Cech (DONE!), now will Arsenal get Vidal or… someone unexpected?

Vidal, Cech? (DONE!) Or something completely unexpected?‏ by KM

Hello folks. Are you swimming round the sports media ocean like a shark, trying to find a fallen transfer out of the surfing board like me? Well to date, not much is coming. A few rumors here and there but is there any truth to them or are people just trying to make money out of desperate fan clicks?

Anyway, we are expecting a Cech-in soon (DONE!). This is a marvelous addition. Now Ospina had a blinder against Brazil and suddenly people start pointing out to how good the Colombian is and pointing out his PL record. Well that’s the problem with Arsenal. We see one good game and suddenly we forget the reality. Szczezny was in desperate need of replacement and Ospina was the only candidate.

The truth is we should be ruthless. If we want to win the title, we need to select the best players we can get. Ospina’s OK record just aligned with the new approach we accepted – in which we actually try to defend. I think the Colombian should stay and we should let Szczezny go, because he has had too many chances, but Wenger likes the Pole and I think it’ll be the other way round.

In other news, Vidal has been mentioned but nothing serious. Now this rumour looks like girls makeup. If you put it on it looks pretty, but it hides the reality. We do need a new DM and Vidal might leave. Put the money we have in the mixer and Voila! You just leveled up at transfer story making ups.

He’d be a great signing. He’d bring up passion and energy in midfield, off of which our game will benefit. Also it’d be help and cover for Coquelin. But he’s 28 and he’d cost round 20 millions. I’m not sure it’s the Wenger kind of signing. Although Wenger might think that it’s time to take a risk or two if he wants to end his Arsenal career with a title in his hands.

It’d be a signing Ferguson or Mourinho would do without the blink of an eye. Arteta, Flamini and Diaby are either too old, incapable of, or usually injured to bring Arsenal through a season with a solid midfield machine.

The transfer window has seen a few moves almost unmentioned with Khedira and Mandzukic moving to Juve. I think they will assemble another cheap and interesting squad with out of favour players. Maybe we can take note of what they do.

Anyway, there could be a Wenger transfer done in the background but i doubt it. Wenger doesn’t like the publicity of transfers, but teams leak out speculations, so they bump up players prices. That’s how their “sources” work.

That’s that, we might get Cech confirmed today (DONE!), and Vidal if you trust the papers though! Have a nice week.

Konstantin (sorry this was written BEFORE the great news!)

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  1. Lyon offered Alexandre Lacazette to Arsenal for 21 million. I say take him, his present form and potential are astounding.

        1. lacazette for 21?! bahahahaha

          vidal for 21?! bahahahaha

          whats with the number 21?

          oh by the way..bahahahaha (keep that laugh for the next rumor-store it, like squirrels storing nuts)

          1. It’s 30mil Euros equated to pounds. Journos love a nice round 30mil, and because it’s players from the continent they put it in euros to make it seem legit.

            That being said Vidal is proven to be worth more, in the region of 25-35million pounds. Lacazette you could argue for potential is worth 25-30 (although not for me).

            I think we’ll see some fat being trimmed in the squad before seeing new faces. Ospina, Flamini, Arteta (player coach?), Diaby, Poldi, Campbell ALL need their hands shaken and given a farewell.

    1. Needs to prove himself, didn’t score against the top4 in France, hasn’t touched the CL, and has only dabbled in International friendlies. Would much rather we up the bid and focus on someone like Reus.

      With regards to the article I’d love to see Vidal come in as he’s exactly the profile that’s gonna make us title challengers, but I have serious doubts. Arteta AND Flamini would need shifting and I’m not sure we’ll manage it sadly.

  2. We have now officially signed Cech and he is 33, so why not Vidal at 28? This is a rumor that I did not see happening until recently, but now it really seems like it could happen. I think Alexis has put a good word in while on international duty and it is clear that they work brilliantly together.

    Also, I do not see us signing a striker this summer. If it was going to happen, it was going to be Jackson Martinez. But he is gone. We won’t pay for Higuain, and unless we are serious about Lacazette, (who would be a great signing) I just don’t see it happening.

    1. Wenger likes Jackson Martinez very much, if he wanted to sign a striker he would have gone with Martinez. So it seems we won’t be getting a striker unless a top class striker like benzema is available, then maybe Wenger would make a move. But I think Wenger will make one more top class signing and this time in the midfield area. So we might see Vidal after all. I personally would like to see a striker but sadly Wenger is happy with what he has. Maybe he sees something that we don’t.maybe welbeck will come good this season and show his real potential

  3. Expect anyone so long as they Are Genuine top top talent. I’d say 2 more first team players max this summer. Also the transfers could happen towards the back end of the window, hardly any business has happened yet. Chain reactions happen with transfers one transfer at one club can trigger several transfers and there’s been very little movement. Some gems could become available who no one would expect.

