Cech Interview – Arsenal will challenge the best in Europe!

Petr Cech’s first ever interview as an Arsenal player

Arsenal football club have generously provided JustArsenal with Petr Cech’s first ever interview as a Gunner. He believes we will be a very successful team. Let’s hope he’s right! Over to you Petr……

Petr, welcome to Arsenal. How does it feel to have signed for the club?

It is exciting. I first came to the Premier League a long time ago and I still love playing in the Premier League and the challenges it poses with the great players and great teams you have to face every week. Arsenal are a team that challenge for the top and definitely matches my ambitions and personal motivation. I believe at this time of my career I have made a really good choice and will have the success that I hope to have.

What is about Arsenal that made you want to join the club?

I would say the approach. In the first meeting we had, I spoke to the manager, Arsene Wenger, and obviously it was a big difference because I am as hungry as ever and have the same motivation and commitment to win trophies as I had 10 or 15 years ago and as a kid. Having spoken to him, I believe I will find a team that wants to be successful and wants to challenge the best in Europe. It is an exciting project for me.

Having spent 11 successful years at Chelsea, it must have been a tough decision to leave?

It was probably the hardest decision for me to go, but last year I realised that I am not in a phase of my career when I would sit on the bench. I want to be playing, I want to have a chance to compete for my position in the team and I want to be useful for the team and do the usual stuff on the pitch week in, week out. I hope I will have that possibility to compete for my place here at Arsenal and I hope that I can bring something a little extra to the team that can help.

You’re obviously hugely experienced in the Premier League. You know the Premier League very well and you know London very well. Do you think that will be a big advantage for you?

Well I believe that the Premier League is the best league in the world and having played in the Premier League for such a long time, it is to my advantage and I know what to expect. This year I will be at a different club but I think it can be a big advantage for me that I’m settled, I know what to expect in almost every ground in England with the style that is played. It is a great challenge to be playing against the best players in the world and I always wanted to play in the Premier League and be a part of this league. To have an opportunity to continue in a team that has the motivation to challenge for the title and challenge the best teams was a challenge for me and I have to say that once I spoke to Arsene Wenger about the ambitions and motivations this club has, my decision was clear because I wanted to be a part of it.

How influential was Arsene Wenger in your decision to join Arsenal?

I had a good chat with him and it was the first time after the club approached me that I could speak to him in private for such a long time. He made me believe that this was the right step and that this is the club with a lot of ambition. I have a lot of personal motivation and ambition and the club definitely matches it. It is an exciting time for me, it is a project where Arsenal fans and the club have been waiting for the Premier League title and this is a chance for me to bring my experience and my little extra to the team and we can possibly achieve that.

Have you spoken to Tomas Rosicky about the club much and if so, what has he told you about it?

Yes, we have spoken – obviously we had time together with the national team but at the time I did not know what would happen. But he seems happy always and he loves playing for Arsenal. He was excited about the idea that this could happen. He told me a lot of good things and he was one of the reasons why I decided to give it a go and meet with Arsenal. Then the discussions went on and here we are today! I am really happy it happened that way.

You have played against Arsenal many times over the course of your career. What are your biggest memories from playing at Highbury and Emirates Stadium?

The first time I played at Highbury I was actually surprised about the size of the stadium because I thought it was a bit bigger! When you were on the pitch it seemed quite close and narrow. The first time I played, we conceded a goal when Thierry Henry shot a quick free-kick and we were caught by surprise. But in the end we got an important 2-2 draw which would later allow us to win the title, so that was my first memory. Then the club moved to Emirates Stadium and it is always nice to play there because of the beautiful pitches there every single year. You as a visitor know it is going to be a tough task to play against technical Arsenal sides and it was always a big test for us but we seemed to have success in recent years. Hopefully that will change now!

You have a chance to prove that because your first competitive game could be against Chelsea…

I think the script couldn’t have been written in a better way for the fans because this will be one of the days [that is] very exciting and very strange at the same time. I have to say, having been with Chelsea for 11 years and having so much success and great memories, I guess it will be a very strange feeling to be on the other side. Once you’re on the pitch, you play for your team and you want to win. During the year you can play against friends, you can play against big friends and close friends but once you are on the pitch, this friendship goes away and you just focus on winning the game.

