Ceferin defends American ownership and discusses potentional consequences for rebel 12

UEFA President, Aleksander Ceferin has defended American ownership of European football teams and says they are discussing with their legal team about what steps to take against the European Super League teams.

He was talking about the recent attempt by England’s top six teams including Arsenal and six teams from Spain and Italy combined to form the new competition.

Led by Real Madrid, they wanted to create a tournament that would rival the Champions League.

The founding members of the competition would never be relegated from it and they would all collectively make more money.

Some of the teams who joined the effort are owned by Americans and it seems like American owners like Stan Kroenke are bad for European football.

However, Ceferin defended the owners of Olympique Marseille and AS Roma and he also admitted that they are still seeking legal counsel on what to do with the rebel teams.

“I spoke to the owners of Roma and Marseille, who are American billionaires and have publicly stated that they would never enter such a League, because they respect the fans and the tradition of their clubs,” Ceferin told 24ur via Football Italia.

“It’s unfair to say that the American owners are different, even if it’s true that their sports system is different.”

Ceferin was asked what will happen next.

“We will talk about football, but in the meetings, I will decide who sits next to me,” he said. “So, I can put someone a little further away.

“If these clubs want to play in our competition again, they will have to get close to us and we will have to evaluate what happened, but I don’t want to go into details, as we are still talking to our legal team.”

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  1. I think levy a huge fine against the owner as an individual entity, not punish the club. After all, the manager and players didn’t make the decision, they were left out by all stories on the topic.

    Make the owners pay from their personal pockets, not out of the team funds. Point deduction is unfounded as it was not a decision made by them, solely one made by the Kronkes.

    Ceferin should take a look in the mirror and handle his own corruption within UEFA before he starts casting stones. Their greed and corruption laid the foundation for this vile attempt in the first place.

    1. Also, nice of him to point out it’s not solely greedy American owners, but some greedy owners that happen to be American.

      Real Madrid, Ath Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus, to name a few examples. This doesn’t excuse Kronke, Glazer, and Henry, but puts things in proper context.

    2. I dont think it will happen Durand. Not only are the EPL wary of hurting the very fans that supported them, but I’m not convinced whether we broke any actual rules – through fallout yes, but directly maybe not.
      I think the EPL will settle for removing ALL Big 6 executives from steering groups and committees, basically eliminating their influence in football decision making for the foreseeable future.
      I’d certainly welcome that – as Groucho put it “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member”!

  2. Florentino Perez still thinks the super league is going ahead lol who’s in it ? Real madrid in a one team league 😄

  3. Kev82 believe me it is not dead UEFA want to stop it they need to get their own house in order first let him without sin cast the first stone ring a bell

    1. Sir Michael I think he’s kinda pi**ing in the wind with this one.. trying to save face for such an embarrassment.. can’t happen, won’t happen. UEFA aren’t trying to stop it as it never got off the ground to begin with

  4. In a perverse way as they won this battle, I think UEFA are in a MORE precarious position than they were before, and they HAVE TO address it, as if not ALL clubs will turn on them.
    The same plan without guaranteed permanent membership would have a strong chance of succeeding. We DO need better and less games, so lets take the CL back closer to its original format. Less bias to let more English/Spanish also rans in every year. Still a pyramid but less games.
    51% fan ownership legislation, and cap salaries and agent fees.
    TRULY why are all clubs suffering? Players and agents aren’t suffering at all, they just get richer.

  5. What people failed to understand is that, every billionaires must be greedy to be successful but someone has to be careful to choose the good one out of them.

    And I see some people criticising foreign owners as if Tottenham is a foreign owned club.

    Even Ceferin was defending Marseille and Roma’s owner as if they won’t sign for SL if they were in the same situation.

    I believe if PSG and Bayern were among the 12 founding club and not just an invitee to complete the 15 clubs they would have sign also instead of thinking about it.

    Tell me, other lower league owners won’t want a share of the pie if they were in the same situation.

    Many of us criticise our rulers or anybody above us as if we won’t do worse if we are in the same position.

    I know some people will still come out here to preach how he won’t do such thing if he was in same situation but believe me, you don’t behave the same way you behave when you’re in power compare to when you’re nobody.

    And what is more funny is the fans thinking they are the right people here. They always want one things or the other and when what they want backfired, they blame the board except themselves.
    If my memory serves me right, this same fans want foreign millionaires to manage the club so they can spend money, they got the rich foreign guys in, now they are complaining about foreign investors.
    Fans want this same foreign millionaires to give there players what they want without thinking of disrupting the squad and when it backfired like Ozil and Auba(currently) they were blaming the board.

    UEFA should just adjust their own sit cos they are the reason this SL happens in the first place.

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