Cech – Last season was just too long for Arsenal

Our newest signing the great Petr Cech has been filling the papers with his first interviews for the Gunners, and he seems very confident that Arsenal can go on to great things if they continue their form from the end of last season. But Petr believes that the Gunners slow start was the only reason that they did not really challenge Cech’s old team Chelsea for the League title.

“It is [an exciting time] because you could see clearly that this team has a big potential,” Cech told Arsenal.com. “Especially in 2015, the team had a very good run and you can see how many talented players came through and played really well.

“I believe that towards the end of the season, they found the balance and played really good football as well as finding the winning touch where they found three points in important games.

“It’s just a pity that the season lasts all year. You have to start and finish well, which was Arsenal’s problem last season – the points they dropped at the start of the season were costly for them in the title race at the end.

“Winning back-to-back FA Cups is a great achievement and I hope that the team can pick up where it started in 2015 and carry that on during the whole season.”

The FA Cup wins have given us a squad that now knows how to give us trophies, and will have much more confidence going into the new campaign especially with Petr behind our improved defence. Can you imagine how much more successful we would have been in the last ten years if Cech was in goal instead of the Szczesnys, the Fabianskis and the Almunias that we have grown used to since Jens Lehmann left us all those years ago.

Cech told us that this very nearly happened, but visa problems stopped him moving to the Gunners early in his career, despite Arsene Wenger being very keen on signing him. “There was a chance before I went to France [to join Rennes] that I could sign for Arsenal but I was only 18 or 19 and at that time Czech Republic were not in the European Union,” Cech continued on the official Arsenal website.

“You needed a work permit and the conditions were to play 75 per cent of the first-team games for the national team, which at the time was impossible for me to get. In the end I went to France because I couldn’t get a work permit.

“I had a few teams who were interested but Arsenal was one of the main ones. I was so excited because of the Premier League and big clubs but unfortunately it was not the time for me to come.

“It was later with Chelsea, and I’m obviously grateful for that, but you can never prepare the ways in your life and you’ll never know where you’ll end up. Here we are and I hope that I can replicate all I’ve managed to achieve in the past decade.

“If I could have got the permission, maybe my story would have been a completely different story but here we are 10 or more years later, and now we can write the story again.”

In his 11 years at Chelsea he won 13 trophies. He is a winner and he has the experience to rise to the occasion. If Cech can be half as successful in his time as Arsenal’s Number One, I will be more than happy!

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  1. Not bothered about last season anymore. I want to hear more about what the club is doing to make sure we do better next season.

  2. Fun fact:
    Arsenal wins consecutive FA Cups 2001-02,2002-03.
    2003 sign GK Jens Lehmann.Win Premier League unbeaten 2003-04.

    Arsenal wins consecutive FA Cups 2013-14,2014-15.
    2015 sign GK Petr Cech….

    Anyone see a pattern here..Forgive me if I am overly confident and excited about this season. COYG !!!!

    1. On behalf of the manager and everyone at the club, I forgive you. Now, get excited. Very excited!!!

    2. I’m sure Cech was promised firstly first team football and secondly new signings. Maybe one or two top players.

    3. sometime back there was another fun fact. it was that when ‘carling cup’ was introduced as the new name of that comptetion, arsenal was the team to win it. so when the name changed again to ‘captial one cup’ we got overly excited ! not to mention we didnt win it.

  3. we need another dm and some sort of forward. dms are there, striking option will be tough.

    very glad about cech, we still have a long time to go in the window, everyone needs to relax. i do think we can get that midfielder done quickly, and then maybe later a striking option will become available.

    we were lacking goals form that right side AM btw….!

      1. I rather have Theo playing on the right wing than as a striker. We need a proven top class striker, we missed out big time on Martinez.if he wasn’t good enough why at.Madrid signed him? Now we need to stay alert on any available strikers. Can’t think of any right now. I still can’t get over the fact that Wenger doesn’t want Morgan SCH……he would have been a perfect match for us. We are losing available quality players one after another. Don’t know what’s going to happen

  4. Once again, Welcome Cech. It shows that while He was on the bench last season for Chelsea’, He probably had Arsenal in His mind. Remember He said He wants to remain in London. Kudos for choosing Arsenal….

  5. Don’t mater how good a keeper Cech is he will take time to settle and make one or two mistakes in the beginning so guys have some patients with him at the beginning

  6. cech and sczeny shared golden gloves despite arsenal havn a weak defense coz of no dm! that means sczeny did better than cech..cech is jst overated and we will all start cursing him in this site soon..jst wait n see

    1. Fine by me! I don’t mind if he’s overrated (if) as long as he gives another decade of consistent performances… or even half of it!

  7. I just want a CF to compete with Olivier, Benzema, I hate Higuain, for obvious reasons….even jus Lacazette,doesn’t matter what league hez from he has pace n clearly knows how to put the ball @ the back of the net….

    Also wouldn’t mind hvn song back as cover for Coq,and as Flamini’s replacement.

  8. OT: Holy $h!t Xherdan Shaqiri to Stoke City for 12m??? What a steal! and Liverpool wants 50m for Sterling LOL. All jokes aside, what an incredible signing for Stoke City, wow.

    1. It’s nou official yet but if they get him then they will have a pretty legit attack

  9. one of the reason is mertesacker lost of form and the other reason is wenger for not playing coquelin earlier which cost us the league.

  10. Cech in goal is a great start…Ospina or Scuffects as second choice

    I think we should start Gabriel ahead of Per just to see what he can produce with kosh the boss…(Hummels…Otamendi…Varane… Laporte)- players we could look at and if willing pay and get them.

    We need a DM once again I vote Carvalho..He is young talented..Coquelin will still be first choice Carvalho second.

    Up front Lacazette he is young can play either the wing or as striker…He will take a shoot he has belief in his ability much like Sanchez..and he is very pacey..

    Sanchez/Lacazette/Walcott upfront they can all interchange positions had all there pace will cause breakdown in defences..Guriod as impact sub…

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