Cech and Koss injuries add to Wenger’s woes against Tottenham

Arsenal are on their worst losing run for six years with back to back defeats against Barcelona, Man United and now Swansea, all in the space of eight miserable days. This is supposed to be the time of the season when Wenger gets all his injured players back and everyone is on form, and the team goes on a scintillating run to finish in the top four.

But now the opposite is happening. We lost Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain against Barcelona, then we got told there were setbacks to Cazorla and Wilshere, and now both Laurent Koscielny and Petr Cech have been ruled out of the Tottenham game this weekend with calf problems to mess up our defensive strengths.

Wenger said after last nights defeat to Swansea: “{Petr Cech} He struggled. He had a little groin problem before the game and I think he struggled a little bit tonight. He will not play on Saturday.”

He was then asked how serious Cech’s injury is, and he replied: “I don’t know, we have to see. It’s a muscular problem, a calf problem and I don’t know how long he will be out for. {Laurent Koscielny} has a calf problem as well. He will not play on Saturday.”

The most annoying thing is that those two were the players that were NOT out of form! Now we are forced to have Mertesacker and Gabriel (our worst defenders) as the centre-back partnership in front of David Ospina. In our most important game of the season.

Be worried, be very very worried…..

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  1. Cech is a massive blow…and Wenger has lost the plot…Campbell was playing well and you take him off instead of Giroud who missed a sitter

    1. Repost , I wrote this about Ozil

      Wait lets judge Ozil honestly
      HE CAN’T RUN

      HE CAN PASS (Which every player does in the world)

      and this was the reply from ozgunner
      Supreme…..what a load of crap from you. get of ozils back. Do you understand football? see how much he runs in the opponents half and his vision… sadly for him he has to pass to a donkey so STFU who did pires play with? you reckon giround is even a 10th of henry?????

      My Response : If we wanted someone with VISION why not get PROPHET to play the numba 10… ozil is the only player with vision right among all the players ??? Bias Fan u r..

      Sanchez is 1 dimensional – thats not worldclass
      ozil is a waste of space – thats even below average
      kos is gradually becoming crap – maybe he is fed up with the same $hit over & over again

      1. Suprem…F
        Wow i must have touched the doggies bone (with my foot mind you) Shows how neanderthal you are, vision and prophet WTF???? pick up a dictionary aND STOP USING GOOGLE TRANSLATE. you pick on our best players who without we wouldn’t even be in the top 10 and you leave the mediocare ones alone. Where were you before december when the team was doing ok? didn’t see you complain about our two wc players?
        And yes I am a fan, one for over 45 years, I come on to defend players from cretins like you. You ever been to a game?

        1. We are losing my friend , hw can u consider anyone who is part of Arsenal at this moment best ??? All of us are bad
          The Players (including those on bench & especially those who are playing)
          The Board
          and We deluded fans who keep giving them ur money by going to the stadium

          1. I don’t think it is Ozil and Alexis who are the problem though. Alexis has been through a sticky patch, but he has been out for quite a bit through injury and some players do take time to come back to form. I think he responded to the energy JC added to the final 1/3, and tbh those two on thewings ffor us look highly promising going forward. Our problem at the moment is midfield transition, and to some extent Ozil protection. Rambo Coq isn’t offering enough protection for Ozil to create nor do they provide the necessary triangles for Ozil in the centre of the park for Ozil to move forwards with ease. Santi understood the role, Rambo doesn’t. (Coq is the more defensive role). Instead of running forwards, Rambo needs to think how he can help Ozil and Coq more. At Madrid Sami Khedira often did this role with Ozil.

            1. Ozil protection ??? Is he an extinct species of human being..
              We need all the players to help when we are attacking
              We need all the players to help when we need to defend..
              Thats a team , we can’t single out a group of individuals and blame them for our inabilities..

              When we fail to score , we blame the strikers
              When we concede we blame ramsey , coquelin & the defence , so what role is ozil meant to be responsible for ????

