Cech starts in strong Arsenal XI for Asia Trophy final

Arsenal fans will finally get the chance to see the summer signing that we all hope will make the difference in our challenge to regain the Premier League title next season, after Petr Cech watched from the bench as the Gunners won the first match of pre-season to qualify for the final of the Asia Trophy against Everton today.

It is a final that Arsene Wenger clearly wants to win as there are none of the academy and fringe players that we saw in that first game against Singapore. Perhaps the only slight weak spot you could say was the inclusion of Calum Chambers in the centre of defence but it is not like the youngster has not played there for us before.

Bellerin, Chambers, Koscielny, Gibbs
Ramsey, Cazorla
Walcott, Ozil, Wilshere

We will have to wait and see whether Jack or Ozil will play on the flank or whether they will interchange positions. It does look a very strong and attacking side though and should provide us with great entertainment. It will be interesting as well to see how much we miss the brilliant Francis Coquelin in the middle and whether the slightly more forward thinking double pivot can work for us.

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  1. It is sure a very interesting line up, the match will be very interesting too

    1. This is what happens if Sanchez gets injured, jack plays in his place. Just lovely. What can jack do as a left winger???are you serious! We need someone who can cover for lecoq and Sanchez. Theo on the right is where he belongs, now go on Wenger sign a striker and a DM if we have any cash left get a winger too

    2. Did y ‘ all see the love the Asians showed Cecil? He was moved, I could tell. Welcome to Arsenal, Pet! !! That’s the way we roll around here…

    1. Honestly, I consider Giroud to be better than average. Considering his injuries for 3 months he did well last season. He has also scored 41 League goals and 58 total goals for us.

      He isn’t Costa, Suarez, Aguero etc but he is on second level with players like Remy, Kane, Benteke, Rooney, etc. If he had not been injured he would have scored more goals than Alexis, Hazard, maybe even Costa and Kane last season. But placing 6th place among top scorers after being out for three months is better than average

      1. Ohh my jesus lord, Giroud is on the level of Rooney. Yes we all know , we hate Manchester United and we dont like anything invloved with them but seriously Rooney sitting in midfield could pop up with 15goals. Gieoud is no way even close to what Rooney is/was. This is why Manchester UNited won so many premier league titles and we are left with Giroud.

        Rooney is a leader and a player of his caliber has more to offer than Giroud could even imagine. If giroud was that great then we wouldnt be discussing about him in each thread and keep on pounding facts in order to defend him.

        I wont be surprised the way some arsenal fans act there will be a comment coming how giroud is the best striker in the premier league.

        1. Yes I think giroud is on the same level as Rooney, nothing special about Rooney to be honest.

          1. Yes nothing special apart from the fact that he has been playing in attacking position for England’s premium club Manchester United and helping them win many trophies. Also, becoming their second highest goal scorer and soon could become their highest goal scorer. Always performing in big games and scoring in big occasion including one in champions league finals and scoring plenty against us in various occasions. He may also become the highest goal scorer for England before next years European championships.

            He not only scores goals but also provide assists to players and can not only play as an out and out striker but also as a supporting striker or even as a left winger or AM. He is 29/30 and is still going strong and can start for most of the top clubs. But yeah offcourse as per some genius Arsenal fans he is not special.

      2. Fred kane didnt play all season either he was a bit part player for the first few months…..i hate utd more then that but to say giroud is on par with rooney is a joke

  2. For a team that finished 3rd last year, who had a GK with one of the best GK ratings of the season – to buy just a new GK is absurd.

    Henry said it, Cazorla said it, other players politely voiced it – every single football pundit in the world wrote about it – we need a different option then Giroud – where is that option. If our last minute attempt to lure Benzema doesn’t work – then what?

    1. The option is to have Theo scoring 20+ goals along with Alexis’ 20+ goals along with Olivier’s 20+ goals. Oh btw I could care less what competitions the goals are scored in. Winning the FA cup requires you to score goals as does CL. They each have strength s and weaknesses but combined they represent the best trio in the Premier league.

  3. Reports from Spain suggest Benzema could be surplus to requirements with bale starting every training game as centre forward under Rafa.

  4. That was a prototypical goal for this Arsenal side and exactly why Theo should be our starting CF!

      1. whosoever says we are gonna get Alaba is smoking. d guy is fkkkkin great against Valencia.

  5. GOAL! we just need this guy fit at all times …….There’s so much he could bring…….

    1. You can watch the match live on the internet in india because no tv channel is currently broadcastinh. However, you can watch the repeat telecast on star sports 1 at 11pm (IST)

  6. acc to media arsenal were close to signing vidal until the car crash during copa America we pulled out & now Bayern are closing on him crapppp

    1. The second shot was offside I think the first one would have counted. What a save, Great reflexes. Soo impressed by this signing I was beginning to think we were never going to target a top class goalkeeper, slowly but surely the Arsenal are on the rise.

  7. Me here watching live at the stadium, ozil and wilshere are so quiet. Walcott is outstanding. Giroud still the same, f*u king poor.

  8. Aubameyang, Lacazette or Benzema, i would go for Benzema, cuz Ozil played with him and knows his movement he would need no time for adaption.

  9. why don’t we cut a leaf from what Bayern are doing, the always press opponents like mad. fighting for every ball. not giving Valencia any chance here just like a final

  10. Walcott is brilliant on the wing. But we don’t have a striker who’s intelligent enough to get himself in front of the goal

  11. Thats the Giroud smile. whenever he misses a chance you see that smile. U will see loads of it this season. I tell you. What a miss. one word MONACO

  12. Brilliant shot by Cazorla! Haven’t seen him score outside the box since FA final against Hull, well done!

  13. i SAy everyday everytime. Cazorla is by far the best Arsenal midfielder. By far. How we got him for £13 m will never be known. What can he not do? He can defend attack dribbles passing shooting. what about using both legs.

    Cazorla = Worldclass

  14. Arsenal stepping up the gear.

    Those still want Giroud as our main striker, he can’t even make a shot on target when the ball drop in front him.

    1. He has had a few nice flicks here and there ,but looks lost with all this rapid midfield rotation. Giroud has never looked 100% natural in this team. Not going to be too critical though because its only pre-season but it just further instills my belief we need a better striker.

  15. ozil is class act he really is and with a quality target we could be lethal up front…wenger better do something about it in next 4 weeks

  16. Ox has really struggled this half. No end product to his work and now messes up. Ox MUST step up while Alexis is out, its his big chance honestly.

  17. What we got Asia, emirates and community shield trophy and we didn’t have our 4th? We still give excuse we got the treble.

    1. we haven’t won the Emirates yet as the tournament hasn’t started yet. We didn’t win last year. Valencia won but we have a better chance this year. Last season was tough competition with Valencia and Monaco, benfica

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Spuds cant rent Wembley, so they are planning to ask Arsenal to share Emirates with them HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH, no way, let them play on dirt, they dont deserve better

  19. I love watching the Arsenal play, seriously love it. The anticipation and the beautiful beautiful football.

    It was a bloody warm up and we got to see some fantastic stuff, but you get some uninformed people in here highlighting what went wrong instead of the plentiful of good stuff on show.

    1. There were loads of Hot stuffs today from Arsenal. Top quality play from the team. But you can’t help but notice Giroud.

  20. Giroud is an average player to be honest.I never rated him ever since he came to arsenal.i will play Chuba Akpom over him not even because of his hattrick.but its because i believe he is better than Giroud and Welbeck.I hope Wenger does not also make the mistake of selling Szczesny just because he is error prone.He better sell Ospina or he will regret it one day i said it here first.

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