Cesc Fabregas admits his biggest regret as Arsenal captain

Cesc Fabregas’ regrets mirrors Arsenal’s regrettable situation by Lagos Gooner

Cesc Fabregas is one player I will always love. He played for Arsenal for a long period of time and was our captain for some period. He is a creative midfielder whose strength lay in his ability to give defence splitting pass to attackers. He served Arsenal so well; unfortunately, he won only one trophy while at Arsenal. This, according to him is the biggest regret he has.

Cesc Fabregas in a series of tweets exchanged between him and fans, reveals that the biggest regret he has in his life, is his inability to win more than one trophy while at Arsenal.

Reminiscing on his time at Arsenal, he said “I was just a servant and spent eight years there when I gave absolutely everything…It didn’t show in the cabinet, I only won one FA Cup really, and this is the biggest regret I will have in my career, probably, not to be able to lift a trophy as Arsenal captain.”

I feel your pain Cesc; everybody wants to achieve a lot and footballers want to win as much trophies as possible. The eight years you spent at Arsenal doesn’t matter without a series of trophies to go along with them. However, would you agree with me if I say you also contributed to your predicament at Arsenal? You were one of our senior players then, what extra ordinary thing did you do to aid the club’s ambitions? However, I won’t want to talk much about what you did or didn’t do.

Fabregas, just like most of the players who played alongside him then, may also be having the same regrets. A lot of them were willing to jump at every opportunity to leave Arsenal and go to clubs that would aid their quest to win trophies. The only trophy Fabregas won with us was the FA cup in 2005. After the FA cup success, Arsenal never really played like they were seeking to win another trophy. A lot of the players, who came to Arsenal that period came with the intention of improving on their careers, only to realize later on that Arsenal was not the club for them.

Players like Henry, Adebayor, Hleb and Song, left for bigger clubs where they won trophies or more trophies, as in the case of Henry. Fabregas may be having regrets but the fault should really go to the club who never showed ambition. Qualifying for the Champions league was more important to the club then than winning trophies! Arsenal were just content making money and qualifying for the top four; and a lot of players who saw this, never hesitated to leave Arsenal when the opportunity arose.

It is actually painful that the same ambitionless Arsenal is still the Arsenal we have today. The way we run things at the club, will not encourage players to stay. It will be painful to see the likes of Aubameyang and Saka go at the end of this season, but who would blame them? No footballer wants to tie himself down to a club that is not showing signs of ambitions. Many players will leave Arsenal and later on come out to express regrets, unless Arsenal start showing genuine ambitions.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Fabregas went on strike to force his move to Barcelona. I lost all respect for him when he did that.

      1. They lost to Chelsea finals and later Birmigham city. What shame this crop of plsyers were!

  2. Sorry mate, I agree with most things you say. But not this. You forget the unbelievable run to the 2006 Chsmpions League final? On any other day we would have won that march. To play for so lobg against the Mighty Barcelona with 10 men was extraordinary in itself. Most players that have left havent improved since leaving, i agree with that. But now the vlub witb Mikel Arteta can be great again and most of the young lads-Saka,Martinelli etc love the club. With proper ambitious management and decent signings we can once again be yhe Mighty Arsenal. At the moment we are in transition but I believe that if the club stick with and support Arteta we will succeed.

  3. I’d presumed he was going to talk about the time he was photographed in a Barca shirt, surrounded by Barca players, whilst on international duty. Yet, no mention of that. He was a lousy captain.

    1. Yeah a lusy captain who pmayed the last 10 mins against Barca with a broken leg. Whilst also scoring the penalty in the final minutes??? Yeah some captain alright. Look he’s Barca by birthright, but Arsenal by choice. He wanted to come back to the Gunners when he left Barca.. but Wenger said no. Only player who ever came back was Our Lord Thierry. Cant blame Fabregas for the lack of vision from the board and aging management.

  4. Fabregas was my favourite player when he was at arsenal. He was such a beautiful player to watch but still had a strong attitude. He was arsenal all the way but unfortunately barca was his 1st love.

    His departure is why barca disgust me, they didn’t need him or had a place for him in their team. they only went for him to take him from us and hoard world class talent. They use disgusting ways to get him and threw him like trash years later.

    1. I can agree further, Arsenal was know building a bond that lead them to the Invincible season, there after the football game changed from talent career to money oriented that saw Vierra leave breaking the bond, Wenger tried the much he could to build another formidable bond (Hleb, Fabregas, Nasri, Diaby, Edwardo, and the likes) but what did they do Hleb left and the injury to Edward was a big blow sane to Diaby otherwise it was a team to watch, Fabregas and Nasri left – the leaving was purely for money and not trophies, otherwise all who left had some miserable career there after

  5. Imagine an ambitious owner who would add to the quality pieces he had at the club. Imagine an owner who wanted titles, not a 4th place junkie to make quick cash and then quick exits in rd of 16.

    Kronke chose not to capitalize on the talented players he had at the club. He could have reloaded our team with firepower, yet chose to settle for 4th, because he didn’t get involved for titles.

    1. If top 4 wasn’t part of abimition for a club, why are we not happy since we were unable to make it to champion league anymore?

  6. Ambitions yet when you go to other clubs after 2seasons you are forgotten…i guess you players at arsenal hyped yourselves too much all players who went to barca have never played more than 10 games for barca meaning you were just average players than arsenal was making you great players but still paid us with betrayal

    1. Another way of looking at it is that – maybe our regulars (top players) who went to Barca but hardly featured for them shows that our club standard is much lower than theirs.

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