Cech accepts responsibility but Wenger blames the defence and tiredness

Arsenal suffered their fourth defeat in a row today at lowly Brighton, and Petr Cech admits he was partly responsible for the two Brighton goals, although the useless defenders didn-t help much as usual. The 35 year old sent a tweet out straight after the game taking full responsibilty….

Although he was in goal he cannot really accept all the blame, not when Koscielny passes the ball straight to an opponent, not for the first time this season I might add, and Mustafi yet again fails to stay with his attacker either. But Wenger was quite happy to accept Cech-s apology. The Boss said: ‘I think he deserves a lot of respect as it’s his assessment of his own performance,’

‘He’s a very intelligent guy and professional guy. He’s saved us on other occasions.

‘Today he cost us but as a manager and as a club you have to live with it.’

So was it all Cech’s fault we lost? According to Wenger it was also due to having to play two games in a week, just like every other top team has to on a regular basis, but apparently the Arsenal players just can’t handle that, despite playing less games than most other teams in the Top Six.

Wenger said: “We had difficulty to get going and suffered a lot physically in the first half. After that, mentally as well I believe the lack of confidence, linked with the physical aspect, we lost some balls and Brighton took advantage.

“We made some defensive mistakes, too.

“It was all us in the second half but we lack a bit of sharpness and freshness.

“We have played too many games and are charged negatively on top of that because we’ve lost them.

“I can understand the frustration. What can I say?

“The League Cup in the middle of the season makes it difficult if you don’t win it.

“It brings a lot of negative waves. The one we lost brought a lot of negativity.

“On top of that, the game rearranged on Thursday night didn’t help us to compete today.

“The negativity after losing the final, plus the fact we’re not in a fantastic position in the league hits us hard.”

Those don’t look like valid excuses to me. We only started playing any of our first team players in the semi-final of the League Cup, and hardly any of them have played in the Europa League yet, so we have very little reason for tiredness, compared to City who have played in the League Cup, the FA Cup and the Champions League in between League games, but still beat Chelsea today.

I think Wenger is just running out of excuses and the clamour of ex-players and Arsenal fans, and even Hill-Wood have suggested that it could be time for Wenger to realise he can’t motivate the team any more, but Le Prof refuses to believe that there is any uncertainty about his future. “No. There’s no uncertainty.” he said. “I told you many times. What is the uncertainty is at the moment the quality of our performance. When you go through a difficult patch, uncertainty before the game is the quality of the performance we can give.

“Look, I don’t want to talk about my future today. I’m long enough in the job to know what’s going on and I’m long enough in the job as well to know that what’s most important is to make sure you focus on what’s important, that you give absolutely your best with full commitment.”

Yeah okay Boss. That’s been working hasn’t it?

Darren N


  1. Watford
    Expected us to lose.
    Arsene must be dismissed for the club’s good and his own health.

  2. Arsene Out says:

    He has no shame. Pure hubris. It’s up to Stan to cut the cord and do it now. The sooner he announces that he is leaving at the end of the season the better it will be for the whole team and the club.
    Last year he stated that his situation created a bad atmosphere in the dressing room, although he had created that situation by saying I dont know if I’ll stay or go. Well he is doing the same thing again. Creating an untenable situation again.
    This man is a snake, he is in it just for his own ego, he doesnt know what to do after football, he doesnt know where he could land next, so he will milk this cow until the cow gives him a kick up the Arse

    1. Roehahn says:

      No..no…no..no.NOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!
      Sack him now so that its a warning to the next manager too, that we will not tolerate mediocrity.
      Also read my post below for why Wenger needs to be sacked now.

      1. Arsene Out says:

        We will not tolerate mediocrity???? What have we been doing for the last decade???

        Realistically, this board will not sack him today. But at least if he is made to announce that it is his last season, it gives us time to find the right manager, who in turn can decide who he wants to keep, and make some transfers in the summer. This is the best outcome we can hope for today.

      2. summerbreez says:

        There is no balance in the team they cant defend and cant attack as we need a new back 4 a defensive midfielder and wingers so a new boss wont be able to do anything right now
        Are the owners prepared to spend huge amount of money to fix the problem ?
        Have they recognized and understood and analyzed our problems ? Do they want to fix them?
        Even Pep Guardiola wont be able to do anything with this bunch of players
        We need players not managers We need our owners to spend money to get players

    2. Ignasi says:

      Dear admin,

      Can we have future articles that question and seek to explore:

      1) What does Wenger and Bould do in training between matches?

      2) Why has Ozil always been poor in big* matches?

