Cesc Fabregas opens up on Arsene Wenger’s ‘patient’ approach at Arsenal

In an exclusive interview with Arseblog, former Arsenal superstar Cesc Fabregas has lifted the lid on the legendary Arsene Wenger’s management approach.

Fabregas admitted that the Frenchman was always very ‘patient’ with his approach, the Spaniard also added that Wenger had an understanding of the ‘mental aspect’ of the game.

Fabregas joined the Gunners when he was 16 years old after leaving Barcelona’s academy, the midfield maestro went on to make 306 appearances for us before re-joining the Catalan giants.

The star, who now plies his trade for Monaco, caused controversy when he returned to England to join our rivals Chelsea.

Fabregas revealed that he only saw Wenger ‘angry’ on a couple of occasions during his entire eight-year spell with the Gunners.

Here’s what Fabregas said about Wenger’s style:

“In general he was very patient,”

“He had that with me and many others. […] I think he just didn’t like to kill a player.”

“He played a lot with the mental aspect of the game and he knows, like for example, a player like Thierry Henry or Patrick Vieira they are so strong mentally – he doesn’t need to tell them anything.”

“He knows that they know what they have to do, that if they played badly, the next day they will do better.”

“He didn’t need to tell them anything, but in others maybe you know he was maybe a bit scared that if he tells them something as well, maybe they will collapse, they will put their head down.”

“He was always a little bit afraid.”

“Maybe in eight years I saw Arsene really angry at half-time at Anfield and a couple of times more.”

Wenger’s approach is one that many would struggle to be successful with today, the Frenchman’s revolutionary work with the Gunners will never be forgotten.

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