              He is weak and soo unmoltivating.. Juan mata is far far superior than ozil

              1. No he is not weak he is playing his role as the creative player..Superemejudge do you even watch the matches?

                Ozil throw this shit period has been one of the few players who has delivered more than his team mates..Its true the problem is in the middle and i think its ramsey..yesterday he i hardly saw him ob the ball in the middle…he had a quite game instead of a porr game…but i think its also the menalty of the we we apporach to attack we need someone to take charge and take a shot from outside the box..mix up attack..wenger comes with the same game plana nd doest change (when we last changed our tactics was last year when we beat city and we went on a good run)…..Explain to my why take Campbell off last night???? he scored was looking good going forward..was offering cover going back…instead wenger left Giroud on who missed a sitter…?? why not he grow a pair…take Giroud off even if he will complain like a child..swing wellbeck on..Sanchez was not having luck on his wing..switch wings with Campbell confuse the defence on who they have to mark….A few minutes till the end why not sub ramsey and play Elneny..Tell him take a shot from outside the box when you get a half decent chance it could rebound or the keeper could have knocked it in….take a risk….take a chance…We are playing to safe and know one wants to put it on their back to get a dam result including the manager

                1. Are u serious ???? Delivered more than his team mates??? Did u watch our match vs Man U until the 1st goal from welbeck, he was just a ghost…

                  1. That is Ozils style you melon..I use to critize him for it but thats his style he does the things we dont see…also we had NO support from his middle beacuse ramsey was always pushing to far up instead of help with counter attacks from teh middle and linking up with Coq in the middle…Mate you truely do not watch the matches..You are blaming a guy who is putting in assists creat chances..how many goals would he have scored if some of out strikers where more clinical up front finishing Ozils “GIFTS” to them..he dam nears put in in their lap for them to fluff up…Im count over the season at lest 15 goals extra and that is off the top of my head

                    1. Well then Girouds style is also missing sitters, lets not judge him for it.. BFG’s style is also being slow lets not bash him either.. And Oo Walcotts style is running lyk a headless chicken , lets not bash him for that too

                    2. One player who is beyond reproach for a lot of the season has been Ozil. Yes I would love him to add more goals to his game, buthe is one of the greatest footballers on the planet and we are very lucky to have him. Sadly, those around him are not good enough at the moment.

    1. Forget Ceck and Kos, give Chambers a go Ellerny Welbeck up front, Drop Sanches and Giriud who have been awful let’s be honest here Sanches, because a big name Wenger leaves him on as he says needs game time, we’ll do it in reserves. Giroud well enough said as we all agree is not the answer so, play Awobi on left Drop Ramsey and bring in Flamini. He is as good as we have and Ellerny on, because this team is only where it is as the others have varstly improved and for the better too. To be fair Liecster deserv it. Arsenal with 60,000 and United 65,000 seat stadiums just goes to prove that it’s the love of the club and will give there all for the fans and manager that is the difference to Arsenal. What ever happens now, I hope that we don’t nip it from either Spurs or Leicester as they score goals and play better. Apart from Monreal and Ozil who play to a standard every week,the likes of Sanches Giroud Walcott should be dropped and sold off because there is better out there if Wenger looks not at bargain ones who he thinks will be made better, Gabriel and Mertisaker are no better than the old Gygan and Stepinofs. Ramsey is just energy but no quality in vision or passing, so say it as it is about the so called star players. Campbell should be first name in the team sheet then, Wenger have some balls and drop Sanches,Giroud Gabriel Ramsey and play a team as if it’s the FA cup and see what happens. Then half time if it is not working address it, but if they give there all and put on a show leave them till they drop. CB

      1. Giroud just is not good enough and thats the facts here, we would have been three goals up with a real world class striker, regardless of Ozil and sanchez current form if we had brought in a real DM player then we’d have won points at other games and this would be just a blip, teams do loose games and they do have off days, the real problem lays in the fact that Wenger has no real top notch choices to mix and match with is he has slumps with his current squad.
        Welbeck just IS’NT good enough he trys hard to be, Walcott is just a waste of time (an expensive one at that) Giroud is not the striker to lead the line (as will be proven come the summer when NOONE comes knocking for his services yet again.
        we SHOULD have gone all out for a striker of world renown, and a real hulk of a defensive midfielder in the summer and we didnt due to Wengers belief that what we had was good enough well its NOT!!!.
        it wont change though as Wenger wont spend, the board wont force him and the fans wont boycott the games so as much as it really pains me to admit it NY Gunner has a point when he says why worry about what you cant change?.

        1. Regardless of ozil & sanchez form, what a stupid bias being u r… Why don’t we say regardless of Girouds form.. Kwasiaaa kwa

          1. SupremeJudge you have no clue about our team…you are not an arsenal fan you support spuds or united….Sanchez form right now is poor yes but lets recap shall we….Sanzhez played in the confederation cup lead Chile to a win (after being such a big part of our season) to come back 2 weeks after (when most have had a good rest) didn’t get to settle fully then got injured sine then he has not been at his best (bad season for him) Ozil for me has had a near great season scored a assist 18+ goals what more can you ask for…you are trying to put the way Giroud is useless 70% of the time and compare with two people who have made us better..mate get out of here and go watch x-factor or something more suitable to yourself to judge.

