Cech – Everyone expected Arsenal to lose!

The Gunners had to battle hard for a point at Stoke City last night, and the 0-0 draw was a fair result after great performances by Jack Butland and Arsenal’s very own Petr Cech. There are very few fans that would not have chosen Cech as their man of the match, but the great man himself says that very few outsiders expected Arsenal to win the game.

Cech said after the game: “[We came here and] everyone [outside the club] thought we were going to lose again. We showed everybody that we can compete. In the circumstances we will take a point and move on. We were unlucky in midweek to concede a late goal and today we will take a point. We are in the position we want to be and we now go to the home game and we are ready to compete again.

“I was pleased with my contribution because sometimes it can be a tricky game. You try to keep your composure in such conditions. Every pass you make you try to do it perfectly and the players in front of you feel confident and that they can relax. It helps and in the second half I did my best to keep everything out.”

Tricky is not the word, and to be fair Jack Butland was brilliant to keep Stoke in the game in the first half until Cech took his turn in the second. The Stoke keeper also had nothing but praise for Petr as well. “His record speaks for itself. What stood out for me, in the first half he had no saves to make but in the second half when we did turn on the pressure he was there when they needed him. That is what [being] a good ‘keeper is all about. It is not just the save but it is about relieving the pressure and making them feel comfortable in front of you.”

I have no doubt that the only reason Arsenal are still on top of the League is down to the arrival of Cech in the summer. It doesn’t matter how many great outfield players and strikers you have in the team, if you don’t have a solid keeper you will lose games that you shouldn’t. Petr is that keeper….


  1. I am happy we got the point and are still top of the table. But I. am worried about Alexis Sanchez and what has now become a trend of key players missing crucial games. Looking at our bench yesterday, one would be forgiven for thinking it was a capital one cup game,only one attacking option, a 19 yr old.Yet wenger won’t sign anyone because Welbeck (who hasn’t kicked a ball since March last year) is returning from injury. This, to me,is the exact difference between us and previous title winners.We put our hopes of winning the title on players who are rarely available. Even Leicester city have more attacking options than we do,it’s sad.Those who think that we will be fine because our injury crisis is easing, just remember that yesterday we were supposed to have Alexis back,but instead we lost ozil to injury. Wenger please utilize this window.

    1. You are one of those glory hunters who think the solution to every problem lies in spending money. Arsenal has a squad of 23 players above the age of 21 as of January 2015. The club has two regular players namely Bellerin and Chambers who were below the age of 21 as of January 2015. In contrast Man City a squad of 21 players who were above 21 years as of January 2015. They do not have any player of note who was below the age of 21 years as of January 2015. Ihenecho is a bit player just like Iwobi. Of the two teams Arsenal has a better squad depth than Man City.

      Welbeck carried the team last season when Olivier was out injured so unless you know what we dont, the is no reason to think that he will not be useful in the run in. Alexis is coming back and Ozil will be available in the Chelsea game, so what is your story about buying buying buying?

      Have you ever imagined what could happen if the club uses up its remaining 2 spots for players above 21 by buying a striker, then we have long term injuries to our full backs soon after? Clever managers always leave margins for the unexpected. Look at Man City situation right now. They used up their non-home grown quota in the summer transfer window, and now they cannot buy a non-home grown player without selling. Considering that the window is short it will be difficult for them to sell and buy. If they were to buy they will have to content with the inflated prices of British players of average talent. So despite the talk of Isco and like players joining City, the reality is that cannot happen this window, because their transfer decisions in the last summer window robbed them of capacity to make such signings now.

      Managing a club is different from playing computer games.

  2. I did not expect us to lose.
    The bookies had us
    favourite to win but yeah.
    For sure Pay Cech is certainly
    paying dividends.
    If Arsenal wins the EPL with just a 15 mill
    spend then can we really still say that money
    was the reason we did not win for 11 years?

    1. It was, you seem to forget without money we wouldn’t have had Sanchez or Ozil or the ability to keep Cazorla.

  3. Everyone expected Arsenal to lose if Cech didn’t become a great goalkeeper for Arsenal…thanks to you mate, love you cech <3

  4. This team needs another quality attacker, another Sanchez … Walcott, and Giroud, even Ox and Campbell are all average at best, they are squad players not game changers, you cannot deny that …

    1. Giroud does not play like Henri
      but he is scoring just as often.
      Walcott invisible a lot but has
      this knack of popping up and scoring.
      Campbell is the best winger we have right now.
      Ox I agree is not playing well.
      PS. Top of the league is not average.

  5. Petr cech Much respect to you mate for your crucial saves against stoke, and shutting them out with us getting a priceless point! You are truly world class mate thank you for your efforts! Coyg!

  6. Some ppl being deluted doesnt think guardiola will be a good replacement for wenger and even hinting martinez be better. But does martinez has ucl experience like guardiola? Dont think so, he might be just like bredan rodgers for lp, almost reaching top but failed to do so with his decisions. even tho martinez is a good manager but not a Big club for Arsenal.

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