YES! Cech confident of trophies with this Arsenal squad?

A lot of people in the football world believe that the transfer of Petr Cech from Chelsea will give Arsenal a much btter chance of finally regaining the Premier League title. And it appears that our new Number One (squad number to be confirmed..) is confident that the Gunners have got the players to do it.

In a report on the Arsenal website, the 33-year old keeper has talked about the balance that Arsenal have in the team. He made it clear that he had not just made the short trip across London to avoid having to uproot his family after 11 years in the capital. And, as he points out, with the likes of Ozil, Cazorla, Mertesacker and Alexis Sanchez in the squad, Arsenal have players that have won all sorts of major honours for club and country.

With the long wait for a trophy at the club well and truly over following a second successive FA cup final win under the belt, the next step is obviously to be the best over a whole season and Cech believes we can do it.

He said, “Winning the FA Cup is great for the club and great for the confidence of the players’ mentality. I believe there is a nice platform for Arsenal to build on and I hope in the new season we will make another step forward.

“I believe I will win trophies at Arsenal. It is as simple as that.

“In the Arsenal squad we have World Cup winners, a guy who has won the Champions League, so many internationals with vast experience and many talented players who will want to prove a point and win the league and the Champions League.

“There is a great balance between the experienced and the young, so there is no reason why I wouldn’t think that I am going to win trophies.”

“Yes, there were other clubs in for me but I had said previously that I would put all the offers down next to one another and choose the best one for football reasons. Arsenal came to me with the best football reasons.

“They have shown me real commitment. It was never about financial offers, it was only ever about football and I am really glad that I can continue in the Premier League.”

With all that said, it should not make that much difference having one more player with a roomful of winners medals at the club. But I have a feeling that there is a mental obstacle for us in the Premier League. The same was true at Chelsea, however, before they finally won a second ever league title in the same year that Cech and Mourinho joined.

The keeper must have felt that weight of expectation and perhaps his experience of it can help his new team mates to get over it. So has Wenger signed more than just goalkeeping ability from Chelsea?

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  1. Greg says:

    I already love petr cech’s positive attitude towards winning silverware! Coyg!

    1. Jerick says:

      I’ve just watched a video on Facebook that was created by a Gooner on the departure of Abou Diaby and I have to admit that it was the saddest 5 mins of my life as to where football is concerned. He was such a good player being 2 footed, has physical strength, good aerial and passing ability and also comfortable on the ball. He is so unlucky to be deprived by injury and I can just imagine how he felt have to be in the treatment room for so long.

      I wish him luck if he is to be playing elsewhere and I hope u could have at least 3 good seasons as he nears the ending of his career even though I doubt that is possible. Good luck Abou

  2. Greg says:

    Can’t wait to see my gunners in pre season action and also petr cech between the sticks as our “new” gunner! Coyg!

  3. Timack says:

    I already love that fella. He’s a WINNER. I believe he can and will help many of our players become winners like him. That could create a very dangerous team (the Team is dangerous already but there is a big room for improvement). I LOVE ARSENAL and I Know you do too. TITLES AND TROPHIES’ DAY AHEAD GOONERS FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT. COYG !!!

  4. fonzy says:

    It really is the attitude and mentality of our newer players that has me feeling optimistic about the upcoming season. Cech has yet to play a game but it seems nothing but silverware will do for him just like sanchez. Ozil is less vocal but has been pivotal in every winning side he has been a part of. We need a couple more players with the same hunger and experience to win the league. Winners breed winners…I think that’s how the saying goes.

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:

    if we get a striker and a back up for Alexis and Coq then yes we do have a chance

  6. Mick The Gooner says:

    Cech to be the hero in a Community Shield penalty shootout, winning it by saving a penalty by Fabregas.

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Hahahahaha……… A penalty shootout is too much to ask for….. I’d prefer 2 beat em with large goal margins like 4:0 with a cleansheet on Cech’s hands…….u so hate fab hahahahaha

  7. josh37 says:

    I’m going to get thumbed down like it’s going out of fashion for this..
    But I think as a squad the difference between Ospina and Cech is similar to that of Podolski to Sanchez.
    We had a player who performed admirably, did what was required and scored important goals, seriously, Podolski is one of the best finishers in world football. But his skillset was limited and the squad has evolved past a need for him as we now have a player who simply does it all. (Scores, defends, creates off the dribble and sets up chances for his team-mates)
    With Ospina we had a great reactive keeper, crazy reflexes and didn’t really put a foot wrong but although we didn’t see that many errors resulting in conceding, the proof was there that there were a lot of short-comings in his game. His command of his area, stature, positioning, confidence to rush out and take the ball, confidence to rush out and close the angles, make himself big was simply nowhere near the level of the elite keepers. Cech included. He relies too heavily on his reactions where the elite keepers do everything possible to minimize the chances of scoring before the ball has even left their boot. Ospina doesn’t do this…
    I think the biggest gulf in quality was evident this season was against United. There is simply no way De Gea would’ve conceded near post from the Herrera volley being that close to it and made crucial saves that kept United afloat and momentum going where others would’ve crumbled. sorry if this comes through twice
    I know penalty shoot-outs are a raffle.. But if anyone doubts what I’m saying watch the difference between Ospina’s recent penalty shoot-out against Argentina and Cech’s against Bayern Munich. One of them has ice running through their veins, the other looks scared and ready to go home…

  8. ArsenalCaptain says:

    I would like a 2:0 and Fab to see a red card. Hahaha

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