Cedric Soares is fit and available for selection but should Mikel Arteta start him?

Cedric Soares could get his Arsenal debut against Brighton.

Arsenal is finally able to play Cedric Soares after the Portugal star recovered from the injury that has kept him out of action since he joined the Gunners.

Arsenal signed the former Southampton man injured after Mikel Arteta approved the transfer with hopes that he would fit into his plans at the Emirates.

The former Sporting Lisbon man has not been able to play for the club so far, but Arteta has confirmed that he is available for selection now.

The Spaniard has overseen a number of players who keep struggling with injuries and discipline this season.

Hector Bellerin remains the club’s first-choice right-back, but the Spaniard has struggled with injuries this season.

This has forced Arteta to play several other players as the club’s right back.

He has used Sokratis as the team’s right back in recent games and the Greek defender has helped Arsenal keep two clean sheets in their last two games.

Now that Soares is back and available for selection Arteta must be thinking about when would be the right time for him to play the Portugal star.

I believe that starting him against Brighton wouldn’t be the best idea, I think that he should be made to play for the Under23s like Pablo Mari was.

He should get some minutes under his belt with the club’s academy before he is introduced into the first team. Arsenal has cover at the moment and while Soares may be a long term solution it has to be done at the right time.

The game against Brighton is not that right time.

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  1. MA has to go on about Soares the same way to Mari, slowly integrate him,let him get some playing time with the U23, s regaining some confidence,match fitness and match rythm,no rushing our injured players,it seems to work, don’t try to fix it!

  2. Who cares, the league will fail to restart anyway because of a virus. It’s out of control in Europe and even behind-closed-doors matches won’t stop the spread because of fans congregating outside stadia and training grounds. Europe is the last continent in the world that would even think about grounding all flights except rescue flights, or even all public transport for that matter.

    1. Yeh, I don’t see the EPL finishing… Unfortunately Liverpool might get the title in time. Unless they keep losing games. At most we will get past March I believe and if things dont improve this season might be abandoned.

  3. I’m confused as to why tonight’s game at The Etihad was called off, ( after I bought a ticket, hotel, and rail fares up today and back Thursday, with no hope of re-imbursement) yet Saturdays game at Brighton is being played. I’m not complaining as I understand the reasons, but why is one game cancelled and the other is not?

    1. Because player isolation is up before Saturday hence why it wasn’t canceled. Shame you can’t be reimbursed.

      1. Ah so that’s the 14 days-right got it. Well, there is far less traffic on the roads, far less passengers on the train and far too many people clearing the shelves at the supermarkets. So with this in mind, and everyone beginning to take this seriously, might I suggest everyone on this site moves in with Ken@1845 at his country estate in Scotland. Trust me, my sat-nav couldn’t find it, so what chance has a world feared virus? Note- take your Winter Woolies with you.But you do get a free of charge, personally knitted Red and White bobble hat which makes the trip particularly worthwhile.

    2. Phil your ticket is valid for the re-arranged game and we’re lucky we didn’t catch this corona virus out in Athens!!!
      Think positive and remember, you can still look at your very special tribute photo of “you know who” on your phone to make up for it!!!
      Your right by the way, no answer was forthcoming🙄.

      1. Ken-in Athens nobody, not even a virus, would have come anywhere near us as you were wearing your Merci Arsene t-shirt.
        My screen saver on my mobile is from a lorry that was parked on Drayton Park Road with IN ARSENE WE RUST. A line has been drawn across the T before Rust. I will send it up to you, the picture not the phone, and let it remind you of the dark, toxic days towards the end of the bloke named on your t-shirt. Also, get yourself an appointment at the opticians.
        Thirdly, and to be fair to Jon, your post completely out-Foxed him and left him with no option but to ignore your challenge. A great reply to you with facts that only an intelligent man could gather and compile into an article that was surprisingly informative. Which begs the question, how can someone so intelligent, articulate and obviously worldly wear THAT t-shirt out in public? Not only that but in a foreign country. It’s no wonder the Greeks had so many police at the game. Word had got out I reckon.

        1. Phil, thanks for inviting the *juzzstarsenal” fan base up to bonny Scotland, where the snow has fallen once again.

          Marian thanks you for drumming up the knitting side of things and is looking forward “fondly” to crossing needles with you!!!!

          The only stipulation to the invite you have made, is that any guest must wear the “merci Arsene” T shirt – I cannot allow my standards to drop again, following your recent visit PAL!!!!!

          1. And visit again we most certainly will Ken-more for the Bobble hats than your dodgy taste in t-shirts if I’m being honest

    3. I feel for you dude! I doubt the virus will stop spreading any time soon anyway as long the populous are meeting in public places. The virus will definately spread and pretty much all sport will stop soon. As will socialising in public and the work place. Mark my words. It is worse than originally expected but mass panic is the issue. I doubt any of us will get to see Arsenal or any other team play within a few weeks or less..

  4. We can’t go in with Sokratis at RB versus city. If bellerin ain’t right AMN or Soares need to start

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