    In other words if a player doesn’t take the starting 11 onto another level or someone young with massive potential worth risking other youngsters futures at arsenal. If they don’t meet this criteria they aren’t coming.

    1. I think you right – 2 more players max. I would not be surprised if he gets just one more player. But I don’t make too many predictions on things like this. So much can happen. Wenger could shock us all????

      1. What kind of shock???benzema and Vidal..?I can’t see any shocks. We are lucky if he signs one more top player

        1. That is what a shock is!! Something no one expects and is very unlikely to happen. Thus the term “shock.”

          But I agree with you. Likely only 1 more player.

  4. With the signing of cech..we just need 1 more player…and that’s a defensive midfielder cover for coquelin…now,I know lots of fans will go on about buying a striker blah!blah!blah!..but we already have enough strikers at present(welbeck,giroud,sanchez,walcott)…I don’t see wenger adding to that…it will only cause disarray and lack of self belief in the players…I expect welbeck to turn up good and he should be given a chance,not added pressure by buying a new striker…the same goes to walcott…we have the squad we always wanted…there’s no weak point in our 1st eleven now(with cech in d mix)…we just need cover for the players we already have….AND its just d DM position….COYGs!

    1. @ chris masters My comment above was almost as same as yours. With the strikers we currently have I can’t see Wenger going after a striker. But surely Wenger will make one more big signing. I think in the midfield department. I just hope we get a player like Vidal. It would be another huge boost for the club

  5. With the signing of cech..we just need 1 more player…and that’s a defensive midfielder cover for coquelin…now,I know lots of fans will go on about buying a striker blah!blah!blah!..but we already have enough strikers at present(welbeck,giroud,sanchez,walcott)…I don’t see wenger adding to that…it will only cause disarray and lack of self belief in the players…I expect welbeck to turn up good and he should be given a chance,not added pressure by buying a new striker…the same goes to walcott…we have the squad we always wanted…there’s no weak point in our 1st eleven now(with cech in d mix)…we just need cover for the players we already have….AND its just d DM position.

    1. I think you are right about needing cover at DM. But, based on Wenger’s recent history, I believe he will more likely go for more of a B2B midfielder instead of a pure DM. Maybe Wenger will surprise us??

    2. if you want to win the league (Premiere or Champions leagues), stop saying we have welbeck etc. to win the league, you need world class Strikers. Chelsea’s Costa a perfect example. How many “Strikers” that you listed above would terrify defences. Enough with that talk. Sanchez should be played as a winger. He is Arsenal’s Hazard/Neymar. We need top notch finishers (Benzema/Lacazatte etc.) Even Giroud (though he is a very good player and improved tremendously) wont deliver us the title(s). We need ruthlessness.
      Get Carvalho & WC Striker (Benzema (preferable) or lacazatte or someone of that ilk).

  6. What Arsenal fans do not acknowledge is the need for WC players other than the GK position.
    I fail to understand the logic of nursing Almunia so many seasons, giving Fabianski a chance and favouring Sczesny for the N:1, While Ospina made an excellent season all in all, the Pole is the one to go. Yes Cech is better than Ospina , however he has 4-5 seasons in him , while Ospina has 10+.
    If we choose to let Ospina go, so we should let Mertesaker , Walcott, Wilshere and Coquelin go, and replace them with WC players. Why stopping only at GK position?
    Double standards and AW’s own personal logic. I still believe Wenger does what he wants , noone challenges his decisions- right or wrong. I guess it is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship. Lets name the stadium Arsene Wenger, rather than Emirates after a couple of years.
    I would go for Klopp, Hummels, Howedes, Reus and Bacca + DM.
    Point made.

  7. I like Vidal, but not sure about him being a DM. He is another box to box player, like Schniederlin, that is great all-around, but wouldn’t be great if he was forced into sitting back all the time. Unless Ramsey or Wilshere are ready to play in the holding role regularly (I think Arsene wants to have 2 all around midfielders sitting behind the AM), I can’t see it. Coquelin is just coming off a great year where the team was just great in the setup we had.

    Bringing in Vidal or Schniederlin would change that setup completely. I don’t think Santi is (as) viable as a holding player next to the less defensive guys we are mostly talking about, which leaves 2 choices. Either we play with 2 holding players that are all around B2B players, or we play with Le Coq with one of the new guys. That leaves Ramsey either benched or on the wing, same with Wilshere, and probably same with Cazorla. We may start the season without Sanchez, leaving a gap on the wing for Wilshere or Cazorla to fill in for a bit, but you have to assume Sanchez will mostly be on the LW. Walcott will probably feature on the right and through the middle (glad to see Arsene trusting him through the middle a bit more). And Ox, Gnabry, Giroud, Rosicky, and others all deserve some significant time on the field.

