Cech and Neuer show Arsenal true value of top keeper

The shoulder injury to the second choice Arsenal keeper David Ospina is not thought to be a major problem that will keep him out of action for long, he may well be wondering when he will get another first team start. Unless Ospina is fit for the Capital One Cup game away to Sheffield Wednesday next week it could be some time.

Because Petr Cech was simply outstanding against Bayern Munich and it was clear that without him we would not have recorded the stunning victory that keeps Arsenal´s Champions League hopes alive. The fact that it was a blunder from Ospina that put the Gunners´ backs against the wall in the first place will surely not have been lost on the manager.

And if he needed any more evidence to show the value of having a world class keeper between the sticks, the performance of Manuel Neuer in the Bayern goal will have provided it. The German international may have finally been caught out but without him Arsenal would have been ahead long before then. His save from Walcott´s header was breathtaking and up there with the best ever.

Our own number one pulled off a number of fantastic stops, without which we would not have won and probably would have lost, so will Wenger now play his best keeper in all of the important games?

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  1. Sorry but the Ospina bashing is just ridiculous.

    First, what about the other 10 players that turned up yesterday? Are you telling me that it is acceptable for a club the size if Arsenal not to be able to recover from aa keeper error against Olympiakos?

    Their keeper made a mistake! They lost because of that!

    1. Arsenal needs a die hard attitude when approaching any game…… Be it against a top side or a bottom side…….. Playing against the bottom sides could at least be done with enthusiasm ..if not to prove our superiority, then it must be to boost our goal tally…… Naturally, there’s no small side in football anymore……if only we had approached zagreb and olympiacos with such zeal we showed Last nyt……. Things coulda been alot more easier for us right now!

    2. I have seen the highlights Bayer vs Roma and I have to say that Szceszny still needs tutoring. 4 goals all of them Szceszny signature. You all know that shrug we were used last two seasons. Yes, agree, second goal was a total let down by the defense but you know what I am about here.
      Of course I can join the band wagon now and start saying geeez, what was in Wenger’s head when we played Ospina the first two games? But I can’t do that because I agreed with that and because I know we could have still beat Olympiacos even from two down, godammit.
      I think it is clear for everyone now that the biggest danger for us is complacency, exactly what Wenger said. And the opposite must apply (again, as Wengers says) : urgency. People laugh about cohesion, resilience, urgency but it was proven last night that this is how you win it.
      Now, Bayern will be for blood in the next game. They will jump directly to our throat to draw first blood. That is a real test. If we can make it there (I am less confident, I say it here, now) then damn, this team deserves a title.

    3. One moment whether good or bad can change the outcome of the whole game. Whether you call it bashing or something Ospina (a good GK though) cost us against Olympiakos. Such an error was very discouraging.

  2. the next 6-7weeks is vital for the ox…….. He must be ready to step-up and perform tremendously if he’s to make the RW his own!…….he best borrow a leaf from the Bellerin!

  3. Yea


    Goalkeepers play a significant role in great sides.


    We are not a great side yet. a lot need to be done. Any more injury to any of our mifldfielders and we screwed. Expecially Coq.

    Is so shameful and irritating . just some two three values that will make a gud chi square fit Is missing.

    I see us coming close again and closer . But falling off with 2 steps to the podium.

    Great win yesterday. But the future is bleak

  4. 93RD Minute :
    Bayern Defence : Achtung, Achtung,Achtung…..Whoosh….. What was that?
    Diego Costa: Nicht Belledance doempkof ! BelleRIN uit der TASHE HABEN( got out of my pocket)

      1. Agree: Just like Mou gunning Wenger in far away Kiev for the penalty he keeps crying and MOANING about.

  5. can only mean one thing…………bedLam in the Bayern camp………. Constructed by bellerin L()L

  6. It was a very good result Cech had a good game but to be honest that is why you have a world class keeper to keep a closed goal.

    Wenger always seems to have a few good results after making a complete hash of previous ones. Last night still does not cover up his failings in the previous two games in the CL. Whilst he has not made 100% commitment last week to his future I still hope he commits to another club.

    1. HIS failings? Pray do tell if you know what has he done by trusting the players will actually show up in the field? Giroud collected a yellow just as stupid as in the first game, Sanchez kept the ball for so long that it nearly costs us two goals. Minute 76, Cech does not hear Mert and he comes out pretty bad to concede an uneeded corner. I can say more but I just want to point out your total lack of understanding this game.
      This game was won BEFORE it was played, in hearts and minds. As the prof so eloquently puts it : if you don’t believe you can do it then you have no chance at all. Wenger has (a lot of ) failings but you can’t accuse him that he can’t prepare a game.

  7. Really dislike the negative attitude towards Ospina in this article. He made a mistake, he’s human. Cech had a great game, as did the rest of the team. Lets bask in the glow of our win without rehashing golkeeping mistakes made several weeks ago.

    1. This is the quality of the fans here and there. You can’t do anything about it, just have to live with it. But that’s not an issue in my book. The real issue is that they are convinced themselves that they have a better understanding of the game, tactics and the club itself. They are like that pigeon you try to play chess with. It cr@ps on the chess board, sweeps the pieces from the board and then go and claim victory.

  8. Compact defending, allow poccession, win the ball and hit them with pace and accuracy was what worked because our defence has been strong this year, and our attack deadly.
    Tactic that will work away at Man City, a performance that will breed confidence in league and cup.
    Well done Wenger for the right tactic, well done Arsenal for the performance and execution, and well done Arsenal fans who supported wholeheartedly.

    But still bottom of the league, and still nothing is won in October.
    More work to be done, more support needs to be given. Keep it up

  9. Did anyone reminded Bellerin, Monreal, Kos and Mert to take Lewandoski, Costa and Muller out of their pockets. It looks like they are still screaming for help in the pockets. Please guys who so ever see them tell them to do likewise.

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