So wecome to the Gunners Petr!

If you prefer to watch the video interview…….

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  1. Ozil



    That is a major signing per summer for three consecutive years. This is huge for a club making its way back up.

    Props to Wenger

      1. what will constitute as a major signing with regards to cech? as in what kind of performances are you warranting to label himas a major signing? just want to know your reasoning.

      2. How he will perform? Did you not watch the EPL over the last decade. He is one of the greats when it comes to goalkeepers and miles above the two that Arsenal used last season.

        It is kind of sad that rather than celebrate, some people hope for failure.

        1. So true RvP. We are a special set of fans……….only a Gooner could find misery in signing Petr Cech. Bizzare thing is, even if he did flop, no-one with an IQ of more than 10 could say in the future this wasn’t a good decision and a smart piece of business. It is one of those rare no-brainers. Still amazed there are some on here questioning it – but there again perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised.

      3. Mate, are you praying for him to fail? Am sure you are not Arsenal fan because I’ve not come any that’s not excited except you. Boy, he is an upgrade. Any better one in the market for now? No, don’t tell me about Iker C.

        1. If he ever misperforms, it doesnt mean its not a major signing, it would be just plain bad luck!!

    1. We should sign three world class players in one window. Not one every year. Chelsea did that last season and won the league. Why not since we got cech let’s go and get the two more world class players we need to win

      1. Lets see how many world class players Chelsea signs this time. Less than 3 I guess

        1. Chelsea did their main business last season,they don’t need to sign 3 more top class players.

    2. Maybe Wenger has promised cech a few top class signings, that’s why cech is optimistic. That’s why he agreed to sign for us.hopefully

  2. well done Arsene Wenger and thanks a lot. You stuck to your commitment of getting world class players after repaying the debt. Kudos

  3. could not be happier . a wonderful start to our summer . this is the rock that arsenal can now build on . one or two more signings in the right positions and we can rock on !.

  4. Loving the cech. Not seen him talk much before but it seems we have iceman no.2. Calm, collected and a brick sh/t house who ‘ye shall not pass’.

    F@cking EPIC signing! He will no doubt move us further up the table.

    Now let’s get some top class steel in midfield and a goal addict up front and trample all comers.

    1. Hey AOT – must admit that seeing your happy side is almost as good as the signing itself 🙂

      1. It feels strange to me but I think I kind of like it.

        I like seeing us move in the right direction and that is happening..(caveat: although we need more).

        I would go as far as to say as cech could have the most impact out of our 3 latest WC signings yet! (MO, AS, PC).

  5. We will challenge for the most sold player revenue in the transfer market. #WarChest

  6. I think there is more World Class players to follow Cech. Feeling 2 more on the horizon this window.

  7. Off topic a bit.. I am not sure about Vidal, he seems to be just a reckless player who will get so many red cards, he makes unintelligent tackles..

    Schneiderlin looks more intelligent and clean with his play, I would have loved Scheneiderlin, but Vidals hustling is like Ramsey, so may be that energy will help. But I am not that sure about him..

    1. I don’t think he’s had a single red card in three seasons at Juventus. About 40 yellow cards but he’s the type of player who likes to get under the opponents skin but very rarely takes it too far. He’s actually really clean in in tackling because he gets forward a lot makes a lot of last ditch tackles comes in from behind a lot. But an absolute rock When in front of the defence.

    2. I don’t see Vidal coming to Arsenal…. he isn’t Wenger’s type of player. Schneiderlin perfectly fits the Wenger mold, I’m really surprised that Wenger appears to have pulled out, because apparently Arsenal are Schneiderlin’s preferred clubas well, and Manure appear to prefer Vidal …. very confusing.