    I think to be true contenders in the current league we have to be a bit ruthless, but that has never been Arsene’s way. He will stick to certain players while guys that are just as good rot on the bench. When they come in rusty and don’t play well, he feels justified, but certain players get all the time they want to round into form. We are starting to get some real depth to the team, and if we do sign another midfielder we will have a lot of great options. Arsene needs to rotate better and make it clear that form counts for something.

    Signing Vidal/Schniederlin and seeing off Flamini and Diaby will make a big difference for me. Keeping Kos and Ospina, thinning out the GK’s and hopefully adding another central defender (entering or in their prime) and attacker (if not Lacazette I would probably look at wingers) will put it over the top for me. Thinking about a possible lineup is salivating, though honestly I expect we will MAYBE buy one more first team player and some youth.

    1. I think you have covered most possible scenarios. But I believe Wenger intends for Cazorla to be on the pitch no matter who is acquired. Wenger will try to fit him in somehow. He has been just too valuable to leave on the bench.

  8. Vidal is deffo not joining. Did you guys see the interview he gave????!!! Basically he said we never win the league, always come 3rd or 4th, and it would be a step down for him to come to us. Not exactly endearing himself to our fans, is he? I reckon Wenger will get Carvalho, he gets DM and CB cover all in one then. Lacazette offered to us for £21M, bite their hands off right now!!

    1. You mean the interview with FAKE translations? the one that is supposed to be a joke?

      1. I was wondering that but i thought someone wouldn’t be so sad to make such a thing. Call me mike1977 or Gullible lol.

    2. That was clearly fake subtitles on that interview that was made by a Tottenham supporter!

  9. Does this mean Ospina is sure to leave now? Could it be Szcesny?

    Does anyone have any real info on this??

  10. Vidal is not coming to Arsenal nor do Arsenal want him. Rumors are total fabrications. He is not a CDM and would join an overcrowded midfield. Moreover, he is not leaving Juve. Please stop wasting space on nonsense.

    1. The rumor and especially the low price seem absolutely ridiculous to me. But this rumor just won’t go away. Now the deal is being reported in local chilean newspapers.

  11. I see manure are trying to sign Ramos. I’m hoping, he stays at Real Madrid. because if Ramos goes, you know they will be coming after koscielny!!

    1. Ramos>Man U,
      Real come sniffing around Kos
      Wenger says no feckin way kid (in a French accent)
      Real say, but we will give you £25M
      Wenger, says NO and then asks if Benzema was part of a potential deal then
      Perhaps we can talk…..

      chambers steps into Kos Role, or A cheaper solid CB is acquired also to play alongside Per/Gab.

      Not saying I want Kos Out but it could feasibly play out this way.


  12. @Mike1977. Can Vidal really say sh*t like that about arsenal? Well it goes a long way in showing the level of respect he has for his supposed best friend Sanchez.

  13. I dont see us signing vidal, but our midfield is already too crowded, and ramsey and wilshare will not be happy as playing 3rd and 4th choices when other big teams wanted them. They are home-grown and have potential n quality. We dont afford to loose them as they will also strengthen our opponents.

    Its better wenger goes for pure dm like carvalo

  14. If we buy a quality DM he won’t start matches anyway, Coquelin will. So in that instance it’s a bloody waste of money. CB or world class striker would do it for me.

  15. Two things any new signing thrives on in their first season
    1. EPL experience e.g. Debuchy despite injury woes
    2. Phenomenal talent e.g. Alexis Sanchez

    Petr Chech ticks both boxes

  16. Amazing Signing Petr Chech!!

    Goal kicks will never be the same ooooooospiiinnnnaaaaa!!! *sniff*sob*

  17. Being ruthless means buying better players than the ones you have even if the ones you have performed admirably.
    Vidal is a better b2b and a better DM than any player we have in our squad today, so with him coming in someone might become unhappy sitting on the bench, so be it. You don’t build winning teams by pleasing all your players, someone is always unhappy.
    What if some ahole from Stoke breaks Coquelins leg in the second game of the season? Who is our DM then? Biyelik? Flamini? Arteta? Or are we going to call Diaby back?
    Get a grip everyone – do we want the title or not?
    If we do a player like Vidal will definitely help us get there.

  18. If we ended up signing Vidal after just getting Cech that would truly state our intent of a PL title challenge next year. I think most are in agreement here which positions we need to strengthen.

  19. wheres that chap who placed his wife as a bet on here yesterday that vidal would be unveiled today . do you have any nice photos of your darling wife sir please . come on , dont renage on a bet .

  20. vidal isn’t coming. jeremy Wilson from the telegraph has an inside line to the inner goings’ on at arsenal. he says no vidal because wilshere and arteta can cover coquelin if injured and ramsey is too good to drop.

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