Cech’s arrival can only be good for Szczesny (and Arsenal!)

Wojciech Szczesny must be in the middle of an unwanted dilemma. The Polish keeper at the start of last season wouldn’t have imagined that he will end up where is now. He was the first choice keeper for the Gunners and looked good enough to nail the place.

But ‘good enough’ was not what the fans or the gaffer liked. Arsene Wenger demanded consistency and top performances from his goalkeeper; week-in week-out. Szczesny, truth be told, was prone for errors and was always on the periphery of being benched.

The frustration of watching regular mishaps prompted Arsene Wenger to hand over the gloves to David Ospina, who did a fair job. Ospina went on to make the position his own and looked safe compared to Szczesny.

But, relative improvement is not what Wenger is after. He knows very well that for Arsenal to challenge for the EPL title, he needs safe hands between the bars. And safe hands he did recruit by finalizing a deal for the Chelsea goal keeper Petr Cech.

The reports are varied in terms of when Cech will arrive at North London but the verdict is more or less certain – Cech will be wearing the red of Arsenal next season.

This leaves both Szczesny and Ospina in a delicate situation. If the reports being heard from the ground are true, Ospina is ready to accept a move to Fenerbahce. That leaves the ‘dilemma’ goalie Szczesny.

From being a first choice to being benched to being an understudy to one of the world’s best goal keepers – this may not do justice to the journey of Szczesny over the past year. But, this aptly summarizes his current predicament.

Szczesny will not be made available in the transfer market and would be competing with Cech. On current form, it will be difficult to see Wenger picking Szczesny over Cech but strange things have happened on the football pitch. However, it will take a very brave man to punt on Szczesny starting in the first XI ahead of Cech.

One thing coming out of all this is the fact that after a long time Wenger will be able to summon a world class goal keeper. Cech will surely improve the squad and Szczesny can improve his own form by training with the Czech goalkeeper. It will benefit the side immensely if Szczesny can add consistency to his game and be ready to be summoned. And perhaps one day Szczesny could relegate Cech to the bench!


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  1. Szczesny is not a bad goal keeper… He did well in some games. I remember Liverpool v Arsenal 2seasons ago where He saved a Penalty and made numerous saves on that day….His problem is He is too Cocky, He became annoying knowing fully well that He had no major competition at that time.. His bad attitude affected His game and His injury-prone gesture went over the top…Hope He learnt some lessons last season when Ospina kept Him on the bench for a long time…Wenger has kept faith in Szczesny. He should pay Wenger back, keep his head down anc learn from Cech. If everything goes well for hIM, then He will benefit from cech in years to come…..

    1. Am sad we missed out on kondogbia cos hez amazing, believe me..
      But Draxler , Vidal & Cech would be the best ever we could hope for..
      Good news Ozil is so far looking a bit good ( has by now paid 20% of his value)..
      Though he must still do better.. Cazorla even deeper still plays better..
      Lets go Ozil, Lets go Wenger..

      But we are not really being fair to Ospina I must say..

  2. A year ago Szcz shared the
    Golden gloves award with Cech.
    This season Szcz suffered
    because of Arsenals injury
    weakened defense.
    Szcz and Cech seem destined
    to share the gloves again 🙂

  3. so you guys think Arsene is tracking another midfielder? I tell u he won’t buy a midfielder again. let’s face it, we are too compacted in that area and it will take someone to leave before he buys to cover there. we have wilshere, Bielik, Chambers who can fill in there and let’s not forget he bought Beilik and promised to integrate him into the squad from 2015/16 season and I guess he’ll do that. buying another midfielder wont also go well with wilshere as he will have less game time even the midfielder bought will always find himself on the bench, guess that’s the reason schneiderlin will go to manure. no one is a fool knowing the hard way Le Coq took to earn a starting spot that he’ll just come and dislodge him. so all the Vidal rumours I don’t buy onto it not saying I won’t be happy if he comes but I think we have enough to be OK. a striker is more important than DM. let’s be realistic for once.

    1. are you implying you are the realistic one over here? ok in that case we have Giroud, welbeck, Sanogo, walcott , podolski and campbell all as strikers..not to mention Akpom. Hows that for reality? look man, what am saying is we have players here and there who can “do a job” . we need Schneiderlin..an elite DM specialist who will cover us and rid us of this counter attack nonsense we have bn suffering from for ages. coqulin is ok but cant go through 60-70 games alone.

      1. Everyone wanted a DM. Reading comments every transfer window saying all we need is a DM. 1 DM. We’ve now got a DM but suddenly 1 DM isn’t enough we need another DM. If Coquelin hadn’t broke into the first team and left this summer then all people would be saying is we need a DM not 2 DM’s just 1. Reality is people just want transfers and will always change what they want just because they want want want.

        If Coquelin hadn’t broke into the first team Schneiderlin would be perfect but Coquelin has been as good as any DM and deserves the chance to have a good crack in that position. Schneiderlin isn’t as good a player as the likes of Cazorla, Ramsey & Jack so he be fighting for 1 position with Coquelin. Honestly think he’d come second and warm the bench. If we do buy a midfielder I think attack wise we have enough quality and numbers wise. Maybe a deeper lying player but they need to improve the starting 11 otherwise stick we what we’ve got.

        People are having a go at the club for not signing a player (even tho there is still over two months left to sign players) but the players they are craving for me just aren’t good enough.

  4. Breaking news,according to the bbc Cech has decided to stay at chelsea atfer being assured playing time by Mourihno.Cech will be the epl keeper while Thibout will play in other competition.A possible contract extension next summer has also been agreed if those condations are met

    1. work on your proper grammatical construction of words like “atfer, condations,thibout” before Reporting B.S

  5. Did someone on here say we have enough in midfield and don’t need Morgan? Someone also said that because we have Calum Chambers and infant Beilik that we could try them out in the DM role as cover.

    Well, if that is the case we can kiss that PL goodbye before a ball is kicked IMO.

  6. Cech is not yet an arsenal player…….and VLad’s signing is not even official …… Prrrrrrrrr!

    1. Vlad’s signing is official, and even though cech’s deal hasn’t been officially announced yet ’cause apparantly his medical is left, you can call him an arsenal player or a gunner, whichever suites you.

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