Cech admits Arsenal team-mates are distracted by Wenger speculation

The Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has admitted that some of his team-mates have been distracted by the stories surrounding Arsene Wenger’s future, whilst denying any affect on himself.

The Gunners have been majorly inconsistent this term, and are destined to miss out a place in the top-four, but could still save their season with Europa League glory.

When asked whether the reports about Arsene Wenger’s job security were affecting him and his fellow counterparts, he admitted that he was not distracted but others are.

‘I think it’s individual. As a player some people probably look around more than others,’ he told the BBC.

‘I have to say I concentrate on what I can do which is only my game, my preparation, my training every day and helping everybody else to be ready for the game when it comes.

‘Obviously all this speculation about the coach in, coach out and what’s going to happen next.

‘Once you as a player start thinking too much about it obviously it can affect your performance and that is not going to help you. So I try to avoid all these things but as I say everybody is different and some people might think too much about it.’

The retired Czech international moved onto blame his side’s travels for the bulk of his side’s issues, stating that his side have been strong at the Emirates.

‘It’s been a frustrating season for many reasons.

‘If you look at our home record in the leagues and cups we’ve been doing really well.

‘But if you look at our away record it’s made a huge difference in our season.’

The former Chelsea star added that the only way his team can get out of their rut is to concentrate on their preparation.

‘Think the key is you keep training and preparing and you try to find your way to improve.’

Will the uncertainty over Wenger ever die down? Would a Europa League triumph change anything? Has our home form been good enough?

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  1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    It is understandable that some of the current Arsenal players to be concerned about Arsene Wenger leaving and a new manager being appointed. As many have said too many of the Arsenal players are in a comfort zone under the current manager, with little apparent repercussions for poor performance.
    Instead of talking about it, they should pull their fingers out, put in strong performances on the field to address Arsenal’s abysmal away record to both support the current manager and hopefully impress any prospective manager that they are worth retaining.
    Too many of Arsenal’s players need to spend less time on social media and more time training and practicing.

    1. SAGunner says:

      A player’s performance is limited by his talents and footballing ability.
      As long as he continues bringing in mediocre players like Jenkinson, Owen, Chambers, Mustafi, etc
      Those players an many others are not capable of better.
      Currently Arsenal is at best a middle of the table side.
      As an avid and long time Arsenal supporter hope we lose more games. that should assure the exit of thr tyrant.

      1. Phil says:

        Ability is one thing.Team tactics and coaching of players to perform within s System is just if not more than important.In regards to the players you have mentioned

        Jenkinson-was bought cheaply at a young age.When given his many chances he it proved he was not up to the standard required.Shone at West Ham on Loan for a season.That or below is his level.I would not describe this as a bad buy.It didn’t work out and he was moved on.


        Chambers-Paid a lot of money for a young player with little experience in regards First Team and Premiership games.He looked a good prospect and because of injuries to the squad he found himself playing very soon into his Arsenal career.This caught up with him a bit as did playing with different CB partners and filling in at full back.Form dipped and was out of the side till a year long loan move to Boro.He was playing every week and despite them going down he was one of their best and consistent players.He has been indifferent since coming back but has looked better in last few games he has played.I believe there is a very decent centre back in this player and would not describe him as a bad buy at all.

        Mustafi-German International.Makes errors agreed but there is a very good and consistent player here waiting to emerge.This is where Coaching and Team patterns are vital for consistency and performance.Unfortunately this is not something that seems too high up the agenda with Wenger.

        1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

          Phil, rational response!

  2. John0711 says:

    I’m sure they have been distracted by him for over 10 years ?
    And Ken I’ve replied twice this will be the third time if you cannot go and look back at previous replies I’m surely won’t be

    So I’ll quote the question/ comment again
    “ you were asked how many times in 20 years wenger has won the two major trophies CL & PL without GGs defence
    You answered 3 it’s actually 1

    Good luck on your support of wenger I admire you sticking to your guns even if I think it’s undeducated to continue to do the same thing over and over and expect to get different results

    I’m sure someone else said this lol

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      I gave you all the references you needed to check your initial question to me on the 14th march. Everyone (if they are interested) will see that you are not being truthfull, either with the question or the “ghost reply”. so I will leave it at that.
      As far as being “undeducated” goes, I guess you mean uneducated?
      That’s your opinion, your welcome to it and I admire the respect in which you made it.
      Not sure how many minds it will change in this debating chamber, but let’s just agree to disagree.

  3. bran911 says:

    May be they are distracted by his arrogance and wanting to stay more and more, they just want him gone so that they start playing well again.. that’s why in the EPL table, they are descending season by season

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    Usmanov and Abrahmovich potentially being sanctioned…..

    good bye chelsea

  5. AndersS says:

    There is a remarkable lack of support for Wenger in Cech’s remarks. The subject is an obvious opportunity to say something like “we all hope Wenger stays”, or similar.
    But nothing like it being said. Looks to me, the true meaning is even most players want him out and rather sooner than later.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      making things up again?

      players did not mention wenger in or out

      it could go either way

  6. GB says:

    I actually think Cech was very diplomatic and didn’t give anything away about his, or his team mates feelings on the subject. More or less, what happens in the dressing room, stays in the dressing room.

  7. wenger says:

    ^Our dressing room isnt as bad as you think. We are far from a crisis club.

    1. Phil says:

      If as a supporter your expectation level is satisfied for a Sixth place league finish,A humiliating defeat at Forest in the FA Cup,A total capitulation against Citeh in the Carabao Cup Final at Wembley,Totally embarrassing and unforgivable away defeats at Stoke Brighton Bournemouth Watford and Swansea in the League,A Stadium that is now never at capacity(despite the clubs attendance figures)with empty seats everywhere,A 2-leg win over an average at best AC Milan being heralded as though we are about to win the Champions League.
      Well mate all I am say is some of us supporters obviously do have higher expectation levels than yourself and expect much much more than we have and are likely to achieve this season

  8. Ken 1945 says:

    For once could we put aside the Wenger in out argument and concentrate on the subject?
    It seems from what Cech has said, that the power battle going on within the club could be reaching a climax.
    If Wenger is true to his beliefs that a contract is a contract and should be honoured then there should be NO DOUBT abouthim being the manager next season.
    Why then does it seem necessary for a player to speculate on this?
    It must mean, in my opinion, that there are others from the hierarchy who are contesting this to such an extent that it has filtered down to the players.
    Jon Fox made a very good point regarding the visit of Kronkes son and there has been no real feedback from this visit by the club(except Victoria Concordia etc).
    It surely must also mean that, if Wengers position is in jeopardy, then those contesting Wengers contract MUST have a candidate in place and ready to go for next season.
    .The only managers currently without a club and of the calibre ALL Arsenal supporters want are Enrique and Ancellotti as far as I am aware.
    The other explanation is that Arsenal have approached a current manager, but whatever scenario is correct, I firmly believe that this “throw away comment” by Cech really does throw the cat amongst the pigeon.
    I just hope our club is not going to be ripped apart ,yet again, in the public domain.

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