Cech warns Arsenal are close to blowing it

It seems pretty clear to me that the thinking behind the Arsenal manager’s decision to make the Chelsea and Czech Republic keeper Petr Cech his one and only first team signing of the summer transfer window was not based purely on the veteran stopper’s ability between the posts.

Cech was brought in to add his wealth of experience and composure to the whole defence but perhaps more important than that were his qualities as a leader in the dressing room and his experience of major trophy success, especially that elusive Premier League title.

Well the 33-year old certainly needs to harness all of that knowledge and pass it on to his new team mates at the minute. And that is exactly what the keeper is trying to do with his latest comments on the Arsenal website I think.

After Southampton inflicted our fourth league defeat of the season, Cech seems worried that Arsenal are in danger of letting this great chance at the title slip and so he has warned the Gunners that nothing less than maximum effort and application against Bournemouth will do.

He said, “I think in this league if you don’t play well in every game you risk not winning. This is why the Premier League is so special because you don’t have easy games, you don’t have a massive difference between teams.

“You look at the table and realise they [Bournemouth] are behind in terms of points but there are so many games where they could have got points, and they could have even won the game but they end up losing by not having a bit of luck or quality.

“All the games you play against them [lower-placed teams] are really tight so you have to take this into consideration that if you don’t play 100 per cent focused and ready you risk dropping points. That is what happened in those [Bournemouth] games against Manchester United and Chelsea recently.

“They [Bournemouth] had a really good game and fought for each other and were waiting for their chances. Once they were ahead they thought they could get something and then they did really well to see those games out.

“If you look through the squads [in the Premier League] you have so many international players playing everywhere. It is not only about international players wanting to come and playing for the top six teams but they want to come and have this experience of the passion and everything that surrounds the Premier League – it is special.

“Every team nowadays with the new image rights and TV rights contracts, has more money and more possibilities to bring in even better players. It is tougher and tougher to make the difference but every game is becoming more difficult. If you don’t do the right things, sometimes you can get away with that but not many times.”

Will big Pete’s warning have the desired effect though?

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  1. This seems like the 2013/2014 season all over again.
    Mancity will win it

    When these thumpings begin.They never stop.
    This year it will be even worse
    everton and stoke are going to murder us.
    And never hope for miracles cos they never happen at arsenal.
    Its 4th place,ucl round of 16 and the fa cup.
    Asking for more is too much for this squad
    a SHAME to arsenal shirt and to all those who wore it.

    Thumb me down as you like.
    EVERTON and STOKE. Those teams will
    MURDER us.

    We were even better with the likes of adebayor fabregas nasri and vanpersie.
    At least then we knew tottenham and everton were not going to beat us and we could proceed further in the champs league

    # a million miles away from the title

    1. i dont think we’er going to get murdered by everton/stoke. but it does make u wonder: where is the pride?

  2. ELneny is officially an Arsenal pLayer……… Yes……. Check out his profiLe on Wikipedia

    this is no joke!

  3. The future is fLux my frnd………how dare u see it as normaL?

    If arsenal or some other team go on to Lift the League……will u eat ur words?

  4. @goonthinker…The future is fLux my frnd………how dare u see it as normaL?

    If arsenal or some other team go on to Lift the League……will u eat ur words?

  5. sometimes i dn’t knw why Wenger ignores Adelaide for full 90mins……would it do wrong to give the boy say 10-15mins in some games?…….. He’s got potential and it can only be deteriorated by keeping him on the bench all day……

  6. Now that we’ve captured ELneny…………. It won’t do no harm to bring in Kokorin……. Since we don’t have to spend much on em both……… They are better than Nothing, and could possibly turn out to be great signings in the future…..

  7. Arsenal will win the league.
    Leicester will falter.
    City the only challenger.
    Are the City players hungry enough to win the league
    after 2 recent league wins? I doubt it.
    We have the 11 year wait to drive us.
    City has 2 League cup semi final games
    and a possible final all of which will drain them.
    Also they have a more winnable ECL last 16 tie
    while we play Barca.
    Over the last 3 months of the season
    our players will all flood back and we will
    overwhelm everyone 🙂

    1. Lets say we have the title decider in the penultimate game of the season. Away at the Etihad. Do you think our team has the bottle to win that game? Or even to get a draw?

  8. Good morning Bob, I sincerly believed Arsenal will beat AFC Bournemouth and collect all the 3 points that will be at stake at the Ems this night and go top of the table on 39 points at the half way of season. Whether our topping the table will be for real depends on what arguement Leicester City will put forward on Tuesday night . But I suspect Arsenal will for the first time this season top the table for real as Leicester City & Man City will share the spoils or City run away with all the spoils. The Gunners MUST be preparred to be very disciplined and adhere to it during the 2nd half campaign in all competitions. So that those heavy defeats 3-0 away to Sheffield Wed, 5-1 away to Bayern Munich & 4-0 away to Southampton will not happen to us again. Arsenal collecting 39 points in the 1st half of the season is short and not Championship form. The Gunners MUST step it up in the 2nd half of the season to unfailing collect 51 points out of the 57 on offer to reach 90 points to win the League.

  9. This is what happens when you don’t have adequate back up for Sanchez and Coquelin. I said it before and I’ll say it again, we need a new LW like Draxler or Griezmann cause Welbeck is UNRELIABLE and Rosicky is old. We need a DM that will compete or start ahead of leCoq because Flamini and Arteta aren’t needed anymore, they wouldn’t even make the Aston Villa first team. If Wenger jokes around and continues to rely on a full time English crocks and outdated names then he should simply retire at the end of the season and let a younger hungrier manager take over. People say it’s normal to lose against a small team in the PL or to get thumped once in a while, except Arsenal are the only “top” team to get thumped by a minimum of 4 goals at least TWICE a season. We’ve made a habit of getting humiliated when results don’t go our way and such a mentality will NEVER win us the title, if players continue to play this way they should be sold or the manager should be fired. Regarding the next game, bench Ramsey, Mertesacker, Walcott and Giroud because they always assume they don’t need to put in any effort after playing a hard team.

  10. Those are actually wise words from Cech

    I don’t expect to win every match and I do except to lose some, but I definitely expect our players to give it their best every match

    Today we MUST not only play our best but Also win
    And starting with today every week we must concentrate fully on our next opponents AND concentrate on always playing at our best

    Last season Chelsea didn’t win every game 4-0 infact they beat bottom sides by single goals BUT even beating a bottom side by 1 goal is good because they got the job done. A win is a win in my book

    We MUST not let what happened in Southampton happen again this season. Lets start fresh today and play our best every week

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