      *Since he has joined, the only memory i have of Ozil playing well against a top 4 team was against Manchester Utd and Chelsea when we won 3-0. Of course, those two teams at the time had new managers and were going through a transitional period…

      1. barryglik says:

        This is a good result for Arsenal.
        Now the team can focus on
        wining the Europa league.
        It now becomes a 7 game campaign.
        Use the PL games to rest senior players
        and give game time to the young players.
        Perfect result really.
        And the board awards Arsene a new 4 year contract 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Even better the thousands of AKB’s singing
        “We want you to stay we want you to stay
        Arsene Wenger we want you to stay”.
        “Aww shucks I guess I have to stay for the fans”
        And JustArsenal becomes JustAKB’s 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. jon fox says:

        Totally agree. Many of the articles on here are just a re-hash of earlier ones, even the one directly previous. Som eintereting new angles would be welcome. I may well contribute one this coming week on the reasons why Wenger lost his abilities. Lack of financial hunger, as with so many players too , not just ours, is a prime reason,. TOO MUCH MONEY MAKES THE GAME POORER, NOT BETTER, QUALITY WISE!

      3. eazyarsenal says:

        your memory is poor 3-3 liverpool this season? arsenal 2-0 tottenham. arsenal 4-1 liverpool. man u 3 -2 arsenal (goal and assist). arsenal 2-0 bayern. Stop chatting nonsense. You have no clue about football. Can’t expect ozil to do everything for this dysfunctional team. Do arsenal ever turn up in big matches? ANd if we do ozil is always at the forefront

        1. A.ball08 says:

          You are delusional my friend
          Far more bad games in big matches then good games
          He exerts more energy throwing his arms up in the air after losng tge ball then he does playing
          Too many 5 and 6’s rather then 8 or 9’s
          Right now he is an average player in a bad team
          Right now he needs to stand up and be counted but all I see is a player hidng

        2. Footballistrivial says:

          You’ve no clue about weighing positives vs negatives. But you’re a fanboy so that is expected.

    3. Konstantin Mitov says:

      It’s more likely that I can walk on water than Wenger can turn things around?

    4. John says:

      Totally agree……..he has to go now………..we don’t care what he does with himself after leaving Arsenal……………he is a joke………..he does not want to accept his time is over……….Wenger OUT………

      1. Craig says:

        Agree. Wenger out would brighten the future

  3. Roehahn says:

    Wenger should be sacked now, so the new manager can come in now and decide which of these players he wants to keep and which of them need to be sold next season. New manager also needs time to adjust to PL and to Arsenal,so better bring in a manager now, so that we are prepared for next season.

    1. Godswill says:

      Exactly what it should be but the Board has been hypnotized by Wenger.
      I don’t even know that an old man can be as shameless as this man.
      Does anybody know when I can come here to read that Wenger has been sacked or resign?

      1. bran911 says:

        It’s more likely to come here and find out that’s he’s dead (20 more seasons later) than coming here and find him sacked

    2. jon fox says:

      I posted the same thoughts, in my over wordy style, on a previos thread only hours ago. You and all of us who think like this are so right!

  4. Mobella says:

    The must be so tired from the avalanche of attract from man city. It is all fans should understand. As for cech he needs to retire along with Wenger.

  5. Dave says:

    Totally agree with you arsene out!!!
    To be honest I just don’t care anymore really have lost interest!

  6. Nayr says:

    It’s amazing that brighton stuffed us like that today.

    such a lowpoint.

    1. A.ball08 says:

      It’s not the low point
      It’s the high point of the season for us
      Never want to see my team lose but winning today would have papered over the cracks and bought more time for AW
      Have the board got the minerals to act or is it all about the money, money, money
      At one point today I thought we might even win but then we kicked off and it all came to a. End

  7. Steven Wilson says:

    Not sure if the board actually understand how horrendous the situation at the club actually is. We are in an uncontrollable tail spin and if something drastic ie get rid of Wenger now, isn’t done we are in real danger of tumbling down into the lower half of the league and being unable to attract a new manager of the calibre that this once mighty and proud club truly deserve.

  8. Sue says:

    They’ll be jet lagged on Thursday then ?

  9. Steven Wilson says:

    They will be humbled, embarrassed and crushed on Thursday. Please for the sake of the club we all still love see sense and remove Wenger now!

  10. John0711 says:

    TBH everyone i really feel for the club no manager worth his weight would want us, we don’t spend, we have a squad full of average even for 9 m

  11. akbest says:

    Please, who can help with Wenger tweeter handle or Instagram ID? I want to follow him for a simple reason. ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Thnx

  12. Ray says:

    What really pisses me off is his lack of energy on the bench! Even when we’re 2-0 down he sits on his arse. Not up motivating the team and shouting orders like someone who cares! The only time he’s up is to moan or complain to the 4th official.

    I can understand after all these years the how the motivation of players is suffering. They don’t even get dropped when performing badly. Like that is enough to motivate!? It creates stagnant attitudes and lazy minds because every player is never accountable individually. The club is dysfunctional in terms of tactical play and mindsets and these players are like pampered spoiled brats!!

  13. GoonAR says:


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