          2. what Im trying to say is that there are certain players that are generally speaking more consistent than others and Ozil and Sanchez are two of those players BUT if they are having an off period then Wengers needs alternatives which as we speak he does not, this is entirely due to his penny pinching ways rather than anything else.
            what was so hard to understand about that you call me stupid???
            Pot and kettle methinks

  2. ANd once again the best player in the freaken world RAMSEY does not get substituted again. You take Joel Campbell off cause he is tired after been rested for so many games on the bench but Ramsey who plays every freaken game for 90 minutes stays on the pitch game after game after game.

    I always joked that Ramsey is Wengers son but now im starting to believe there is something really weird between those two. Campbell did more in 15 mins last night than Walcott and Ramsey did in the last 10 games.

    I have supported this manager for years but Im starting to turn the corner to the Wenger out campaign. I really dont want too but this guy is clueless. Starts sanchez above Welbeck, puts on Walcott to run around like a headless dumb wit chicken, plays ramsey to mess up everything.

    Wenger I am losing patience and your excuses are as pathetic as who decisions at the moment. Well done Leicester cause I honestly think they will embarrass us and win the league. Im freaken tired of going to sleep angry after a soccer match.

  3. Believe it or not, Wenger’s success came from having a team full of foreigners. The English defenders he had weren’t his signings.

  4. a loss to the spuds will be as good as a win coz it will awaken our deluded fans to atleast hold an #ENOUGH IS ENOUGH# banner

  5. Giroud & Ramsey look like part of the shareholders..no matter what kind of futbal they play AW will always look for someone to sacrifice on their favour even at the expense of 3 valuable points at home.!

  6. maybe we should hope that spud can win the title this year to make a massif pressure to this regime..

  7. where i was watching the game yesterday one Arsenal fan said he wished he woke up the next morning and check goal.com to see a breaking news that Wenger is Dead… i laugh out loudly,,,, Ever since week one i never believe we could win the league so i have less heartache…. wenger is a good coach but he passed his validity period a long long time ago… you need to go wenger and for ramsey dat boy is wenger’s wife cos even with his poor performance he still completes 90mins…..

  8. Arsene, please leave quietly at the end of this season and pass the reigns of AFC over to someone else.

    Thanks for the memories but now that’s all we have of you.

    Yours sincerely

    PS and take theo with you.

  9. I largely agree with “awesome gunners” although I disagree with castigating any particular individual. As a lifelong supporter for more than 65 years, I will always be a Gooner. However I came to the conclusion earlier this season that we are simply not good enough to win the Premiership title and changes must now come about. I still admire how Wenger wants our football to be played, but sadly the era of attractive football is disappearing. Artistry is being replaced with work rate and many clubs are now more interested in athletes rather than skilful footballers.
    Sadly Mr Wenger is tactically naive and even more sadly his time has passed. If we fail to make the top 4 (and that is becoming more of a dream than a reality) then Wenger must stand down and a drastic restructuring of the club and playing staff must begin. I sincerely hope to be proved wrong as to our final position, but I do still live in the real world.

    1. Raymond’, if he wants to play his beautiful game,buy players that do it. No good if you have 1 Ozil and the rest are parts from China, then the out come is poor. Let’s be honest here we are not good enough, and play Welbeck up front not on flank that’s why he left United them always playing him there. Giroud well yes he chases back but his control is woefull and hopefully gone next year along with at least 6 and from all the posts in the last 3 months we know who they are, it’s Wenger who won’t let clear out his cupboard he is a horder just like my wife keeps things till they rot, then gets rid of em. CB

  10. I agree with top comment on Campbell I think everyone feels the same, what was he thinking and to make it worse he then takes Alexis off. Fair enough AS was not performing but I would still leave him on or I would make that change instead of first one. For me Ramsey should have came off for Welbeck and just left Coq holding while we squeezed through for goals. Actually at time I was feeling that a goal could come as we got close a few times so maybe no change would have been better than one he done. I’m not going to insult the man but come on Arsene you make things easy for picking/slamming on you.

