeed. He should be thanked.
    God bless bro!

  9. Against wba he was brilliant,defended v. Well,created spaces when ever he went forward and was very daring against well built players.Real Madrid’s his boyhood dream and like any player comes on loan agreement, he is seeking more playing time.So let us wish him good luck and successful future whether here or there. Who knows.

  10. Let’s be honest here, he has, at most, had probably 3 or 4 good games for us over the past 18 months the rest of the time fairly average. Maybe he gives 100% but in my opinion he lacks pace & most of his passing is either sideways or back to the CB’S. If he is a great player why wouldn’t RM keep him? Real will probably move him on to another La Liga club, Villareal?

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