Cech – Arsenal simply don’t have the ‘winning mentality’ like Chelsea

Petr Cech swapped Chelsea for Arsenal a few years ago, and although he admits that he did not want to leave the Premier League, he had the worry that the Gunners did not have the “victor’s mentality” that he was used to seeing at Stamford Bridge, and he worries that he just won’t win the amount of titles that were the norm with the Blues.

Cech said in an interview: “On arriving at the club, I said to myself, ‘Okay, Arsenal have not won the Premier League in 10 years but I want to be the one who helps them win the title’,”

“I did not see myself leaving the league which is, in my opinion, the best in the world, and I also wanted to continue fighting for the title. The concern is that we did not have a victor’s mentality.

“Chelsea had a simple advantage: on the past ten years, the club has gained more than fifteen titles. The first reason for this, from one year to the next, is that changes in the staff have not been very drastic.

“Come the end of the season, there was always a title, be it the Premier League, an FA Cup, a Champions League or something else. Arsenal have not won anything, beyond the victories in FA Cup, since 2004.

“If you look carefully, there are few who has won the Premier League … There’s Danny Welbeck and me. We have to learn together, we must find this path towards victory.

“My dream today would be to win as much with Arsenal as with Chelsea but I do not think I have ten years left in me for that.”

Arsenal have certainly had their chances to win the title, especially in Leicester’s season, but the team just don’t have that killer instinct to beat mid-table teams to stay on top when they are in the mix. At least not until the title race has already slipped from their grasp. Could it simply be a mental issue, or the lack of title winners in the team?

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  1. Bobbyraz says:

    It’s the press’s fault

  2. arsenal_for_life says:

    To be fair Arsenal does have
    a winning mentality.
    A top 4 winning mentality.
    The owner Stan does not want to win
    as that would raise expectations, transfer fees and salaries.
    Manager Wenger after being butchered by Mourinho in 2005/6
    and Ferguson in 2007/8/9 lost the will to fight.
    And so the Stan and Arsene 4th placed sustainable model was invented it’s
    main goal being to Maintain the value of Stan’s shares and Arsene’s 8mill p/y salary.
    The two cohorts have achieved brilliantly because now
    8 years on and nothing has changed after a nil net transfer spend
    and with the club currently siting 6 points off the lead after 3 games.
    Bang on target once again.

  3. JJPawn says:

    Chelsea’s winning mentality: 1 billion debt to Abramovich. Now give Wenger 200 million and see what happens.

    Those gullible to “press” click like to make much of this and moan around here. Arsenal have three FA Cups in the recent past.

    The difference between winning a title and becoming top four is vast, as you need a powerful squad to beat teams with several world class players. Once this senior English core are replaced at Arsenal things will change, however, I doubt we can buy another title without the money for that.

    The other factor other teams do not have are the dead weight of Arsenal moaning, entitle fans who make playing at home a difficult.

  4. Joe says:

    To be honest arsenal does not have winning mentality, its the painful truth, the club is not interested in investing towards that direction. We buy kids who need 7 years to be able to play with the first team. We are doing the same same mistakes every season, we never learn. Big teams work hard for the title, they invest in good players and managers. Ask any player from top 6 clubs in premier league to join us. No one will accept, why? Because we are just there to complete the number, big name but nothing comes out of it. We are still dreaming and not working towards the dream no investments. Poor management. Former barcelona manager is available he has won everything, former dortmand manager is available he has done it. We are comfortable with wenger who has failed to deliver

  5. Finding Dory says:

    Chelsea, ManU, Man City, and Liverpool more recently spend huge sums of money on players they bring in every transfer window. So, yes. If spending money is the measure of having the winning mentality then those teams sure do. Just because Arsenal don’t spend that kind of money doesn’t mean they don’t have the mentality. They simply don’t have the right owenwrship.

    It’s not a matter of Wenger out. It’s more so, spend the money. You could have Jose or another top coach st the helm for Arsenal but if the ownership won’t spend the. Obey it won’t matter who your coach is. Heck Conte and Jose would not even take the Arsenal job because they know they the ownership wouldn’t give them enough funds for transfers.

  6. Yossarian says:

    Sad but true. Fabregas knew it. Robin Van Persie knew it. Alexis Sanchez knows it. Many of our desired transfer targets know it.

    I hope that something good (Like Wenger retiring!) happens before Lacazette, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Ozil, Koscielny, and any other decent players that emerge, realise the same thing and decide to go elsewhere in search of Domestic and European League Titles.

  7. Mobella says:

    Did he exactly say that? I won’t say a team that won 3 fa cups and 3 shields beating the club you compared her to 3 times in the process don’t have a winning mentality. Except the winning mentality doesn’t include winning fa cup, league cup and only applicable to premiership. In that case we can say arsenal….( I don’t know the ideal word to use to replace winning) 3 fa cups and community shield in 4 years.

  8. Okoro E Alaebi says:

    Teams wit winning mentality dig dip n produce a win Arsenal is just a small local team no different from those playing in Championship. Cech is right it does not matter if they have won FA cup n Community Shield outside that what v they won nothing. Big team aspire to win in their league n outside it, so do not b surprised wit Man City’s spending they could win Champions League.

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