      1. I’d say Vidal is more of a Wenger player than Schneiderlin. Wenger Likes smart technical players. People can say what they want but Wenger likes top top quality players I don’t think many managers know top quality like Wenger, the players he signed in his first few years at Arsenal are Wenger players. The players he signed when we had no money were the best he could do in tough times I don’t believe for a minute a lot would have joined under different circumstances. Now he’s started buying the players he wants again Vidal is a far better player than Schneiderlin his off field antics could be off putting tho. Also his temperament isn’t an issue on the pitch / dressing room we had opinionated players in the past I think that comes with having worldclass players in the team they come with world class ego’s.

        Also just a thought but right from the offset Wenger had to sell players to fund the stadium / training facilities well before the stadium was built. Right for the sale of Anelka and Overmars. This is seriously the first period where Wenger doesn’t have to sell. It’s a far more exciting time than people think.

  8. Good man Cech, very good man. Welcome to Arsenal Cech. We hope to see you between those posts for the next 4 years and please teach Scez well.

  9. We have 3 strikers who will be fighting for that ST slot up top so I don’t see us getting another. What I see is more of a goal scoring winger for the RW to assist in scoring and defending. Griezmann comes to mind and I wish we could have gotten him last summer instead of Atletico Madrid. Add Vidal to that and we’re in big business…

  10. A big Thank You goes to the Little Mozart. Without him I don’t think Cech signing would have been possible!

  11. He won alot with Chelsea and I am sure He will help Arsenal win alot in his time with us…….

    It all started with Ozil….Many pundit question His move from RealMadrid to Arsenal…They said it was a backward move…They forgot a thing called ‘New challenge’. And with Arsenal, You can never go run… Permit mi for loving this club so much….Gunner since 1999 and still counting….CECH-Mate Babyyyyyyy….Buzzzzing!

  12. Not wishing for time to speed up, but at the rate we’re going with signing WC players I just imagine how our squad or line-ups will be when Wenger finally leaves. Really think Arsenal “WILL” be an elite club around that time and we “WILL” be feared.

  13. Well we got Cech…
    We are Loosing Ospina …
    We are keeping the Polish GK (and Mertesacker!!)…

    It is a great signing because he is a GK of experience (based on the previous seasons). I hope he still has the quality because he barely played the season just passed… I will suggest less excitation and more calm… And stop calling Wenger ruthless. If it was down to Mourinho, Cech would have signed somewhere else. Abramovhic sanctioned the transfer.

    Being ruthless would have meant signing Cech, convinced Ospina to stay (even though he would have to challenged for a top spot) and get rid off the “puffing” Szczesny…!!

    There is talks and rumours about Wilshere getting a raise and being “rewarded” with a £100,000/week contract… I hope it is, in fact, a joke…!! That would send the wrong message to the other players, especially the first team ones (yes Wilshere is one of our bench players… He could not be a starter even to save his life… The ones playing at the same position are just clear quality above) and even to the ones who are rarely used…!!

    Man City would propose £40 millions, I think that is an amazing offer and would allow us to find a top player to reinforce the squad even more…

    Anyway, it is up to Wenger to decide… As for challenging the best in Europe, I believe we will… In 5 years, if we are consistent on the transfer market and manage to keep our best assets.

    Challenging the best in Europe will indicate winning our own league and reasoning in the mind of Barca, Real M, Bayern M and more as a “major” treat to their European aspirations… Not just a silent participant pushed aside easily and just competing to get the rewarding money of exiting the group stage (which we are doing right now since we cannot imagine winning the greatest trophy in club football).

  14. Contract end dates tomorrow for players / loan deals so I’d expect the next news to be clarification on Diaby + some youth players who have been released. Also I think Arteta has signed on for 1 more season but I don’t think anything is announced yet. So should have news on this in the next 48hrs ish.

  15. The wind blows in several directions before it settles for one that agrees with it.

    For some it takes awhile, others shorter…but eventually we all end where we want to be.

    Cech wanted Arsenal, Mourinho go suck on that!
    Do Arsenal finally have a say in world football again….the answer is….YES!

  16. Thank U Profesor AW for beating Mourinho 2his game.!
    And thanks Cech for your wise sportsmanship…
    ‘Cech said he also came 2this great club after he talked 2AW,& he learned about the great ambition of the club’
    Goodluck CECH.

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