Cech – Arsenal lost two points and need to get them back

Just a few weeks ago, Arsenal fans were praising Petr Cech for saving the Gunners a point with a clean sheet against Stoke City, but last night’s 0-0 against Southampton was a completely different kettle of fish and Cech was his usual efficient self but it wasn’t him that saved the points this time.

It is not down to me,” Petr said after the game. “[It is] especially down to Fraser Forster. He made important saves at important times. In the first half we found them very well organised and they put a lot of effort into defending and closing the spaces. The set up they had was not giving us space but I thought we were battling patiently through that in the second half and we found our way to break them down. Every time we had a great chance you need to put it into the back of the net. In this [sort of game] it is clear that one side is going to [win] by one goal that decides the game. In the second half we probably created the most chances we have created this season at home. Unfortunately we didn’t score and it is two points lost. We need to get them back in the away games.

“You need to look at the end and you need 86/87 points to be sure and it does not matter which way you go to get those points. It does not matter if you have to catch up at the end of the season, which is what we have to do. Every time you lose points you need to keep believing. The boring part is if you play for 0-0 you have no chance. When you create chance after chance on another day you might score six goals and it might be different. We need to get ready for Sunday and get those points back.

“The clean sheet is a positive thing and we dealt well with their threat. They had a lot of set plays and we did really well. We didn’t allow them to score so this is one positive. The second positive is the number of chances we created after a difficult first half [but] we didn’t score and dropped two points. You go on and you need to get points back.

It is good to hear praise from Cech for our opposing keeper’s work, but it a pleasure to see another clean sheet from our newest World-class star. He is doing his job of keeping our opponents out, but it’s a waste of time if our strikers don’t o the job they are paid very well to do….

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  1. Aside fraser foster, who thinks the saints played better than burnley?

    Yet we managed to nick out a win against em without Ramsey and flamini

    Let that touch ur soul!

    1. We need to go on a run of wins. 12 wins and 2 draws will win us the league. Wenger should rest Giroud against Bournemouth. Play a front 3 of Theo, ABC and Sanchez. Enemy, Coq and Ozil. Giroud as sub. We should note that Leicester City, Man City, Spurs will still play against Chelsea away. They will drop points. Our players should forget about the last game. Set a target of 12 more wins and 2 draws. No more Arteta henceforth. Giroud as super sub.

      1. @Skills1000,
        When we start wishing our competition loose points so we go top, then we’re not doing well at all. As of yesterday, the title was out of our hands.
        I doubt 12 wins and two draws will give us the title…not if Leicester gets 12 wins and 2 draws also…and don’t tell me it’s impossible for Leicester. Who thought they’ll move from a relegation threatened club to topping the league in less than a year?
        We have thrown away too many chances due to complacency.

      2. We have to play City United and Spurs away, realistically who do you think will drop more points?

    2. Our only reward as fans who spend loads and loads of money are WINS & TROPHIES nothing more. We don’t get a % of any profit the club makes or do we become owners of the beautiful stadium.. Its simple as that Anything else apart from WINS & TROPHIES is a loss to we the FANS .. So stop being deluded with wenger gives us stability & de other bunch of crap cos I don’t see how we benefit from dem….

      Anyone who blames Giroud is = FOOL..

    3. I think the trouble with some of the players,is that in training Wenger says no contact. Ok but if at least 4 like Ozil, Monreal Coquelin Sanches can control and distribute under pressure how are players like Walcott only speed, Giruid slow and can’t hold the ball, Flamini I will say no more How can you not have Ellerny who on his opening game showed that he has the talent Coquelin Arobi were far more threatening than Ramsey Walcott Giroud. Before Xmas we knew as did Wenger the players needed to make this year a go. He sticks with Wiltshere Welbeck Rosisky all will not make this year and all waisted. Bellerin has gone backwards in his game so has Campbell. It’s no good buying 17 year olds hoping by 22 will be top players and sticking with what we have as come Barca game it will be like Harlem Globe Trotters playing the girls netball team. We have no runners with the ball like Rosicky so Wenger should look beyond France for talent. We won’t make progress beyond Barca game and rightly so. It’s time to be ruthless Wenger drop Giroud, Ramsey Campbell bring on Coquelin Elleny Awobi and give them a chance instead of using them for Fa cup. CB

      1. You need to understand that Arsenal fc is a business,
        Where making money is far more important than winning trophies!
        All these young kids who are being bought in for peanuts,
        Will earn the Owners Millions when they are sold on!
        Don’t be fooled into thinking that they are here to win trophies for Arsenal in the future.

