Cesc Fabregas mocks Tottenham on social media Q&A

Foremer Gunner Cesc Fabregas has stuck the boot into Tottenham on social media while answering questions from fans.

The former Barcelona midfielder who enjoyed stints with Arsenal and Chelsea seems to still have a soft spot for the London clubs he represented and remains a rival of Tottenham.

During his time at the Emirates, there were some big clashes between the Gunners and Spurs and trolling each other was one thing both sets of players and fans can’t get enough of.

Fabregas still maintains his hatred for Spurs and he proved that on social media.

Fabregas was doing a Q&A on Twitter and was asked by the Premier League per the Express: “Of the 50 #PL goals you scored, which was your favourite?”

And the Spaniard brilliantly trolled Tottenham with his answer, replying: “Every goal against Spurs will do.”

Fabregas who left Arsenal to spend three years at his boyhood club Barcelona was keen on making a return to Arsenal from Barcelona.

However, Arsenal failed to match Chelsea’s offer and he moved to Stamford Bridge instead. He is currently turning out for AS Monaco in the French top flight since leaving Chelsea.

I always love it when a former Arsenal player has a pop at Tottenham or for that matter, a current one. However, when it comes to Fabregas I can take it or leave it. This was the player that basically went on strike to force a move to Barcelona and that taints his legacy for me.

That said, I cannot argue with his tweet, it was a quality response.


  1. He is a true Arsenal kid forever, love this picture, great article & memories; sorry article crashes him & what made it so special! Him leaving has nothing to do with article. Another debate we should not go into; a low life che owner ruinning dreams of so many players, AW and fans! Manipulating everyone in his personal profit; a total rip off; disgrace!

  2. Would he have joined Real Madrid? if not and I think he wouldn’t have.. he shouldn’t be treated as an arsenal legend.
    he is worse than Van Persie.. he probably would have joined spurs if it benefitted him

  3. My memory on this is a bit hazy now but he gave good service to Arsenal and wanted to play for Barcelona. I thought that AW didn’t want him back and that’s why he ended up at Chelsea as we did have first refusal didn’t we?
    RVP was entirely different to me. He’d spent a long time injured and had one injury free season before leaving for a big pay cheque. There is virtually no loyalty in professional football but if Fabregas enjoyed scoring against Spurs then I’m happy with that

    1. When you lot demand loyalty from players, my question is – are the fans and the club usually loyal to players? You lot keep calling players all sorts of names and demanding that they be thrown out the window because you believe they’re not good enough for your dear club. But when a player thinks the club is no more good enough for him and he wants to move on, you lot start to spew crap. I’m sure you all would love it if another player forces a move out of another club to join Arsenal.

      1. I hope that this isn’t entirely aimed at me?!!
        RVP spent several seasons at Arsenal and spent a lot of his time out injured. – as in drawing a very good salary in the meantime whilst unable to help out the team. I reiterate- he had ONE injury free season and went to Man U and helped Ferguson win the league. I would call that mercenary. I have no real problem with Fabregas as he gave decent service to the club

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