  11. I twitted to Ramsey and Wacot last year on how they should practice the Volleyball tactics when in the 18 yard area of the opponent which is quick passing of the ball around and create an opening for any player to SHOOT without a first touch. That includes Coquelin, Bellerin and Monreal…how many times did Bellerin have the opportunity to shoot diagonally to the far post yesterday? We don’t have to rely on our strikers to do the scoring every time. I am not blaming Bellerin though afterall he follows the instructions of Wenger to join in passing the ball to the net. Three things would have likely happened if Bellerin had shot a grounder diagonally on two occasions 1. The goalkeeper would try to save (not catch) thereby spilling for a striker to tap in 2. Spilling for a defender to score an own goal and 3 spilling for a defender to clear for a corner kick. We can still pass the ball but instead of passing it to the net we should apply the volleyball tactics to pass around and create openings for shooting ground shots only…..ground shots cause more problems for goalkeepers than any other. Somebody has to pass this information to Wenger and his coaching staff.

  12. Serves him right(Wenger, that is).
    His footballing approach has been going down hill since long time. Last two seasons the FA cup’s saved his ass. This season, once we finish below spuds, there will be no excuse, even if he wins the FA cup third time in a row, that wouldn’t be enough to wash away the shame of finishing below the bloody spuds, which will happen 100% sure.

  13. we all now know what to say in a post match press conference when u are an arsenal manager..”the result was frustrating but we are going to bounce back”

    1. And what do you think the spurs manager said. What do you think the city manager said? What do you think ranieri said after the draw? Should they say My team is shit? You lot know nothing about managing a toy railway…

      1. Strangely enough I just checked. Pochettino said”For us it’s important to try to recover quick. The competition doesn’t wait for you, and we need to be ready for Saturday, because it’s another derby.

        “In this period, for a team like us, Arsenal or City, we play a lot of games and come from a period where we play every three days, but we need to feel good and confident in our squad and ensure we are ready to compete.

        “Now it’s impossible to blame or complain about this game, we must find a solution and be ready to play again.”

        That sounds like we need to bounce back!

      2. Ok Admin
        I get that Wenger cannot come out and say anything but what he said but you have to conceed that hearing the same sh!t week in week out and yet seeing NO improvement is highly frusterating to say the least, also when EVERYBODY and thier uncle was stating that three key players were needed to make the team what it should be, Le Porf decided to shut the war chest and sit whith what we had. In the face of overwhelming evidence that there are a number of players that are just NOT good enough, I mean cmon are we a club where average players are going to sit out thier careers and collect a wage while Wenger waits for them to come good?
        we may not be able to run a toy railway (I certainly have no interest) but good god almighty when is this smoke and mirrors approach by the boss going to stop?
        we all kmnow that the board are not ambitious and run the club more like a private bank than a football club but when is Wenger going to just come out and say “its down to the board” or “I just cant do this anymore” its either his and the boards fault or its one or the other individually and if Wenger IS’NT complicet with the board when will we finally be told this?
        if the answer is never then we need to stop paying exorbitant proces and expect mediocrity but currently we are paying for an extremely substandard service.

  14. Can wenger go injured for Saturday I have a feeling this is going to be embarrassing. I wish the board had some balls and think of the club not money and get rid of wenger.

  15. I couldn’t believe wengers comments after the match blaming the ref. Since the introduction started playing football I was always told to play to the whistle. Does he tell his players to wait for the whistle. …………….clown

  16. quick question guys,do u think after a loss that the players actually hurt like us fans?? coz am hurt badly

  17. There are Just NO excused, yes we were unlucky yes we should have had a penalty and yes we should have not conceeded the first goal as there was a foul on Ozil. BUT to constantly use these as reasons as to why we cant score ourselves we cant defent ourselves and currently we cant even turn up.
    Things go against all teams at some point but real genuine challengers for the title can overcome this sort of bad luck.
    I keep reading comments that say we have plenty of quality in the squad and we should have won things BUT, clearly we dont have that degree of quality as we loose more important games than we win, and noone seems to be able to rally the troops when needed. Would Henry have missed the shot Giroud has, and Im not just talking about yesterday (Re the Monaco game as just one example) Walcott goes missing and seems terrified of getting too involved in tackles or any rough play that goes on and is NOT a natural striker, Welbeck has a lot of heart but just doesnt have the talent, Sanchez is knackered, Ozil is getting fed up with it (look to see if he wants to go elsewhere this summer) Ramsey is missing in action too and looks unlikely to pull himself out of this rut any time soon, belerine looks jaded Mertsaker is too slow and Gabriel too stupid……..need I go on?
    I think not, like as not the bao

  18. I love most of our post today, I think the whole team is tired n out of form. I don’t know why. This is d period our manager should do something fast. We can’t afford to loose spur game. Maybe we should use our under 19 as someone suggested lolzz

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