        Any trophies that are picked up along the way, of making millions, is just a bonus.

        As long as wenger keeps delivering qualifications into the champions league and the last 16 of that competition, his job is safe at the club.

        1. It won’t earn the owner millions the way that you mean it because the money goes into our resources and sits there building up. Once or twice the owner has taking out three million I think it was but it’s not like he’s getting all that money (from player sales), it just means he will never have to dip into his personal fortune to bank out Arsenal. Anyhows we’re not selling club anymore so are going to be spending more than we make.

  2. Nonsense………. We Lost two and wishes to get em back?

    How do u get two points back from a match?…….u only get two from two games, get one or get three from a game!

    I’m not in for rubbish!

    1. Hahaha ???

      You get them points back by winning the games where you are expected to draw or lose….. beating Utd, City and the spuds away … Is a good example of Cech’s meaning ?

  3. A few days ago I posted a comment on here and noted how AFC always seem to lose ground and our way once the heat is on…how we lack the mental strength and character to deal with pressure of maintaining a lead once we are top of the table and how we ALWAYS crumble when it matter most…i also noted how we ALWAYS seem to regain our mojo soon as we are out of contention for every important competition, when we go on some amazing winning streak, just in time to snatch the 4th place trophy…as is the norm on here and many other AFC fans forum i got member jumped down my throat, talking about negative fans, talking about new players we have and how that problem was a thing of the past….lollll….4 point out of a possible 12, from been top to 4th…@THE ANALYZER…how do you explain the last 4 games?….in other stories, hang in there guys, the 4th is ours, maybe just maybe Spuds finishing ahead of us for once will be the catalyst that will open the eyes of all the Wenger fan boys who still think he should be on the job until he is dead…Leicester city were relegation fodders this time last season, today there are 5 points clear at top of the league…we are 4 or thereabout this time last season, and the season before that and the one before that, in short we are where we were or thereabout for the last 10 season….only a mad person does the same thing over and over and expect a different result, i strongly believe along with Wenger and the board there are a lot of mad people supporting AFC…..

    1. Am just sick to the back throat of mentally challenged and clueless fans like @THE ANALYZER who don’t understand the difference between been factual and realistic to been a fan…..unless you believe in the game dreams of footballing utopia Wenger is selling us then you are a fake fan, you are negative etc…we have a manager who has a job for life and who because of that has lost all hunger,motivation,drive to better himself talk less the club…he is surrounded by average players on crazy wages who are in their comfort zones too,not to talk the oap’s and the perpetually walking wounded we have in the squad and yet some fans still think the sun shines our of his arse, despite obvious failings season in season out…he said at the start of the season we have a squad to win the title, despite all the hoopla not signing a striker caused I still said we should wait and see at the end of the season but I was of the mind that if he was that sure he should put his job on the line to prove that…we don’t win the league I quit…but of course that is never a possibility..he has a job for life, even if we are relegated!!!

  4. Man, we really miss Santi, with his incisive two-footed passing, in these games.
    Ramsey just hasnt been able to play the deep lying playmaking role well. He is very slow on the ball and by the time he plays a forward pass, our opposition usually has the bus parked.
    The only thing he is good at these days is his late runs into the box.
    Even, Jack would have done a decent job in the middle with his driving runs and exquisite vision, me thinks.
    We really need to string a run of wins now as we are in danger of not only dropping out in the title race, we can actually drop out of the top four..
    Anyway, hoping a for a good response in the weekend and a few favorable results from our rivals..COYG!

    1. quit overly missing Santi………. There’s no guarantee he’d return the same player

      a proper successor should have been brought in to complement his effort and presence (just incase he’s being affected with the current injury, form or age).

      Wisdom my friend…..wisdom!

  5. My heart sinks at the thought of having to live through another transfer window with Wenger in charge, let alone another season.

