Cech needs to forget Chelsea to be an Arsenal star

A keeper can understand what goes on with another keeper! Well, it may not be exactly true but former Arsenal goal keeper Jens Lehmann believes that the new signing Petr Cech has to get over his emotional bond with Chelsea if he wants to succeed at Arsenal.

The German former national keeper went on to add that Cech has to get over the fact that he joined the rivals of his old club. If he wants to see Arsenal succeed, then getting this over in his head will be a major challenge.

Lehmann is no short of experience when it comes to winning. He played for the invincibles during the 2003-04 season, when the Gunners won the Premier League title without losing a game. He believes that making the switch between major title rivals could hamper the season for the former Blues star.

The 33-year-old Cech ended association with Chelsea after spending 11 seasons at the Stamford Bridge. He joined Arsenal last month in a move that was seen by many as a clincher for Arsene Wenger.

Lehmann may be forthright in his views, but will it be a major problem? Very difficult to say at this moment but it can definitely be something for Cech to ponder over.

Moving between title rivals is not unknown in some of the other leagues – especially Italy. You observe players moving freely between Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus very frequently. But when it comes to England, the movement between title-fighting clubs is rare – or we may say, very rare!

There is no doubting the commitment levels of Cech; in fact, far from that. We all know and have seen the work ethic and commitment that Cech has put in his spell at Chelsea. Being a thorough professional, you would expect him to replicate or even go beyond those levels at the Emirates stadium.

However, it could be a psychological issue if Cech is unable to wipe it out of his mind immediately. That probably is the reason why Lehmann pointed out that a clean slate of mind will do a world of good for the new keeper.

If Cech can actually bring the same consistency level to Arsenal, it would bring a whole lot of new dynamism to the club. A safe keeper in Cech and a consistent back four led by Per Mertesacker could be the first step towards establishing a winning mentality.

What do you think? Will Cech have problems adapting to his role in a new team? Or do you think he has enough experience to cope with the mental aspect?


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  1. Cech was destroyed by José,he was a club legend and the best gk in bpl and all the sudden José brings in a youngster and benches him.total disrespect and cech deep inside would want to prove to Moran that he did a mistake. He is more motivated than ever. It’s not easy for a gk like cech to sit on the bench for an entire season.he will make Moran pay for this and he has already managed to hurt him by moving to arsenal. It’s just the beginning of a new cech era

    1. Cech already made his intention clear by joining us : He believes he has 3-4 top quality seasons in him and he is ready to claim GK Spot.Let’s back him goons.COYG!

      1. Exactly, Maureen disrespected Cech. I say so becuz Cech was had not lost form before Month dropped him, and is nowhere near Cech at all, though a very good keeper himself. Now Cech thinks Maureen a bitch, but so do we at Arsenal.

    2. Cech has just created a pressurised situation of his own making, he knows exactly what he has done and what is at stake. You cannot just walk across town and join a rival, create a serious s**t storm and stick yourself centre stage without possessing massive balls. The guy is one of the very best professionals in the modern game. The very best professionals can shut out their previous allegiances/triumphs – he has nowhere to hide and everything to lose…..I have no doubts whatsoever as to his commitment and attitude, not one solitary concern. There are of course no guarantees he will be a success but if he fails it won’t be for a lack of trying.

  2. I think he studies film on different forwards in the league. I swear I could have seen him favoring to one side when one of our players have gone against him almost like he knew this certain player likes near post from this distance etc.

      1. Benzema??? Vidal???higuain??? Carvalho??? Hope we get one of them at least. I’m not sure about higuain, not sure if he could be the 30+ goals striker we need.

        1. Why Benzema then. Higuain and Benz are closely equal with their goal returns, both add up to about 1 goal in two. Higuain is slightly better.

          Is it because Benzema plays for real whereas Higuain was sold by them.

  3. probably going to be quite unpopular but what do people think about getting gary medel? I’ve been really impressed with him since seeing him play for cardiff in the league and with our style of play I think he would be great back up for coquelin and I’d much rather see his tenacity on the field than arteta or flamini.

    I personally don’t really see the need for a player like vidal, we currently have cazorla wilshere and ramsey all capable of playing the box to box role and although he’s an upgrade, jack and ramsey still have time to develop more to their game.

    We’ve missed out on targets like kondogbia or imbula, who I think would have been the best signing as he actually is the most defensive minded and technical out of schneiderlin, kondogbia, vidal etc but really with the technical players we have the dm role is more about restricting the urge to go past the half way and someone like mascherano would obviously be the best signing for this.

