Cech: Arsenal in great shape for Premier League title

Petr Cech stated that his Arsenal side are in a great spot to land their first Premier League title in over a decade.

The Gunners limped to a disappointing 1-1 draw at home to neighbours Tottenham Hotspur today, which left them two points behind Liverpool at the head of the table.

Petr Cech has now insisted that his side remain in a strong position to win the English top division, and the form they are in will see them stay in the fight for first as the season wears on.

“If you keep your consistency then you have chance to do it,” Cech told reporters. “We are in a very good position with a lot of games to be played.

“Obviously you need to make sure you compete for every game. If we keep our run going then we will be near the top and will have a chance.”

The former Chelsea shotstopper went onto admit that he was not very happy with today’s result, having failed to win from a leading position, blaming a lack of concentration and rhythm for them taking their foot off the pedal.

Cech added: “We’re disappointed to have only got one point because we were 1-0 up and in a good position at half-time, so it gave us the opportunity to go into the second half and use it to our advantage.

“The early equaliser in the second half changed the momentum of the game. They played with more confidence in the second half and we lost the rhythm a little bit after they equalised.

“We came back into it but we were too late. We are disappointed to have dropped two points.”

Do we still believe we can win this year’s title? How crucial could today’s draw be on our PL hopes?

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  1. CouchCoach says:

    He is wrong. Wenger’s stats are bad in November and good in May because its desperation and sheer ruthless determination that makes top teams win. Wenger’s belief in consistency and calm confidence as expressed by Cech is weak and too calm, hence the bad November stats and the fantastic May stats when he starts to get desperate for fourth place again. We need urgency now…. not relaxed “consistency” and misplaced confidence.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Another black and white argument. What about August Sep Oct Dec Jan Feb March Apr. When we win all is fine and Arsenal are great, we don’t win and nothing is good Arsenal are bad. We have got the most fickle fan base in England, maybe even Europe. Because of last season and leading up to it, we are now known to have the worst fan base in the whole of the league.

  2. Bobbyraz says:

    we had the chance to win it but we didn’t, not all doom though, cech has been terrible at saving penalties, we need to get rid of chamberlain he will never be a good player lets bring back Campbell and give him a chance, iwobi needs to be more clinical don’t really see him as an out and out winger, just have to gear up after the brake and show everyone November can stop us.

    1. Wilshegz says:

      there is no such thing as “terrible in saving penalties” especially during games. Penalty saves is 70% luck.

  3. arsenal have more world class players than Barcelona according to some fan mustafi bellerin ozil sanchez cech kosrelny but look at Liverpool’s with no world class playey. if you take out our front four on give the rest of our team to all the other team in the bpl what you thing would happen.only sanchez an grioud could make my front four. sell ozil make sanchez our number ten. get a good lw rw on we are good i have been saying this for along time our offence is the weakest part of the team

    1. Wilshegz says:

      yea we see liverpool n also see how they played 1-1 also with Spurs

  4. Juhislihis McLovin says:

    If we lose at Old Trafford, then it’s clear we are not title winning material. Simple as that.

    If we will have another winless November it just goes to show that nothing has changed.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      What if we draw.

  5. JAmerican says:

    When I look at the table I see Klopp, Conte and Guardiola ahead of Wenger. Didn’t take them long to get their teams going I see. We never learn and every time we are set to go top we flop. It never fails, we should have a solid fearless 18 man match day squad by now. A squad like I dare say THE INVINCIBLES!!! That wins the game in the tunnel before they even grace the pitch…

    1. invisible says:

      FYI, the invincibles didn’t win all the matches.

  6. Wilshegz says:

    I’m confident in the defense, Monreal cleared my doubts of his form today.
    the midfield wasn’t good enough today but with Cazorla back it looks better
    the attack is still free-flowing but we need more finesse from Ozil n Iwobi

  7. what team in Europe don’t have better winger than ox iwobi wolcott you tell me. if we give Sunderland our defender an goalkeepers an holding midfield they would be a better team than us

  8. fullmetalalc says:

    I don’t think 1-1 is that big a disaster. Key from now will be how we respond. Two key areas where we can clearly improve are ruthless finishing and better defensive discipline. Our players need to have a penchant for clean sheets and a strong will to finish as many chances as we can. We are far too wasteful in both areas I think. I see a lot of showboating and fancy flicks rather than direct efficient play from our players on many occasions. Wenger needs to work on the mentality of his players because I think the squad is good enough technically in all areas. I would take a draw away to united and a win at home vs PSG to top the group as a satisfactory result from the next two games.

    I really believe being top of the table now is of no use. The real test for progress will be where we are in April. If we are 2 points off the top then, it would most certainly be an improvement.

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