Cesc Fabregas responds to Arsenal fan posting controversial image from his time at Chelsea

Fabregas has attempted to explain himself…

Former Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas has defended an image of himself brought up by a Gunners fan on Twitter.

The Spaniard notably played for both London rivals in his career in England, though he had a three-year spell at Barcelona in-between, so did at least not make the controversial move from the Emirates Stadium to Stamford Bridge directly.

Still, it’s no doubt it was painful for many of us to see our former captain wearing blue, and this fan had a dig at Fabregas for appearing to pat the Chelsea badge during an appearance back at Arsenal.

See the exchange above, with Fabregas insisting the picture is not what it seems.

The 32-year-old, now contracted to Monaco, says he had meant to tell the home crowd that they would always be in his heart, rather than trying to taunt them by pointing to his new club’s badge.

It does seem unlike Fabregas to behave in this way, as he’s mostly shown himself to be a pretty classy character. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. He is a big man and has right to what is good for him and we should not judge him please and as a matter of fact he has made a mark to arsenal,Barcelona and Chelsea

  2. we dont have any reason to complain cause he was available nd we did not make a move to buy him. tanks to Mr. Arsene Wenger Ozil fondness

  3. I pride myself on being a sure judge of character and strongly suggest that almost all other older fans are likewise. We oldies have all made many errors and misjudgements in our lifetime, but we learn from them, at least to some degree. Of course we STILL make mistakes but I woud always trust the judgement of an older human over that of a younger person when it comes to assessing character. This is NOT to say that many younger folk are not also good judges but in general my point stands.

    As such , there can be no serious doubt whatever that Cesc Fabragas is a fine, decent ,passionate and top class human being, with his great humanity rivalled only by his great playing abilty. To think otherwise shows plain lack of sound judgement.

    1. Add to that Jon, the number of times Cesc has thanked our club and the fans for their support, not only while he played for us, but since then as well.

      I don’t know if it’s just our “fans” who seem to delight in causing toxicity between the ranks, as I never bother with other clubs, but we do seem to have some people who feel the need to stir up controversy over the simplest of things.

      Cesc, for me anyway, ranks up there with the likes of the best we ever produced under AW and I just wiish we had re-signed him after he had got the “Barcelona” bug out of his system.

      1. Hear hear to that KEN! In fact, just reading your post gave me an idea for an article on one club players and their rarity in current top level teams compared to the old days of Armstrong Adams etc.
        To me Cesc was always one of our true legends, even though that word is bandied about far too much and often wrongly. To be fair though it is unlikely that many who come here from abroad when still teenagers will want to remain for the rest of their career, which reduces the chances of ever again finding one club “legends.”

        1. Trouble is Jon, those days are well and truly gone I believe.

          For good or bad, today’s world is one of instant gratification and one only has to look at the selfish response to the coronavirus and food hoarding to realise that No. 1 is the most important thing in today’s world.

          I’m pleased you also see Cesc in the “legend” bracket, from a 17 year old kid to a master footballer under AW – unfortunately it was AW who made the mistake of not re-signing him…you see Jon, le Prof did make the occasional error of judgement!?!?

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