    Medel’s played for sevilla alongside rakitic, played in the prem and has been influential for the chilean side, more mobile than w.carvalho, plus he might not mind being understudy to coquelin and at 27 has the most experience, also he wouldn’t block coquelin’s way to the french first 11 which would happen if we had bought schneiderlin, kondogbia, imbula.

    If we can get someone like krychowiak this will be a better option but I don’t see wenger guaranteeing him a starting place in our midfield which is likely what he’ll want

      1. I’m just thinking of true dm’s, not cm’s or b2bs and I can’t think of many world class ones who are out there or willing to move that haven’t already. If we are planning on keeping arteta and flamini I’d much rather have medel on the bench than these two before we can bring in someone in the mould of mascherano

          1. How good is he actually? Never seen him play before and youtube vidoes are kinda a waste of time.

            1. Watched him at the under 21 championship. He’s not world class but has the potential to become one.I don’t mind medel but I wish we can get a bigger name.medel is better than flamini and arteta combined.he would be a decent backup to lecoq.just not sure if Wenger would ever consider him.

    1. I like Medel a lot.
      I mean, d we want the guy that destroyed Messi s confort zone and managed to break so manyattacks?
      I think we would want him yes.
      A Little reckless on that own goal in the semis…but hey…even our great Kos has had one of those.

  4. Czech will be fine…remember, he rejected the likes of psg to come to us and though it might not be love yet, am sure he wants to show maureen what he is really capable of in the team that maureen despises the most…Czech could have offered them ten or more years of quality service but they disrespected him for a younger curtois who clearly favoured atletico…watch out chavs–we are coming to get yah!!!!

  5. Cech is an Chelsea legend. The best thing what can happen to him is by becoming an Arsenal one aswell.

    1. Yeah, wouldnt it be awesome if… when they pick best PL players ever that they show more of Cech in an Arsenal shirt than a blues one all down to the fact of him winning so many European and English titles after moving from their bench. Pleeeeaze let it happen.

  6. Lehmann is cool.
    Lehmann IS our own legend.
    I am sure Lehmann wants Cech to shine and to bring glory, he loves the club That Mad Jens.
    I understand what he says, surely Cech wants so bad to prove Mou he made a BIG mistake that feelings (even if good for us and bad towards him are feelings) can get and Cloud his vvision. He has to remain objective.
    I think thats what Mad Jens is referring to.

  7. Lehman was one of the best gk we ever had.great keeper.I remember he even scored once for shalke.it was from a corner.it was a season before we bought him. Great gk…still remember his penalty save in the semi final of UCL against Villarreal. It took us to the final but he had bad luck in the final with the sending off.we would have won the UCL that year if we had 11 players on the pitch.

    1. History could have been so different, the mighty barca were born that day… should have been us as our Invincibles was the best team in Europe, before getting dismantled after that final.

      1. I remember it being the worst night of my life.we were superior to barca and should have beaten them luck was not on our side

  8. Why does Mad Jens think Cech needs his advice? Cech has won 4 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cups, 3 League Cups, been in 2 Champions League Finals and won one and lost the other because a player slipped, plus won an Europa Cup … and all while younger than what Lehman was when he Joined Arsenal.

    Lehmann won I Premier League title at age 34, 1 Serie A title as a bench warmer, 1 Bundesliga title, 1 FA Cup.

    Can I rest my case any better?

    Cech is at his peak, he is better now than he ever was at Chelsea. He is also hungry to prove Mourinho wrong by stopping Chelsea from winning the Premiership Title and any games against Arsenal. He also has a on his ‘to do’ list, be the unforgettable Arsenal Goalkeeper who helped them win their first Champions League Cup.

    I think Cech will be our No.1 until he is 40 and I am expecting 5 trophies in that time.

    1. I have nothing against Jens. I just don’t listen to the opinions of ANY former gunners. They have their agendas/opinions …… while I trust my opinion and those of other gooners far more.

    2. Nobody should be too big a person for good advice or to take constructive criticism. It is only wise to keep open minded and receive input from others who have experienced something in which you have yet to do.

      I thought Lehmans words where actually clever/insightful. Smaller men might not come back from the disappointment of your one true love benching you for another man after so many loyal years. Even smaller men would have accepted it, staying in the wings with a larger salary. Cech is a big man and he will know his own worth and i believe he has already alluded to similar of what Lehman mentioned… a new chapter.

  9. By the time Cech retires as a Gunner (6-7 years) his time at Chelsea will be an afterthought to every fan except those who have long supported Chelsea.

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