    1. @Nokia80
      Wilshere won’t do any better than Aaron. They’re cut from the same cloth. The only exception being Jack has a much better football brain. They’re both slow and hate to defend, unless they’re forced to…Everybody was hollering for Aaron in the middle. How he was being “wasted” out on the wings.
      Now listen to yourselves…Lmfbao

      1. i have never rated ramsey and have never called for him to start in the midfield…. and wilshere and ramsey are not cut form the same cloth… wilshere, like u said has a much better footballing brain… wilshere doesn’t require 3-4 touches to control a simple ball… wilshere isn’t selfish…wilshere doesn’t randomly pass the ball out of play
        honestly whenever fit wilshere is one of the best midfielders in the league

  6. come next matchday, there’s no hope of coming any close to 2nd place

    Not even a Win (for the foxes or citeh)
    Not even a Draw (for both the foxes or citeh)
    Not even a Loss (for both foxes and citeh)

    and what’s the probability that we could even upset an Afobe Led bournemouth team?

    we are in Limbo!!

  7. Why did we move out of Highbury?I think it was solely for financial gain.Fine we now have the stadium and lots of monies coming in,but would you believe that Stoke city spent more money on Transfer deadline day on ONE player than we have spent in 2 transfer windows?! This new stadium was supposed to make us compete with Europe’s elite but instead it has become a money making institution for the board.
    We are even spending much less currently in transfer windows than we were spending while at Highbury, and back then we were playing some magical football.

      1. but we have them playing with d*cks like giroud, theo and ramsey
        all that money spent will be useless if they have to play with desperately average team-mates

      2. Alexis I agree with but I have always insisted that the Ozil signing was never intended by Wenger. He had to be forced to sign him to prevent a fans’ revolt after a humiliating 1-3 defeat to Aston Villa on the opening day of the season. The same as those panic buys after being thrashed 8-2.
        Most if not all of wenger signings are inspired by humiliating defeats or serious injury crisis, but not by a genuine desire to create a league winning side.
        If you look at most of the players we have now,they were either signed as a consequence of injuries, as cheap replacements,as free agents, after an embarrassing defeat or as a result of another club’s financial woes(Malaga),being benched(cech).
        Few,if any,were signed to add quality to the team with the exception of alexis.

  8. 10000 % agree with Antiwenger..IT IS CALLED LACK OF AMBITION..and that my dear friends means another 10 years of pain seeing even teams like Leicester getting stronger to remain middle table up challengers..City will get stronger so is Chelsea, liverpool , Utd , SPUDs and so On..US? will start next season with the same over ratted BRITISH CORE and some average ones as usual and ON and ON and On until a manager changed is being confirmed the reasons of our failures to win the EPL when it was there for the taking. Lacazzete ( young and mobile ) and Isco ( santi replacement ) is what we have got in this window ( 50 millions spent ) then in summer you just have to find a decent CB and OUR SPINE ( missed ) would compete with PEP NBA team..but No..we will se flamini extension and other ..ENOUGH

  9. a feew years back when it was 0-0 i used to be relaxed thinking that henry will score one surely…or dare i say it.. van persie
    Now i just look around and think where the f*ck is that goal gonna come from!!!

  10. I’ve always said it, wenger can’t take us to the promise land. period. he has passed his pick. with him in charge, we are top 4 team. Mind you, the players have the same mind set. Wenger OUT

  11. I think Leicester City FC are fast becoming the Asteroids which fell from the outer space and hit the Oceans(Premier League) that led to the demise of the dinosaurs(Traditional Title Contenders).

    At the end of the day, it won’t be only Arsenal FC that will be affected by Leicester City FC wipe out. But Man City, Spurs, Man Utd and even Chelsea FC will all be wiped out by the Leicester City FC Asteroids.

  12. a feew years back when it was 0-0 i used to be relaxed thinking that henry will score one surely…or dare i say it.. van persie
    Now i just look around and think where the f**k is that goal gonna come from!!!

  13. Ramsey – Flamini partnership should be halted now to save our darling club. Le coq – Elneny is what we need to save the team. 85% of our players are just hyped with outrageous wages. Ramsey, Giroud should be benched. Flamini – omg ! That guy should explain to Arsenal fans how he has conned us into believing that he’s an actual footballer in 21st century. I just can’t watch wenger making a press conference because he’s now talk bulls*** more than wisdom.
    From top to fourth in four matches, what a shame! If not this season, when again? I still have hope but it’s time we get some players hungry again. We get the best from Ramsey and Giroud when the become so irritated on the bench. Flamini and Arteta jerseys should not be taken to the dressing room anymore. What a disgrace to have wenger as our coach.

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